Sewing Blogs


Happy Sunday my friends! If all is going well for me, I am currently sitting by a wood stove in a rustic cabin with my feet up and a book in hand while you’re reading this. We were hoping to enjoy some country spring air but it’s still snowing in Montreal; we might as well make the best of it!


Another great Cascade Duffle by the Cashmerette. I love Jenny’s toggles.

Only Mokosha could just make up a sweater pattern as she went along and have it look this great.

Speaking of Mokosha, she made Teo Okereke an adorable Nettie bodysuit. I love that these two are friends – they have such complementary sewing styles.

Mainely Dad finished his Watanabe jacket and it is magnificent.

Sidra’s graduation suit is so adorably dapper he needs to be on the cover of Sartorial Lads magazine.

So inspired by the pattern shaping on Beaute J’Adore’s white neoprene dress.

A breathtaking jacket from A Challenging Sew.


Totally in love with Megan Nielson’s knitted washcloths from sewing scraps. Such an inspired idea!


Loved these beautiful B&W photos of a gorgeously voluptuous woman. They are very tasteful and celebratory of female beauty but maybe don’t click on the link if your boss is standing behind you.