WHAT’S DOING (2013/08)

Happy day everyone. I’m toying with starting a new blog feature. I generally only post when I have a new sewing project but I thought it might be fun to share other stuff as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m everywhere on the internet (seriously, my browsing history at the day job would alarm anyone – the perks/curse of being a curious, creative, prowly brain type) and I’m going to start cataloguing cool things I’m finding/thinking/doing etc. in the off chance someone else is interested.

A friend recently bought a jaw dropping Persian carpet for an even more jaw dropping price and after lurking in their sales area for a few weeks I finally settled on a gloriously weird, psychedelic 9′ x 5′ low pile rug. Normally I’m more of a thrift/curbside/Craigslist kind of apartment decorator but sometimes it’s okay to invest in a special piece you know you’ll have forever . Check out E-Carpet Gallery if you want to eye bang carpets for the next few days. It is just brain boggling inexpensive, the quality is great and it ships quickly. I got mine for under $300 which is pretty unheard of (Americans take note – they will not ship the Persian rugs to the US due to the embargo on Iranian goods but they have products from other countries as well). Plus they are located out of Montreal!

Is everyone listening to Daughter Fish’ podcast Thread Cult? It’s really great. I bought my Bernina because of her interview with a dealer, and am learning a crazy amount about silk from her most recent episode. My suggestion to iphone users is to download Downcast to stream or download it. It’s hands down the best podcast app out there and worth the price. While you’re at check out How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner and By the Way: In Conversation with Jeff Garlin.

Alunageorge reminds me of the trip hop I listened to the 90’s but with a cool, London Now attitude. This song is IT for me right now:

If you’re not watching Orange is the New Black right now I don’t really know how else to stress that you’re missing out without yelling YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. Smart, tender, tart, funny, deep, broad, specific, personal, universal…. It’s the best thing on fake television right now.

Another treat you can find on Netflix is Turn Me On Dammit! Like Superbad, if  Michale Cera was a pretty blonde, California was Norway, and Superbad was a sex positive, feminist, hilarious, sweet and honest portrayal of a teenage girl’s coming of age.

Did you see Sophie’s Bombshell on her blog Cirque de Bebe? If I had a giant trophy of a bronzed pinup with her arms raised in a V for victory, Sophie would win for Best Choice of Fabric in the Bombshell Oscars. Tesutti, you are expensive and far away, but also fooking brilliant. Beach print for the beach! Wonders, never ceasing.

I left my Kindle at a friends house last week and have been reading an analog copy of 100 Years of Solitude. It’s spoken of reverentially for a reason. Can’t put it down. I also just finished Tiny Beautiful Things, which is easily the most moving, wise and articulate “advice” I’ve ever read. Part memoir/part Dear Abby, if Abby was the street smart, lyrical and loving older sister you never had.

To Gaspesie, Quebec this weekend for the first time. Apparently one of the most beautiful places on earth and my first time there. A Montreal contingent is setting up some kind of expat shanty tent town at the agriculture fair in Shigawake, where some of our brightest musicians will be playing all weekend. Hammocks and ocean air, here I come.

The 2nd Montreal Meet-up this Saturday. Pals, you can find more details here. I’m hoping to organise another one in a few months on Chabanal, which has many hidden treasures but requires a guide. Have fun ladies!

Minnetonkas, you suede seductresses. A pretty great sale is on here.

The response to my By Hand London Anna giveaway was pretty nuts – you guys REALLY love that pattern! Normally I would use a random number generator, but a certain someone really nailed the request to post your best “Anna” themed video. The way to my heart is apparently the Swedish band The Knife – congrats Adrienne! Anna is all yours! Email me your address and I’ll send it off to Scandinavia for you!


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