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Yo Yo Me // Chevron Dress

My friends, I need your sage advice. I have been (steadily, meticulously, patiently) working on a new dress. I am obsessed with getting the fit just so and since I have also been very busy this week, progress is slow. I am currently at a loss about a few critical decisions.

I am making a Butterick 50’s reprint with a green cotton stripe, a pattern I laboured to find so I could make a chevron at the bust. Now that the bodice is done I have a few decisions to make:

Butterick 5605 Sewing Pattern // Chevron dress // Closet Case Patterns

Do I keep the dress more or less as designed with the full skirt and scoop neck? Do I modify the neckline to match the angle of the stripe? Do I scrap the full skirt and go for a little sheath? I simply cannot make a decision. I’m leaning towards option 1 because I think the V might not be very deep, and when it comes to necklines and my cleavage, I’m of the GO BIG OR GO HOME school. Either show off the girls or wrap ’em right up. But I’m a weirdo. What do YOU think? I wanna finish this beauty but I’d like your input.

(Also much thanks to the lovely and amazing Cindy over at Cation Designs who kindly helped me figure out how to treat the circle skirt when you are working with stripes. She made a beautiful dress a few months ago with the same chevron effect at the bust. She suggested a gathered skirt, but I think the fabric is too thick so I may cut the circle into quarters and hope for the best where the stripes line up).

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  • Ooh, interesting! I think I like option 1, too, but I also like the idea of the v-neck. Either way this will be cute!

  • I think you know that I prefer the V-neck and full skirt 🙂

  • I prefer the V-neck, but I like both skirt options, so I’ll leave that one to you 🙂

  • Love this. Playing with stripes is so fun!

    V neck with a pencil skirt would be sexier but if you’d rather have a charming dress than a sexy one v neck and full skirt. I think the round neck is taking away from the chevrons!

  • Option one for me.

  • Actually scrap that I prefer the V neck with the stripes, a continuous uninterupted flow of lines iykwim.

  • Goodness, this is going to be gorgeous!!! Personally I love the scoop neck for this style, but I’m torn between Option 1 and Option 3…!!!

  • The v just seems like the most visually natural choice, but the scoop neck is like a little style surprise- I like it with the full skirt- I choose 1.

  • I totally agree that a high V would not work – can you open it up a bit, make it deeper and get that cleavage out? I reckon that if you can get an ample V neck working, a full skirt would go perfectly – the sheath might then make the focus too sexy, and with chevrons you need to keep the element of fun, I think.

  • I love the idea of the v neck! Also, I’m a sucker for full, twirly skirts, so I would keep that. It’s going to look lovely no matter what 🙂

  • I’m way into options 1 and 3. They just look fresher than the V-neck to me. In fact, I lean slightly toward the third, pencil skirted option because it sits right at the cusp of sexy and fun in a way that I love.

    Damn, this is going to be an amazing dress.

  • Umm…. all of them?? Seriously – they’d all be perfect.
    But what about option 4? V-neck and pencil skirt?? That would be the one I’d make 😉

  • Amy

    I’m late to this post so I’ll probably read ahead and find your decision ;). But I like the idea of v-neck with pencil skirt. The back neck is so pretty!