Link Roundups



I just rewatched all 7 seasons of Buffy for the millionth time. I was therefore elated to to see Leila reference Buffy this week with her adorable yummy sushi Cambie.

I love the whole art-teacher chic thing that’s been going around lately. This dress by Catherine Daze is weird art teachertastic.

A wax print print setacular? Be still my beating heart Katy.

This 70’s playsuit from Pattern Vault is making me pine for summer, already.

Marie’s Vintage Pledge bicycle dress is delovely.

I want Tasia’s peplum top. Like, now.


Three cheers for Karen’s beautiful “I blog BECAUSE” post this week. Just what we needed to hear! Let’s stop justifying and making excuses and just BE, shall we?

Have you heard about the Chanel hubbub this week? Good ol’ Lagerfeld did a women’s lib inspired collection, including models in a faux protest carrying generic feminist slogans. My first aesthetic reaction was WHEEE!! because it was pretty, and because I have a true love for Gloria Steinem as a style icon. But then I kinda felt sick to my stomach because Karl is no Prada; this isn’t a smart, socially conscious nod to our past. It’s just an attempt to market revolution for profit. Susie Bubble wrote beautifully about her reaction here.


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