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My mom came for a visit this weekend and it’s been lovely eating mumma food again. I’ll take her cooking over any chef in the world; nothing tastes better than something cooked with actual love. Tomorrow is a spa day at one of the many beautiful places tucked away into the Quebecois wilds. She forgot her swimsuit so I think we’ll both be Bombshelling it up.

Here’s what I’ve seen around the web this week.


Everyone has had kimono fever this summer. Jolies Bobines made my favourite so far – that print!

Mokosha has been cranking out super practical but cool summer garb for months (I love her hiking poses). I want this simple yet slightly avant garde knit dress.

Katy’s silk colourblocked tap shorts are KILLER.

The 1920’s is one of those periods that I love aesthetically but thought I could never pull off. Petit Main Sauvage may have proved me wrong; her 1929 dress seems so cool and modern in black.

I’ve been seeing a lot of rad Bombshells this summer; I’m in love with this modern floral version by Inge.

I’m assuming everyone has seen Sarai’s Lonsdale? Holy toledo! Who knew white could look so sultry?


I am actually, literally foaming at the mouth for Amy to release her first lingerie pattern at Cloth Habit. I’ve had a sneak peak and YES YES YES. She just wrote a great post about how much she loves the teaching aspect of pattern making that really resonated with me.


I know I am not the only woman in the world in love with Ira Glass from This American Life. This post on his work habits on Lifehacker was illuminating.

Most of my closest girlfriends have left Montreal so I’ve been nurturing new friendships, both in town and with long distance sewing friends. This article was sent by one of them, and I think it has some wise and profound things to say about having healthy relationships with other women. I’m so over bitchiness and cattiness; life is too short for hating.

I’ve instituted a no iphone in the bedroom policy so I can cram in more reading every day. I’m about to start Daily Rituals: How Artists Work and Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, both highly recommend by a few friends.

Anything new and great that you’ve enjoyed reading this summer?


  • I’m rereading a great book, called The Dressmaker. It’s by an Australian writer, Rosalie Hamm, and several years old now. It’s quite dark, set in an Australian country town in the late 50’s/early 60’s. The main character has returned home to care for her elderly mother, and has trained as a seamstress in Paris. In amidst all the crazy creepy goings on she starts to sew these amazing creations for the women of the town. I read it years ago, and couldn’t remember it much other than thoroughly enjoying it. I know what you mean about no screens in the bedroom. My ipad scores all my reading time these days. It’s hard habit to break! Hope your spa day was perfect with your mum 🙂

    • That book sounds AWESOME! I’ll see if I can find it for my Kindle….

  • mokosha

    thanks for the mention, babe! been a lazy reader this summer, unless you count the comics, then i read a ton (mostly dylan dog.. and some sf stuff).. have s fun spa date with mom!

    • Thanks darlin! We’ve been drinking A LOT of wine!

  • Love this kind of list…Makes me want to go to a spa with my mom as well hahaha.

  • Nikki H.

    I thought the article on being a “bad” feminist was interesting. If the only way to be a “good” feminist is to be bitter, unfulfilled, angry and discontent, then I don’t think feminism is an ideal that any human being (man or woman) should feel coerced into striving toward. I like the sewing community because we are finding enjoyment and fulfillment in expressing our individual tastes through mediums (sewing and fashion) that are considered oppressive and old fashioned. But in reality, the fact that we are customizing our lives, even in this small way, gives us more freedom!

  • Susan Buchanan

    That was the best article ever and I’m so glad you posted it! I like these blog entries because they give me something to click on when I’m bored at work 🙂

    Go to Paron when you go to NYC! They’re having 40% off everything and they’re so generous with giving you extras. I asked for 1.5 yd of this cool quilted heather gray jersey and she unrolled it and saw it was only 3 yd total so she just threw in the extra for free without saying anything! I only discovered it at home because I was texting as she cut, I’m so rude. Also try G&R Fabrics, they have some surprising stuff buried in there, including waxed canvas! And Chic Fabrics. They have some awesome $5 twill lyocell in the back!

  • Nettie

    I love these posts!! I always end up with eleven million browser tabs open, lol!

  • Nettie

    Also, I sped through a light, but delightful series: The Parasol Protectorate. It was just the thing to read before bed and imagine all of those frothy, bustle-y dresses. And the manners! lol

  • Kelly

    Have I told you how much I love these posts? I love these posts!! I just read the Ira Glass article and the bad feminist article, both great. I’ve been reading a lot of photography books as part of an online course I am doing but in my spare time I also read the book “All Joy and No Fun: the Paradox of Modern Parenthood”, which is really the first book that I’ve read that accurately describes the extremes of emotions that I go through in raising my girls…and it’s really a much more positive look at parenting than the title implies.

    • Thanks Kelly! And I’m happy you found a parenting book that resonates.

  • Please let me know what you think about Brain on Fire. It has been on my Amazon wishlist for months!

  • Natalie @sewoutnumbered

    Oh wow – Brain on Fire looks awesome! Might have to add that one to the list. I’ve just finished reading Mornings in Jenin – it was fairly harrowing but mainly because its based around real events. Currently on “The Shifting Fog” which I’m a bit bored with but close to the end. Next on the list is “How to thrive in a world of busy”!!

  • If you want a light, fun read, I really enjoyed “The Girl with all the Gifts”.

    Also, I am so jealous of your Canadian spas! We went to Montreal last Christmas and got to experience the whole get-in-hot-tub-or-sauna thing, get-into-cold-water thing, repeat (for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called). It was THE MOST RELAXING THING EVER. When we returned home, we tried and tried to find something similar, but the baths don’t seem to exist in Texas! That, and Liverpool House, are the two main reasons I want to revisit Montreal so badly. Although I would not look forward to using my halting high-school French again…

  • Thank you so much for featuring my bathing suit in here Heather! Despite the bumps in the road I had a great time sewing it up and I felt so proud after I finished it. Love these post too, so please keep them coming 🙂