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Friday marked the last day of my old life. In the coming week I’ll be re-arranging my apartment, building a new studio and cracking down on the next pattern. I can’t wait to get started!

One piece of business before I start our weekly roundup – I love reading your comments and I love it even more when those comments help me to discover your blogs. If you have a Disqus account and a blog, please make sure your web address is linked in your profile so I can go cyberstalk you.


The best BHL Charlotte skirt I’ve seen yet in perfectly pattern matched dog print by Hyer Handmade – love this new-to-me blog.

I always thought I hated piranhas (the bf makes me watch this fishing show called River Monsters and its gives me nightmares) but Sonja just totally made me want to cover myself in them with this rad dress.

Kirsty at Top Notch made a gorgeous Liberty print top, making this the third week in a row I’ve fallen for a peplum.

This Bombshell swimsuit hack is inspired.

Debbie at Lily Sage & Co. made a stunning white linen pinafore and included a tutorial so you can also look as crisp and fresh as a glass of cold milk.

Kelli makes me want to have babies so I can make them tiny pinstriped overalls.

Andrea almost lost her mind making this swimsuit but I adore her final result.


Design Sponge is one of my favourite non-sewing blogs. The “Biz Ladies” series is always inspiring, and I’ve been listening non-stop to their “After the Jump” podcast. Great interviews and content about making and working in the creative online world.


Devoured Night Film: A Novel over a long weekend in the country. It’s a smart, spooky, intricate thriller with Kubrickian overtones.

Never really thought I was much of a fantasy lady, but I’m super sucked into The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy) by N.K. Jemison. Really refreshing to read something in this genre not written by an old white dude.

I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next season of Project Runway. I went on a google hunt trying to find out if the designers are allowed to use pattern blocks and found this great behind the scenes interview with one of the producers. I have even more respect for what those designers have to do to survive.

  • Good luck in your transition 🙂 It’s so inspiring!

    Also, I’m loving this series! Not that my blog feed needs to grow any bigger 😛

    • Thanks Zoe! I know, I keep adding more. Its getting OUT of CONTROL.

  • Cat Does It

    Yup, this series is great! Please keep on it

  • Congratulations, and thanks for a great roundup – I do enjoy them very much!

  • Emmie

    I love these round ups! my fave thing at the moment

  • Bec Stitches

    Love the round ups happening, helps to discover new blogs which is always a bonus 🙂 Good luck this week, hope you are full on inspiration!

  • Barbarajanemade

    Your new venture is so exciting, the best of luck, I’m sure it will be wonderful. Very inspiring and I love reading your posts, the round-up is especially good.

  • Haha I love River Monsters! Good luck with the exciting changes and thanks for the link!

  • Janet

    I really enjoy these posts! Thank you for the blog links.

  • A. M. C. B. W.

    They weren’t Piranhas, were they? I thought they were angler fish, deep sea nightmare monsters.

  • loving these roundups!

  • I agree with everyone, these roundups are top notch. I’m pretty excited to listen to that Design Sponge podcast!

  • I love Design Sponge too but haven’t listened to the podcast yet. Must do!! Thanks for the link too. I love these round ups so it’s a big honour to have been mentioned. Sounds like you might need to make yourself a bit of peplum love x

  • Love, love the roundup post!

    • Thanks Candice! I’m having fun with it.

  • Sara

    I love these roundup posts! Also love the biz ladies posts and after the jump. I try to listen to it while I’m sewing but sometimes miss things if I’ve got the serger going…

    Also re: sharing our blogs, I don’t have disqus so imma share mine here:
    No sewing posts yet but I’m just trying to find time to take pictures of all my makes!

    • Adding you to my Feedly Sara. Lovely blog design!

  • Susan Buchanan

    Oh yeah! Remember several seasons ago when someone got home for stashing patternmaking books under his bed??? After taking patternmaking classes, I have so much respect now for how hard they have to work on the show!

    • It’s CRAZY. I guess they drape most of their patterns since few people could just whip up those designs in 12 hours.

  • That write up on Project Runway is fascinating, thanks for that!! I have just wasted about 20 minutes when I am supposed to be working 🙂

  • Bwahahahaha! Thanks for the shout-out, m’dear! Hope I didn’t cause any nightmares! I’m on a hot streak these days- my apartment/pug-sitter is a shark-o-phobe, which I didn’t know before leaving crisp, new shark-printed sheets on the bed for her! Whooooooooops!

  • I’m excited that you’re reading The Inheritance Trilogy! I’ve only read the first book, but I’ve been meaning to get around to the others.

  • Oh, and I just added my blog address to my disqus profile. I just started it so there’s not much on there, but feel free to cyberstalk me! 🙂

  • Paulette

    I love discovering new blogs it’s exciting to read everyone’s journey and get inspirations.
    Thanks for linking Project Runway interview, I can’t wait for the new season although I no longer have cablel I’ve thought of applying perhaps in the future. Please check out my blog it’s about my journey as a Fashion Designer.

  • Jen @The Stitcher and Gatherer

    So late to the party on this post…i will blame it on being too busy sewing to read sewing blogs this past week or so..the best reason hey?! Yes i also LOVE these posts…along with pretty much everything you write. In fact you, Oona, Lauren and Ginger are totally like blogging gods to me and have inspired me to start my very own blogette …whoop 🙂 x

    • Aww thanks Jen! That’s really kind of you to say. I actually just checked out your blog – your Anima pants are totally awesome!

      • Jen @The Stitcher and Gatherer

        Not really, but thx for being kind…i have a loooong way to go in sewing and blogging terms…but you gotta start somewhere!!! Smiles x