Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files
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So it’s time to admit it… I think the Inari dress has officially entered the pantheon of TNT patterns for me. This makes #3, all in linen (there is also one in black and one in blue) and I haven’t even tried a knit version yet!  I suspect it would be stupendous in a nice sturdy double knit or scuba, of which I curently have several, because hoarding.

If this fabric looks familiar, it’s because I used it to make those beautiful napkins & tea towels for my in-laws. When Guillaume realized it was the same fabric, he made a lot of jokes about using me to wipe off his hands every time I wore the dress over the holidays. Which was almost all the time, because overeating. You need loose shift dresses at Christmas when cheese finishes every epic meal . It’s mandatory.

Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files  Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files

Regardless, the fabric is sumptuous. A really thick and beefy beauty, with a rough weave and a soft, drapey hand; I should have just bought the bolt. While it was in the linen section at Mood, I gotta wonder if it might just be a plush cotton or cotton-blend instead, because it doesn’t wrinkle like you’d think. Regardless, it was a fine choice for this pattern, although things got a little chunky around the sleeve cap. There is a lot of layers at that little fold, let me tell you.

This time I finished the neckline with a facing instead of the bias bound finish I had used on my other two. The fabric had a big, loose weave and I was nervous about it holding up with bias alone. I know we all hate facings, but the secret is to tack them down by sewing in the ditch along the shoulder seam, so they don’t flop every which way.

Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case FilesNamed Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case FilesNamed Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files

I had major fun times with my stripe placement, and I got no ablogogies; my stripe game is tight for this make. Everything is serged inside, nothin’ fancy.

I think this sums up my winter style this year quite nicely. Clare goes with everything:

Named Inari dress pattern // Striped linen // Closet Case Files

I’m starting to think about sewing plans for the year, and strangely feeling a little unmotivated (besides the pattern samples i’m cranking out for my upcoming releases). Maybe it’s because there haven’t been that many new, shiny pattern releases for the last few months, and mama loves a new pattern. Anything I missed? What are you planning on making for 2016?

  • Woo hoo! This looks so good Heather! And major stripe matching skills over there!

  • sewinsteady

    I’m in love with your Inari dresses, and I think this one is my favorite. I’m so glad you mentioned that it’s not in a knit — I was getting all confused about what the pattern is drafted for, since I’ve seen (amazing) knit AND woven versions all over the place, usually without as much of an explanation as I’d hoped for. Did you have to do anything special when picking your size, using a non-stretch woven? Also: Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I just chose my size according to their chart, but I did grade between sizes. I’ll probably do the same with the knit since I like the fit so much as is.

      • sewinsteady

        Awesome! Can’t wait to see the knit version.

  • Ooo this is adorable! Another reason I need to try the Inari pattern!

    • Thank you! Such a good pattern to add to the queue.

  • I love the stripes and it does go perfectly with your Clare! I am all over making bras right now. I want my underthings to be as nice as my outer things. 😉 Plus bras are pretty quick to make so it’s kind of like instant gratification.

    • I was going to suggest the same thing! BRAS! Make it so, Heather! (I really held myself back from saying “Make it Sew!” there…)

  • What a fab dress! I really need to make this pattern-it’s on the list! I love the linen and kudos on your stripe matching! 🙂

  • VMuise

    GODDAMMIT HEATHER. Now I bought another pdf pattern that I won’t be able to use until the semester’s over.

  • Oh gosh, Clare & Inari were MADE for each other. This reminds me that holy crap it’s already mid-January and I still haven’t made my Clare!!! Taking the fabric to the dry cleaner this weekend so I can get started before it’s not even cold here anymore.

    Napkin-dress looks fantastic! I love how you placed the stripes with the white ending just perfectly at the hem. Looks so great at the split how you then see that one extra line of the blue!

  • Fabulous as usual! It looks great in that fabric. I love that pattern as well, but I loved it even more when I made it with knits – I’ve done it twice now, but I did adjust it to be more closer fitting at the top, just for personal preference. My versions are here:

  • truebias

    oh my goodness! I would live in this dress. adding it to the to sew list.

  • Jessica

    Love the stripes! I made one in a lovely woollen double faced jersey in dark blue and black. Paired with comfy thights and a warm long cardigan the perfect secret pyjama’s!

  • My sewing is trapped like a rat in an obligation sewer. I have a quilt to finish, I have a sewing room in boxes on the floor between me and that sewing, and then if I’m lucky, I’ve got comic con cosplay sewing. Which is a lot of hot glue. Gloriosky, where is the hot glue gun?

    I love your napkin dress. I have IKEA curtain dress. Housewares on the move!

  • I keep seeing the Inari dress pop up here and there and I reaaallllyy want to make it now. I looks like the perfect comfy dress! I’m really into pockets though so the next comfy dress on my list is Fen by Fancy Tiger Crafts. p.s. I thought stitching in the shoulder ditch was my lazy way to deal with facings but if you do it too then it must actually be genius, not lazy 😉 😉

  • This looks fab. I made one in a linen stripe too and adore it. And I’ve got a striped ponte lined up for a long sleeve winter version when the weather starts to cool off!

  • It looks fantastic and your right, I bet it would look amazing in scuba. Can’t wait to see!

  • This is hands down my favourite version of the Inari yet! This made me consider getting the pattern myself – that would be my first indie pattern ever. I totally agree with you, Inari is all about letting the fabric shine.

  • sallieforrer

    Am I the only sewist who doesn’t mind a facing? Not hard to tack them down and I love the invisible finish! Anyway! Love this one! Might be my favorite yet! So classic, and I can see it being worn to death come spring. The whole look in the last photo is just beyond chic. Serious outfit goals.

  • I love this dress! I have some linen/cotton blend in my stash that I’ve been humming and hawing about – whether to make a top or dress with it and now I see this on you I think it does make a lovely comfortable and cool dress for summer. You did a perfect job and once again I’m struck with what a good idea it is to stick with a pattern that really works for you and make a few of them. Each one just gets better and better 🙂 Thank you for the reminder to sew neck facing down with stitch-in-the-ditch! I keep forgetting about that!

  • Love this! I am making a bunch of OPPOSITE stuff in the new year… I am finally going to tackle some of my old Vintage Vogues so I have something to wear to parties and galas for my job (non profit fundraiser, not as glam as it sounds.)

  • I’m hoping to make a Clare!! 😉 I also want to make a bunch of basics–well, my basics, so: full skirts and bow neck blouses.

  • Love it! Inari is definitely a win, I made an Aztec version and have been hankering after another one for ages. The whole outfit is fab! X

  • Fabric Epiphanies

    I am so tempted by this pattern. I really love your version with the stripes!

  • mokosha

    this is my fabourite out of your inari dresses! and you look gorge in it!

  • Great outfit – that dress is beautiful!