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Thank you for the amazing response to the Ginger Jeans this week, everyone! We’ve almost sold out of the kits (I think there are only a handful left) and I’m excited to get started with the sewalong next week. I am going to do a detailed post on gathering materials and notions, so if any international readers have suggestions for sourcing high quality stretch denim and hardware, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to our Ginger source list.

In other news, there was a lot of terrific stuff made this week.


A great colour-blocked shirt refashion on Sew Amy Sew.

Jill’s lace “vertebrae” hoodie is too clever.

Yoshimi made a very pretty floral dress.

Amy at Cloth Habit made the most beautiful strapless bra I have EVER seen.

A breathtaking plaid bustier dress on Fickle Sense, including some step by step photos for hacking your own with an old strapless bra.

Two of my favourite new patterns are the Linden Sweatshirt and the Turia Dungarees. I want to steal Jen’s nautical Linden, and can’t get enough of Kirsty’s and Jolie Bobines’ Turias.

I literally gasped when I saw Erika B in a backless Nettie. Smokin’.

I’m trying to figure out if I can get away with making a maxi skirt to wear over tights this winter (I hate static electricity). Sorely tempted by this stellar graphic Gabriola on Boo Dogg & Me.


Some tester versions of Ginger are cropping up if you want to see them on a variety of figures: Suzy Bee Sews, Sew Many Mistakes, Handmade by Carolyn, Love Lola.


In this week’s Animal Odd Couple of the week: CAT + DOLPHIN.


I devoured Lena Dunham’s collection of personal essays, Not That Kind of Girl,
this week. Man, can she write. I got so frustrated during all the anti-Lena backlash last year; we just don’t target successful men like we target successful women and I find it infuriating. I remember Gawker having a seizure over the advance she got for this book, but she’s worth it. A solid belly laugh on every page, and few people can make self-absorption this charming.

  • LLBB

    Omg, you had to put a cherry on it with the dolphin cat video!!! So amazing. Thanks for the sewing inspiration, too 🙂

    • I literally died and came back to life watching that video!

  • Joanne Roberts

    I blog for Minerva Crafts in the UK and they stock, metal studs, buttons, jeans zips and top stitching thread as well as stretch denim. I am sure they would like a mention. I will be sewing along. Can’t wait. Jo x

  • Nadia

    I really super love the ginger jeans! Congrats on all the success you’ve got releasing them 🙂 R.E Lena I totally admit that she is charming, smart and super funny and hate it when women hate on her for no reason as you’ve alluded to above but it really irks me that she is lauded as the voice of feminism when her feminism isn’t intersectionalist in the slightest and so the feminism she comes to present to the world is pretty basic and pretty racist. This is a good overview:
    And that’s sad. I still binge on Girls all the time though and may give in and buy her book one day.

    • I hear you. But I also think its dangerous to immediately write people off if they’re flawed or don’t have it all figured it out. She’s what, 26?! There were a few moments in the book where I groaned inwardly, but I think overall she’s fascinating, and I’m just excited that there is a young woman with a huge platform and a normal body talking about her experience. I wish it would open more doors for more women, but she’s under such intense scrutiny that I feel like a lot of people would shy away from that kind of exposure…. And I think the pressure on her to be everything to everyone is unfair and unrealistic – I think we’re so starved for feminist heroes that if they don’t get everything right we’re way more likely to take them down. I’m interested to see how she evolves over the years, and I’m grateful she’s around, even if she makes me facepalm every once and a while.

      • I totally agree. I personally like that she’s “flawed” (a.k.a. what I’d call being a real person, because let’s face it, we all have face-palm-worthy moments, no matter how well meaning we all are). I think it’s infinitely better for people to be open and say the “wrong” things, because it opens up the door for dialogue and learning. Like you point out, it’s really scary to open yourself up to being wrong, and that could make a lot of people shy away from that kind of attention.

        And also, I’d say it’s kind of wrong for us to hold her up as THE voice of feminism, ya know? Shouldn’t intersectionality apply to her too? For her, what she’s saying IS her experience, and how can she possibly be everything to everyone?

  • I think the Ginger Jeans are great! Looking at the different ladies who pattern tested them show that they fit a variety of shapes and sizes. I haven’t read the Lena Dunham book, but I’m always a bit leery of funny women on tv who write books because I want them to be funny in the book as well. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t .

    • I think the book is even funnier than Girls… she’s a natural writer. So good with the similes.

  • entish

    Since I’ve missed out on the kits, do you have any shops you can recommend for denim in Montréal? Normally I’d just wait for your sewalong posts, but I’ll be in Montréal just until Wednesday and I’m betting the odds of you having a recommendation are high.

    • You can try Marina’s and Goodman on St. Hubert. There was also a lot of denim at Globetex near Chabanal the last time I was there…

      • entish

        Thanks so much! I walked along St-Hubert today and came up with the denim plus wound up getting fabric for a couple more bombshells too. So much better on price and selection than Toronto!

  • Ayaya

    Baaaa! Is there a chance you will have more kits in the future? Thanks!

    • We would like to, but it really depends on if we can our hands on enough yardage. This stuff is hard to track down in sufficient quantities!

  • Naomi

    At the time of the ‘pattern testers debate’ I didn’t really care either way, but now that I’ve seen this bunch of testers, I LOVE that they are new to me! They look really hot in their jeans and it is nice to get a different opinion. You should definitely keep doing this and I hope you will share the other testers’ links next week 🙂

    • Will do! I loved my testers – hoping to keep mixing it up for every pattern.

  • Susanne

    Waaah, I snoozed and I lost. So sad! Any chance of more kits??

    • Amy

      I snoozed too long, too! I just got the approval from my husband to go ahead and get the kit (we’re on a tight budget with only one income, a baby, and a house full of projects), but when I clicked through just now, they were all sold out. Heather, please please please email me if more kits become available!

  • Teri

    I’m hoping for more kits eventually, too! I wasn’t fast enough this time and missed out.

  • Hélène

    So happy for your new pattern success! These jeans are so cool and clever. I don’t have time to undertake such a big sewing project right now, but I’ll definetely turn to your Ginger when I’m ready to conquer jeans!

    • It’s definitely an intensive project, but at this point I can crank a pair out in 6-8 hours….

  • Charlene

    The Ginger jeans are very cute. In case you haven’t seen, Lena Dunham’s book “Not that Kind of Girl” is the November book for the A Beautiful Mess book club. You may want to check the discussion at the end of November.

    • I’ll definitely check it out! It was a coincidence that I read it around the same time but I’d be interested to see what people thought. Their Girlboss discussion was really interesting.

  • I’ve been meaning to comment after I listened to you on the Sewing Affair podcast. I LOVE that you feature all these other bloggers and their makes. Then to name your patterns after others that have inspired you, I think it’s exactly what I would do too. I’ve been sewing for only a year and a half and I credit ALL my mad skills to the lovely bloggers, such as yourself, that I’ve been following! I can hardly say that I’m self taught because it was you guys that taught me!

  • Francesca Amodeo

    Great links! Re the maxi skirt plus tights – a slip, babe. I sometimes line skirts or dresses in winter just for that static cling reason – but other times I just wear a slip:). Yeah, it’s kind of a boring extra layer at the waist but it makes such a difference.

    I LOVE the jeans pattern. I went off jeans and most pants quite a while ago except for 30s style baggy ones which are the only ones I find comfortable – but if I ever get back into them, wow. You are such a unique designer. I have gotten bored of all the same old same old slightly rehashed stuff coming up in patterns – but you always come out with something necessary and cool. Sending you loads of good energy to keep on this worthy trail!

    • Thank you so much Francesca! That really made me feel good this morning. Good energy recieved 😉

      I totally have to make slips. I’ve had some beautiful stretch nude charmeuse sitting in the stash, I just have to get around to it!