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Happy Sunday makers! It’s been unseasonably hot in Montreal this week so we’re getting a little summer preview. I’ve pulled out all my linen and just want to swaddle myself in it; as a result I am revisiting my abandoned shirt dress pattern from last year to make a wearable white linen shift for those days when it’s so humid your hair stands on end and your dog lies belly down on the floor and won’t move for hours.

Here’s what you’ve been up to.


Some very pretty lingerie from Casa Turtle this week.

Beautiful projects on the Mood Sewing Network this week! I am in love with Sallie and Oona’s dresses.

A supremely lovely maxi skirt from Lindsay Woodward.

It’s jumpsuit season! Love this one from Sew Dixie Lou.

I’ve seen a few great Bowline sweaters lately; especially fond of this yellow version from Ginger Makes. Speaking of Ginger…. did you hear Sonja’s interview on Thread Cult? Such an interesting listen! Sonja is so smart and her fabric store is awesome.

Such a perfect summer outfit from Tea Okereke.

Flawlessly fitting Morgan jeans from Secondo Piano.


How to get your body ready for caftan season.

Some ladies are working on a new sewing app and need help filling out a survey; if you’d like help, go fill out the Mo Stash survey so they can build the best app possible.


Loved this post from Grainline Studio on the importance of practice when sewing! I often think exactly the same thing when I’m asked for advice about getting better at this craft.

  • Loved the pattern! I can predict a second version ????
    jumping right to thread cult!

  • K_Line

    Love Sonja so I really enjoyed listening to the podcast – even if I’m not super into podcasts. On a related topic, I was so intrigued by your podcast with Sarai. You are as interesting in interview as in your writing (which is not often how it works, IMO). I didn’t know you were from Ontario. I’m still thinking about your musings on money and your upbringing.

    • Oh man, thanks so much! That interview gave me so much anxiety before it came out(never talked so personally about my past!) but the feedback has been reassuring, so thank you 😉

  • Carolyn Norman

    Thanks for the link to the Grainline Studio post – Jen says so many of the things that I’ve been saying over the years – I’m so happy that she shared that!

    • Need to bookmark that one and send it to people as needed 😉

  • Rosie

    Thank you so much for including the link to our mo’stash survey! We’re loving the great response we’ve been getting, and are super keen to hear from more sewing addicts 🙂

  • I love these links! You might be amused by my latest post, which lit up my blog last night-1000 views in about an hour! Blimey.

  • Samantha Lindgren

    Ummm, unearthed shirtdress? Not to be pushy, but omg, I would be all over a CCF shirtdress pattern….. ALL OVER! please…..?

  • I love the “caftan body” post! What a wonderful foil to the magazines everywhere that push “bikini bodies.” Yay for body positivity and changing the cultural dialogue around women’s bodies. And besides, caftans are far more glamorous.

  • Veronique is such a riot. I’ve been a summer caftan wearer for a while now… otherwise I burn far to easily.