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Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Here’s what’s up in the sewing blog world this week.


Rachael really nailed the Daisy Buchanan vibe of her Alder shirt dress on the Girl Who Makes Things.

Becca is serving Saved by the Bell Realness in her 80’s dress.

If it wasn’t about to be insanely hot for a few months straight I would be all over the new Sorell trousers from Pauline Alice. Mentally pinned Kirsty’s pair on Top Notch.

The Compulsive Seamstress makes the BEST stuff for her daughter. Kind of jealous, actually.

This lipstick sheath dress from Erika is wicked good.


A thoughtful post from Sarai on What Does a Model Do? I LOVE the models for Colette/Seamwork and I’m excited to hear more about how their process works (even if I’m unsure I’ll ever hire models myself).

I’m in a constant struggle with Google Adsense and those creepy and gross sidebar ads that promise to banish wrinkles/diabetes/failing eyesight with “one weird trick!” I just blocked an account that used a picture of an organism in the ad that looked suspiciously like male genitalia. I was talking about it with my friend (“Who designs these ads?! Who clicks on them!?”) and he sent me a link to this Awl article that explains the human psychology behind “Internet Chum”.

A piece from the New Yorker on a recently discovered collection of Belle Epoque gowns and the challenges of preservation, when “Perspiration, even from a long-ago dance in a Tuscan garden, may continue a hundred years later to oxidize metallic thread, to alter the molecular structure of a fabric.”


Cassie Stephens advises on how to sell vintage clothing on Etsy.


If you’ve ever wanted to sew your own corset, evening dress or wedding gown, you can sign up for a free trial to Corset Academy (my newest sponsor). They have a massive library of video tutorials, workshops and sewing patterns. Get your haute couture on.


Birds of a Thread updated her ethical shopping list; this is a great resource if you want to buy clothing without feeling guilty about where it comes from.

A friend of mine told me about Montreal lingerie designer Kayleigh Peddie. Her designs are BEAUTIFUL (and probably NSFW).


Finally, my Harry Nilsson obsession is at an all-time high after watching a documentary about him on Netflix. One of the most underrated songwriters ever. I am having a romantic relationship with this song. It’s absolutely perfect in every way (and so much better than that Three Dog Night version).

  • Sox

    Hi Heather,
    FYI Your ethical shopping list links to Kayleigh Peddie’s site.
    And what does NSFW mean? Probably something pretty obvious, but I am clued out at the moment.
    I enjoy your posts!
    Take care!

  • Ann T.

    I appreciate all of your What’s Doing referrals, but today I especially enjoyed Harry Nilsson. He died too young. I always loved his work, and admired him for avoiding celebrity. He is the only recording artist I know of, who didn’t do tours or public performances. He preferred to stay in the studio, and his vocals involved so many levels, tracks and complexities, that he couldn’t really duplicate most of his recordings in a live performance. The Beatles loved him, and Paul McCartney once said Nilsson was his favorite American recording artist, and also his favorite American band! As young as you are, you surprise me when you post things about Bob Dylan, and, now, Nilsson.

    • Ann, most of the music I listen to is older than I am. Especially as the years go by, I really just want to listen to Joni and Fleetwood Mac all the time. Have you seen the documentary on Harry? It’s so great. He was hilarious, and best friends with Ringo apparently!! Lots of good stuff about him and the Beatles ( I’m basically just going to listen to Nilsson Schmilsson on repeat today.

  • Thanks for the mention!

  • kellicousins

    That article on the Callot Soeurs gowns was amazing. When I read it I wished that the photographer had maybe had more of a seamstress’s eye for the photos. What I wouldn’t give to really give the inside of those dresses the once-over.

    Thread Cult just did a podcast with the author of the article, and it’s a pretty great listen;

  • Bec

    Thanks for mentioning my 80’s vibes. Rock on. Love your What’s Doing posts! 🙂

  • Erin C

    Hmm, the one shop in the Ethical Shopping List that has plus sizes, you can only buy from a store in Illinois… I think I’ll stick with sewing!