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Happy Sunday everyone! My birthday is tomorrow but last night I celebrated with a house party. Today it is a mess and I feel appropriately aged and a little hungover. Let’s look at some pretty things and momentarily forget the ceaseless passage of time, shall we?


A simple yet perfect shift from Dandelion Drift.

A festive two piece setacular from Boo Dogg and Me which is making me positively pine for summer.

A freaking spectacular purple faux suede Cascade skirt over on the Thread Theory blog.

My favourite Linden so far, with lace applique by Katy & Lany.

Sonja channeling my favourite Tenenbaum at Ginger Makes.

I’m obsessed with Sallie’s floral skirt. Like, fly on a plane and steal it obsessed.

Jasika topstitched half of her Ginger jeans by hand after her machine broke because she is A BOSS.


Some great tips on sewing with velvet and sequins  on the By Hand London blog.


Currently enmeshed in the weird world of The Southern Reach Trilogy. It’s eerie, creepy, thoughtful, and the kind of thing that I don’t like reading alone in bed. I keep feeling like my houseplants are going to turn on me. Totally worth checking out.


I discovered dates this week and actually yelled “WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THESE TASTED LIKE MOLTEN CHOCOLATE!” I hate dried fruit, but dates are my new best friend. And apparently insanely healthy which I didn’t initially believe since they are so sweet and delicious. Excuse me while I go devour another handful.


I found out on instagram last night that Swedish Hasbeens are on crazy sale over on Amazon (seriously, the prices are bananas). I bought three pairs for the price of one so expect to see a lot of wood soled sandals this summer, haha.

  • Good Morning and Happy Birthday one day early!!! Two of the links do not appear to be working…and you are forgiven birthday girl {wink}…having just made my first Ginger Jeans, I’m obsessed with all things ginger {hmmm…ginger and dates}, and wanted to see Jasika’s pair, also the two piece setacular is linking to the Washi dress…

    A Colourful Canvas

    • Thanks for the heads-up Sue! Fixed them. (I blame the birthday hangover).

  • Sara Mayo

    I put my pitted dates in a food processor with hazelnuts, grind until not quite a paste, form them into little balls and freeze them for unprocessed, high energy fast food.

  • Mmmmm dates….Happy Birthday week pretty lady!

  • You are my boob twin (Watson bra) and my birthday twin! Happy Birthday pretty lady!

  • Happy Birthday! Mine is on Wednesday so on Thursday I’m going to London. 🙂

    • So jealous! Happy birthday Stina and I hope London treats you right.

  • Kingston gal

    Although our very low Canadian dollar kind of eliminates a lot of the Hasbeen savings )-:

    • They’re at least half the already cheap Amazon price so I think it’s still a great deal. But I’m having them mailed to a friend in the US, so won’t be getting dinged with shipping charges.

  • Rachel King

    Happy birthday! I love my setacular, but it has been cold here & I haven’t had much chance to wear it. Thanks for the shoutout!

  • Happy Birthday! Always love reading this…especially admire. Thanks for sharing again 🙂

  • i want that trilogy RIGHT. NOW.

  • Whoa, happy happy birthday week! My FIL, you, my late mom, my BIL, my BFF (TMI TLA?) Rick rack for everyone!

    Those books frighten me, which means I will have to read them from behind the couch.

    • The second one isn’t as scary! And it’s less “BOO!” and more unsettling. It was definitely a unique reading experience.

  • Siobhan

    Thank you for the Hasbeens tip off! I’ve ordered my first pair ever, fingers crossed they fit! The postage was surprisingly reasonable for US-Aus. (I’m trying to ignore the fact that the poor exchange rate will wipe out any postage savings!)

    • They fit pretty true to size. My first pair was the braided variety and I had to wear them with damp socks for a day or two to soften up the leather, but after that they were my go to almost every day.

  • Bonne Fete Heather! Dates–oh yeah–not those date squares your Grandma made,,but eat out of your hand candy? Count me in! I scour the stores waiting for the new season’s Medjool dates to arrive. Love them!

    • They are so crazy delish. I’m so glad I found them!

  • Have you tried dates whizzed up with ground almonds, cocoa and coconut oil and rolled into balls (bliss bombs). Guilt free choc fix!

  • sallieforrer

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LADY!! Glad to hear you did it up right! And thanks for the skirt love! And holy hell Hasbeens?! Just GIVE them to me, why don’t you???

    • For under $40, they’re practically free!

  • Thanks so much for the tip on the Swedish Hasbeens! I’ve always wanted some but they were too expensive… Just bought two pairs 😀

    Also, happy birthday! 🙂

    • Thanks Mamie! And glad you scored a deal – they’re my favourite shoe in the spring and summer.

  • Elena Knits

    Happy birthday!

    I read the first book of the Southern Reach last summer and we got a conf call with the author that was very interesting. I also have the second book but I haven’t read it yet.

  • Morgan – Thread Theory

    Have a super wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmm dates…love them! My favorite way to eat them is to stuff an almond in the middle where the pit used to be, roll them in melted chocolate and then roll them in coconut. I usually make those at Christmas and would choose to eat those over short bread or fancy pastries any day!

  • entish

    Just a little bit star-struck to see who’s been sewing the same pattern as me! (I loved Jasika on Fringe!)

  • Happy belated b-day Heather! Aging downside: Hangovers just seem to get worse as you get older. Aging upside: You know to drink the better stuff so it’s more worth it.

  • Dates in cake form = THE BEST THING EVER. Make this soon!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday!!! And thanks for the mention! I’m blushing at being mentioned among so many great projects!

  • Dates are one of my favorite tricks for making healthy desserts! If you like coconut, give these things a try:

    Oh, and dates taste SO GOOD with coffee. I like to brew the coffee with a few cardamom pods thrown in, then serve with a simple bowl of dates. Perfection.

    • Oh, and DRIED FIGS. Have you tried dried figs? Because they might change your mind about dried fruit.

      • I’m meh on on dried figs. But dried mango? NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS.

  • Ann T.

    I would have thought Minnesota way too cold to grow dates, perhaps that is why they are so pricey. These California dates from Costco are a much better deal, assuming they will ship to Canada. I agree with Nicole, that dried figs are fabulous, and consider the Greek ones the best.