Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case Patterns
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Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine

Since we stayed home for Christmas this year, the fella and I are off on vacation next week to LA where we’ll be staying with friends (and I’ll hopefully be learning to make sandals with Jasika Nicole!) I also decided to spend a few days in NYC on my way back to Montreal so I can attend a huge fabric convention (I’m a little nervous because I’ve heard this one is huge and incredibly overwhelming). What this means is a packing quandary; how do you pack for two weeks in warm, sunny California and cold, snowy New York in one small suitcase? I wanted to make a few easy transition pieces that would work in either climate, and the number one thing on my hit list was this oversized kimono jacket from the Making zine, designed by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten Patterns.

Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case Patterns

One of my big goals this year is to start making a dent in my stash (now meticulously organized and cataloged in our new stash closet). I’ve had this beautiful stretch twill tencel for a few months and decided it was the perfect neutral base for an easy coat I could throw on top of a dress (California) or layer with separates (NYC). I originally picked this fabric up locally at Globetex with the hope of making some soft tencel Sasha Trousers, but worried it was perhaps too lightweight for pants. Since this kimono pattern is fully lined, I figured I could stabilize some of the stretch in the fabric with a medium weight, non-stretch lining.  I had a few fabrics in mind, but since this jacket is a bit of a fabric monster, I realized most of my two-yard choices weren’t going to cut it; thankfully I lucked out and found a not-quite-but-nearly matching linen at Tonitex, another wholesaler in Montreal. I like how the fabrics complement each other; the tencel has a slight washed sheen, which plays nicely with the more organic texture of the linen.

Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case Patterns Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case PatternsOversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case PatternsOversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case Patterns

I LOVE THIS PATTERN. Did I say that yet? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It’s perfectly slouchy and oversized and the proportions are spot-on; easy to layer it’s comfortable while still feeling pulled together. Guillaume is kind of obsessed with it and was wearing it around the house the other day with puppy dog please-make-it-for me eyes, but I think I’ll be too busy plotting my next version for myself. I’m going to try and find a nice hefty cotton with a subtle print or texture; I think it will look totally different in a more structured fabric.

It sewed up super quickly, and I highly recommend picking up this issue of the magazine to get it, although you’ll still have to download and print the pattern itself with the included link. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and I had it on my grateful body within a few hours of starting. My only beef is that there wasn’t a copyshop version available; now that we have a plotter printer in the office it seems silly to have to assemble letter sheets, but I read on Jenny’s instagram that she is releasing this as a print pattern in the spring, so that is another option if you don’t mind waiting.

This jacket is my everything. I want to wear it non-stop, stuffing those huge pockets with everything I could possibly need for the day. Who needs a purse when you can carry around the kitchen sink in your pockets?

Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case PatternsOversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case PatternsOversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine // Handmade by Closet Case Patterns

Since I don’t have a dedicated sewing room in my home anymore, I got everything cut and prepped at the studio so I could sew it over the holidays at my dining room table. After investing so much in my sewing set-up at the studio, it’s kind of funny to sew at home like I did when I first started, with just the bare minimum.  I do find it keeps me more organized and focused; I have to really think about what I’ll need so I don’t stall out when I’m home and realized I didn’t bring any interfacing.

I also had plans to sew a few Mandy Boat and Ebony tees for my trip but I leave in two days and haven’t had a chance to cut them out with all the admin I’ve been doing since the holidays. We’ll see if I manage to get any panic sewing down before we leave.

Any tips for me while I’m in LA? I’ll definitely be doing some fabric shopping but since I’m with G I’ll have to keep it to a minimum. We’ve been researching fun places to go and see while they’re there but I’d love to hear from some locals! Anything we shouldn’t miss?

Outfit details: Oversized Kimono Jacket from Wiksten patterns, mid-rise Ginger jeans in Cone Denim, RTW tee, Blondo ankle booties

  • Nikki

    Thank you for reviewing this luxurious coat pattern! The coat looks fantastic on you! I am glad to hear that the pattern will be released before too long as I would like to purchase it. The magazine that the pattern is currently available in looks interesting but it is not something that I would purchase.

    • It’s lovely magazine and worth teh purchase I think, but I can understand waiting too.

  • Ryan Patterson

    oh, you could make another one using an African wax print lined in a solid color. It would not be a neutral piece but definitely a statement. Did you see By Gum, By Golly’s leopard faux fur topper? It might have just been on Instagram so far but it feels it fits that same need for her as your jacket.

    • I love her fur jacket! A wax print version would be so awesome.

  • The texture and colorplay is really nice with this. I don’t see the sleeves on that kimono playing well with winter coat sleeves. Then again, that’s my issue with my wardrobe and it’s all I can see now, apparently.
    LA musts would be their garment district (totally different vibe) and the Getty Villa. It’s a truly epic recreation of what people with money paid academics to think is a classical building. Also in beautiful location with stellar views (same applies to the Getty Museum but – hey, you’ve seen museums). Either that or the day trip to the Hearst castle. Getty is closer. Also, King Hawaiian Bakery rainbow cake. Cause rainbowf#$%$king cake.
    Also http://www.mjt.org/

    • It layers fine with my parka but I tried it on with a Clare Coat and it’s definitely tight in the arms….. I def want to try teh Getty but with the mudslides it may be impossible.

  • Chloe Anderson

    I love this outfit in it’s entirety! There may be some shameless copy catting in my future. And thanks for the tip about the possible pattern release – I have had my eye on this pattern, but taping big pieces is not my jam. Have an excellent trip!

    • Thanks Chloe! Hope you love yours as much as I love mine 😉

  • Samantha Lindgren

    OMG, this looks amazing….! Can I ask which size you made? I am tempted but a bit gun shy about all the ease built into this silhouette. That said, I also think the comment below of making one in a Wax Print would be a crazy cool statement piece for the Spring….

    Go to the Getty Museum! Even if what’s hanging isn’t particularly interesting, the buildings are amazing, the landscaping is dreamy, and the view is stunning. Nice to fantasize what it would be like to be fabulously wealthy and live in a property like that…..

    • I made it in medium, chose a size based on my measurements. Go for it! Big and cozy is in!

  • Erin Debenport

    I just moved to LA a year and a half ago, and you are right, this is PERFECT for this time of year. Too many suggestions, but I’m afraid the Getty might be difficult due to recent mudslides on the NW side. Garment District is great but overwhelming. Let me know if you want food, music, art, and other recs. I work on the Westside but live east/central, and really do love it here. Most importantly, thank you thank you thank you for a wonderful blog and encouragement for this hoping-to-master-collars-in-2018 sewist!

    • The mudslides are so sad! Poor California has just gotten weather punched all year long. I’ll be staying in Highland Park so anything there or downtown would be great, since we’ll be staying a few nights at the Ace next weekend.

      • Erin Debenport

        Both excellent neighborhoods, as I’m sure you know! I love Huarache Azteca in HP for the namesake food (try the suadero as a topping if you eat meat) and delicious aguas frescas. For good rock shows (plus a good patio and middle-eastern bar snack, I like Zebulon (in Frogtown which is close to HP). If you make it farther SW, I like Stories (books/coffee in Echo Park), and walking around the lake nearby is lovely, and Baroo (gourmet/hippie/Italian/Korean in East Hollywood) is very unusual and pretty special. It’s hard to have a bad meal in LA, and I could go on! My favorite bar is on way from Echo Park to downtown (1642 Bar). I am sure you will be getting a ton of downtown suggestions. If you find extra special stores in the garment district, please post if you have time, as I find it both exciting and totally intimidating. Once again, thank you for your blog, patterns, and contributions to the community!

  • I love your kimono! and I’ve signed up to receive Jenny’s newsletter – oh boy this one just be the ONE (hahahaha likely story here) that breaks my 2018 Fast. I have the Sapporo coat pattern which is quite similar – but I really like the seams down the front. You’ve used the perfect fabric for it too. Have a wonderful holiday! After listening to you chat with Caroline & Helen on the Love to Sew podcast, it sounds like you could really use a break away 🙂

    • Yes, I wondered if I still wanted to sew Sapporo after making this one! I’m not so sure now but who knows 😉

  • Love your kimono jacket! The fabric is perfect for this. Enjoy your time off and travels to LA and NYC.

  • Prue

    Hope you made it to Mood LA. They were about to move to bigger premises when we were there last year.

    • I hope to! So many options down there, its overwhelming!