Sewing Blogs


I subscribe to over 200 sewing blogs on my RSS feeder, on top of the other, I dunno, 100 other non-sewing blogs I try valiantly to keep on top of? Thank goodness I’m a speed reader.

Since I’m on the internet every darned day (sometimes I feel like I AM the internet in a weird Matrix-y way) I’ve been meaning to resuscitate my What’s Doing feature for a while now. Hoping to share some weekly doses of inspiration and internet ephemera for your viewing pleasure.


EbonyH has become one of my new favorite bloggers (her Netties were amazing). I especially want to go to San Francisco so I can snatch this gorgeous Grainline Scout high-low jersey hack out of her closet.

Bec’s cat sweatshirt is EVERYTHING.

My love for By Hand London’s Anna is exhaustively documented – I loved this white and black floral print version on Cut Cut Sew.


My dear Sophie (formerly known as Cirque de Bebe) finally launched her new blog and it is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Totally made me reconsider my own blog design minimalism….

Shannon at The Finished Garment wrote a couple of really great posts recently: one on the economic sense it makes for indies to design for a wider range of sizes and another on size equivalents among pattern companies. Both are really worth a read. (She’s convinced me to figure out a way to  improve Closet Case Files sizing!)

Charity Shop Chic just dive bombed us with the announcement that she’s releasing patterns. Some really lovely designs (the Martini needs to be on my body immediately). It’s great to see people catering to more niche markets; in this case, more advanced, sophisticated designs.


Thread Theory is now stocking Merchant & Mills sewing notions, and I am daily resisting the urge to trade weekly groceries for artisanally crafted British sewing tools.

I’ve always had a hell of a time finding pretty printed rayon challis. Which is weird considering it’s the perfect fabric. I recently discovered the Etsy seller StevieSaintJohn who carries some REALLY beautiful, unusual stuff.

Girl Charlee has started carrying some wovens. They really have wonderful taste over there and are far and away my new favouite place to shop. I just bought 8 yards of this gorgeous feather print for an upcoming project.


This song was released a few years ago but I can’t stop playing it over and over again. The perfect soundtrack when you’re driving through the hilly, wooded side roads of Maine like I did last weekend.


  • Charity Shop Chic

    Ah Heather you star! Thank you so much for the shout out. I think you would look fantastic in Martini! 🙂

  • Well you just sent me on a spiral into the internet abyss. For some reason I had missed 90% of everything you listed, so I just had a lot of fun finding new blogs and looking at new fabric. Can Girl Charlee hire me already?

  • Kelly

    Awww, thanks Heather! That video is awesome, I could watch those guys dance all day 🙂

  • This is a great round up! I’ve now got a bunch of tabs open and my productivity for Sunday has taken a hit, but I think it’s worth it. You would look wonderful in a Martini!

  • Claire Quimby

    Ooh! Thanks for sharing the rayon find! I love rayon challis too, but most of the prints I find look dated – but not in a vintagey type of way I might like to wear. More like an early 90s, this-could-be-a-baby-doll-dress kinda way.

  • Birgit

    This is a great post! Thank you for introducing me to some new-to-me blogs!

  • My body needs that Martini pattern as well. That and the quilted sweater, but let’s face it… not happening in these muggy new york days.

    PS – your minimalistic blog theme is one of the best ones i’ve seen around the blogisphere

  • Thread Theory

    Thanks for the link to our Merchant & Mills supplies! I admire your power to resist so that you don’t have to starve :P. (And to echo Lola’s comment, I love how your blog looks and wish mine looked half as nice as yours!!!)

  • entish

    Thanks for adding the mention about sizes. I just finished sewing the Bombshell, and my biggest criticism was that the sizes stop too small for the friends I could imagine making these for. It’s such a great pattern for larger/curvy figures.

  • I love Ebony’s top! Looks like something straight out of Free People.

    P.S. I like this series!

  • Cyrena Wray

    When I first saw the floats in the photo above, I thought it was skeins of yarn and that you had taken up knitting. I was so excited to see how your knockout style would translate into knitting projects… ah well, the great links in this post make up for that. Keep up the great work.

  • So many happy making things in this post, my head is spinning! I can’t stop grinning over your kind words, and please know the feeling is unabashedly mutual. It would be pretty rad if you happened to find yourself down this way, even if a few closet items were lifted as a result. ps: that Bombay Bicycle Club track gets down in all the right ways.

  • Amy

    All I can say is darn you for posting that feather fabric. I’m in love. But hey, I just bought my first ROLL of fabric for a project. This is when stash goes professional, ha! Anyway, I’m so way behind on reading for want of other projects at the moment but thank you for pointing me around. To Sophie’s gorgeous new blog–I’m drooling watercolors!

  • I really enjoyed this roundup post! Thanks for the tip on so much neat stuff. God knows how hard it is to have your eye on every corner of the internet.

  • blacklabel

    { LOVE } that song…love the video even more!