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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been filled with birthday parties, brunches and naps spooning with Harry. I’ve also been busy trying to get our new pattern ready for testing before heading to BC to spend some time with friends and family; I’m bringing the pup and am excited to swim in the Pacific Ocean and go for lots of hikes. Here’s what you’ve been up to.


There have been so many fun jeans refashions this week! I was in awe of Joost (JEAN SHOES!), swooned over Rosie’s ombre Inari dress and I love Fadanista’s patchwork jacket.

Isn’t this cape sleeved top from Sew Dixie Lou fabulous?

Another great Sophie swimsuit tankini from Sew Pomona.

A gorgeous maxi on Crafting a Rainbow.

Jasika’s Sophie bikini made my week.

I actually whispered aloud “SO CUTE!” when I saw this sweet new dress from Tea Okereke.

I’m still not entirely sure where everyone is wearing their slaved over cosplay outfits, but I love seeing them. This Game of Thrones number from Dixie DIY is gorgeous.


Did you catch this profile on the McCalls Pattern Company in the NY Times? So lovely to see sewing get widespread exposure.

I was so jazzed to see jean making being discussed on my favourite knitting blog, Fringe Association.


Have you tried Instagram stories yet? It’s convinced me to hold off on starting a “personal account” for the time being since it’s such a great excuse to share more of my day to day. I was totally convinced by Abby’s assessment on While She Naps.


Sort of obsessed with Rachel Comey’s latest collection, and I LOVE that she shot her lookbook using a diverse range of her employees.

Do you want to start a fashion line? You might want to sign up for Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp with Fashion Incubator.

  • Geekgirlbrunch is one place to wear one’s pretties (chapters everywhere). But my recent work is in Edinburgh at the Free Fringe, ‘nerdlesquing’ it up. Any excuse is a good one to be your own superhero.

    • So basically you need an event then? I’m hoping people be like “Today is Frozen day and I will be making cupcakes in my Elsa costume. #dealwithit”

      • Well, that would be me. I dress up as a Dalek a lot of the time. Like right now. At work. Exterminiate!

  • Kieran

    What is the smaller thing with multiple pattern illustrations on it?

    • That’s a postcard we include with our printed patterns!

      • Kieran

        I’m reaaaallly regretting always going for the PDF right now. Why must shipping cost the big $$?!

  • Portia Lawrie

    Thanks for the shout out lovely! Fab round up! Px

  • Jennifer R

    Agree on the Comey, very inspiring and wearable design that nonetheless pushes the envelope. And agree with the Vogue reviewer, sexier than past.

  • kristin

    Barbara at Sewing on the Edge (also Canadian) wrote about the Time article here.

  • Michelle Martini

    Oh, that IG “stories” story intrigues me. . . I’d love to see more glimpses of personal life from the professionals I follow!

  • Fadanista

    Thank you for referencing my blog again! I love your weekly posts as they open my eyes to new ideas and new people. You are a star!