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Happy Sunday sewcialists. August is half over and yesterday I had a mild panic attack when I realized I haven’t a) swam in a lake b) stayed in a cottage or c) napped in a hammock. In compensation we tried to have a nature-ish bike ride yesterday but ended up getting lost in industrial hell and then caught in a brutal rainstorm. Today I’m driving up to a local waterfall come hell or high water (literally, high water). Summer, I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!

In the meantime, here’s what the sewing blog world was up to.


I was charmed by this breezy white Holly/Hawthorne mash-up over on Sew Pomona.

At our last meet-up in Montreal, a few of us were seduced by the same floral print rayon. I love Kay’s skirt/dress combo and am basically going to use my yardage to make the exact same Sallie as Deepika on Pattern Review – she looks stunning.

Leila from The Three Dresses Project wasn’t sure about the trapeze silhouette on her but I think she’s a vision.

This blue and orange dress from That Black Chic is so original and amazing.

Wonder at this dope as hell 1930’s confection from Petit Main Sauvage.

Two great bombshells this week: Monsie did a great job FBAing, and I love the way Helen modified the back straps on hers.

This border print Holly dress from Lady Sews Alot is adorable.

Carolyn always makes the coolest stuff. This reversible infinity dress is no exception.

Finally, the wedding dress reveal from Crab & Bee! It’s a staggering achievement.

Jasika’s green lady bug dress is summertastic.


I keep meaning to meditate. Seriously. But this interview with Tara Brach on the Tim Ferris podcast kinda convinced me I can’t keep making excuses. She also offers tons of mindfulness meditation mp3s on her website for free, if you’d like to skip a subscription to Headspace (I’m looking at you Nicole).

Joanna Newsom announced her new record with a gorgeous new song and video by Paul Thomas Anderson. She’s my Bob Dylan. I don’t know if I’m going to make it until October.


We just need to send people this blog post from Sew Can She when they ask us to make them stuff.

Target decided to kill the pink/blue gendered marketing of their kids departments. People flipped out on their Facebook wall in an unsurprising fashion. Then this guy posed as Target customer service and took them to task, in the best, funniest way possible.

I ended up zipping through the first two Hyperion books and am now in the depths of a full-on Dan Simmons bender. I’m loving Endymion; it’s proving to be a veritable romp after the first half of the the series. Don’t be turned off by the cover art – this series is REALLY worth checking out. I dare you to put them down.


My favourite place to shop for tailoring and more esoteric sewing supplies in Montreal is called H. Fisher & Sons. It’s a must visit if you’re in the city. Mrs. Fisher runs the joint at 85 with the energy of someone a third her age, and she’s filled with the kind of knowledge that can only be passed along. The buttons above are from her shop. I found this interview with her today; I get deeply sad when I think about these types of businesses inevitably closing. It’s a closed door to a rich and valuable past.

  • Oh my gosh, thank you for linking to my Holly dress! That totally brightened up a not so good day 🙂

    • My pleasure Lauren! It was great dress! Feel better lady!

  • patsijean

    Lots of eye candy this week. Love it. For your next adventure in reading pleasure, try the “City of Pearl” series by Karen Traviss. Wonderful on a grand scale, and not mindless. Lots of thoughtful stuff in this multi-character story that caused me to pause and think several times.

    • And…. added to my wishlist. I’m super into the Hyperion series primarily because of all the insightful things it has to say about where we’re at now, (and where we might be going). Seems like City of Pearl could have the same cache. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I just finished reading Go Set A Watchman, Harper Lee’s new book. It’s funny, sad, poignant, and true. Highly recommended.

    • It’s on my list but I’ve been kind of turned off by all the news around it… that basically she never intended it to be published and was taken advantage of by one of her team. I also don’t think I’m ready to see Atticus as anything other than The Atticus.

      • Francesca Amodeo

        yup, me too.

      • Oh, he’s still Atticus. No worries there. It’s more of Scout removing her rose coloured glasses. I did really enjoy it.

  • Karen

    Ha Ha! I loved your opening paragraph about those last minute summer dreams! Grab on! I am a teacher, and I am feeling the same! Love your blog.

    • Thanks Karen. I swam in river rapids (er, sat on a rock while trying not to get swept away by the current) for hours yesterday and feel much better!

  • I was trying to figure out what the heck happened when I saw this post had over 800 views today![whaaaaattt?] You rock and I am glad you were digging my dress! Thanks!

    • So happy I found your blog Michelle! You make gorgeous stuff.

  • Thank you, lovely; for the compliment to my dress! Also, thanks SO MUCH for that link to the Target article. I lolled for real at the “don’t let the door hit yah” one!! Priceless!!

    • … just read it again. Laughed out loud AGAIN.

  • Amazing line up this week – thanks for all the sewing goodness! And I’m with Carolyn on the Target scam – gold!!! hahaha!

  • Thanks for the great line-up! I especially love that fabulous 1930s number and the post on the cost of sewing for others. Even though I do sew professionally I find it hard to determine what to set prices at. I often find that if I set them at a cost that would create a “fair” cost per hour the cost would be atrocious. Ah well!

    • It’s super tricky…. which is why I don’t do it 😉

  • carmencitab

    Hey! I have seen Joanna Newsome too! Do I get bonus points? I also bought this print… a while ago which is right above my computer.

    • What record? In France?! I saw her a couple years ago when she was touring with Ys. I will basically do ANYTHING to see her again. Totally obsessed. Also, trying not to immediately ebay that print…. good god.

      • carmencitab

        It was for Have one on me which might have been the YS tour not sure. There was only 100 prints made, I have n°23 and that was like 5 years ago, if you search, I’m not sure you will find it… I love it, I look at it every single day.

  • Ah! How did I not know about Joanna Newsom’s new album coming out?! She’s my Bobby D, too. I’ve actually said that in those words before, which is weird, haha. She’s an incredible writer so I guess that’s the connection 😛 Thanks for another awesome round of links! I always look forward to reading these posts on Sunday.

    • Thanks Embee! We can swoon together when that record comes out….

  • Great line up and that Target hoax was sooo funny!

  • Francesca Amodeo

    Hyperion! god that was one of my favourite series. I loved the marriage of scifi and Keats. His books are all amazing. If you like him, you should love Iain M Banks. He also writes under Iain Banks but those are crime.

    OMG the Target spoof has had me cackling aloud for the last 10 minutes. So freakin funny – well, the guy’s responses anyhow, the comments by “outraged ex-customers” less so…. Funnily enough I read somewhere recently that it was only in the 1930s or thereabouts that the colours were assigned thus – before, pink was apparently considered boyish and blue girlish…

    • Gendered colours are total bullshit. All my friends with babies were in rages trying to setup their nurseries and buy baby clothes since girl stuff is SO girly.

      • Francesca Amodeo

        Yuck. Poor little tykes. I occasionally knit something for pals’ babies. Like red angora booties, orange and blue sleeping bags or whatever they’re called… I’m so lucky to have been brought up in a colourful home;)

  • Francesca Amodeo

    Oh, and I loved the Sew can she post. Thanks for that! I am going to keep the link handy to send to anyone who bugs me again. I grew up watching my aunty Bi, a brilliant sewist, get totally exploited by family and friends. My branch were the only ones who paid her (which she hated) or at least gave her nice presents. for shame

    • Well, I did ask my aunt to knit me a huge, complicated sweater this year but she’s retired and was thrilled to do it so there are exceptions 😉 I’ll get her a magnificent present in exchange, of course.

      • Francesca Amodeo

        I’m sure you will. And I’m sure she was really pleased you asked her :). I think we makers are the only ones to really understand what goes into making. Hey – how’s your humidity? We finally have a break from it here it’s like Kenya right now – fab- Sunny and hot but with cool wind and coolish at nights. Thank god. …

  • Thanks for the Shtetl / H. Fisher & Sons interview link. Fascinating stuff! I hope to make it back to Montreal before she closes.. But is it true she only does wholesale?

    • She has a storefront open to the public! It’s almost worth the trip. That place is a so filled with history its almost overwhelming,

      • Francesca Amodeo

        I love these places. We still have one amazing one here… dangling carrot. ….and when I was in Madrid I found a tiny place stuffed to the brim with incredible wooden drawers with frescoes. Wow. Put some pics on my FB page and all my Spanish friends wanted to know where it was.

  • If you’re not done with summer, I guess you should come to Texas because summer is like THREE MORE MONTHS here. It doesn’t start getting into the 80’s until late October… I want to start sewing fall clothes (including high-waisted Gingers!) so badly, but there’s basically no point.

    Gonna listen to that podcast ep with Tara Brach today! I admit I’ve been slacking on my Headspace lately, but I’ve been doing yoga most days and feel like I get a lot of the same mindfulness/checking in on the body benefits that I get from meditation.

  • Thanks so much for sharing my Holly Hawthorn Dress! So many amazing makes-going to check them all out now 🙂 I was so happy Target decided to go gender neutral-that guy posing as customer service is just hilarious! Going to check out that Dan Simmons series too 🙂