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Happy Sunday everyone! I am currently on vacation in Europe for a ten day jaunt. We’re visiting Guillaume’s family in the south of France and then spending a few days in Barcelona where I’m 200% positive we will eat and drink a hole right through it like the gluttonous beasts we are. It’s been an incredibly busy year and I’m so grateful to have a little time off, and wonderful in laws who live in beautiful places who can put me up/put up with me. Also very stoked to wear the little capsule wardrobe I’ve been planning all year. Mostly everything is handmade and in shades of white or blue – I’m just hoping I packed enough linen.  Alexis is in the studio while I’m gone so we are still shipping orders and responding to customer service emails just in case you need something while I’m away.

In the meantime, here is some pretty handmade eye candy.


I keep meaning to draft the perfect slip dress; very inspired by this beautiful one from Miss Maddy Sews.

Can’t deal with how beautiful this jumpsuit is over on That Black Chic.

Really wish I had the skill/patience to watercolour beautiful little illustrations of my travel wardrobe like Sanae Ishida.

This vintage Christian Dior coat from the Clever Tinker is divine.

A breezy red rayon dress from Dixie DIY.

Intrigued by this twisted blush pink top from Handmade by Carolyn; I wanted more pictures!

I think Lady Sewsalot should only wear emerald green from now on; so beautiful in her gown!

If you’re going to go for a novelty print, you might as well go big or go home with champagne like By Gum By Golly.

I only want to get married so I can make as beautiful a dress as This Blog is Not for You; those sequins!!!!

Loving this blue vintage dress form Nicole Needles.


Great tips from House of Pinheiro for sewing leather.


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  • Nikki Schreiner

    Great stuff, I love this feature, its the blog post I look forward to every week and I always find new sewing blogs to follow! Thanks for that 🙂

  • K_Line

    Your photos on instagram are ALLURING! I’d keep that guy for the in-laws house :-). BTW, Barcelona is my fave place in the world. Have an awesome time. Eat everything including paella at every opp. xo

  • I’m insanely jealous of your break!! Thanks for the nod, though I think those sequins from This blog is not for you are the best! Amazeballs!

  • I hope you continue to have a wonderful break Heather! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all your pictures on IG. Thanks so much for mentioning me… and yes, the eternal struggle with “how many pictures” I feel vain if I put up too many but then you need a certain amount just to see the details. Maybe someone should write a post one of these days “what is the ideal number of pictures for a blog post?”

  • Where are you staying in France? I lived in Aix en Provence for a while, and Barcelona, and I’ve been missing both of them lately! Enjoy your vacation!!

  • So many great links! The emerald green dress by lady Sewalot is officially my new favourite dress!!
    Have a good time on your holidays! If you need some tips about the best places to go (and to eat!) in Barcelona, tell me: I’ve been living there for 3 years now 😉