This week in sewing blogs vol. 75 // Wall of mirrors
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Happy Sunday makers! I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I’ve been diligently working on my first pair of socks and cooking a lot of spicy curries to ward off the chill, although today we’re throwing caution to the wind and going ice skating. I have one sweet spin move that I can promise will be pulled out approximately 1,247 times. Here’s what y’all have been up to.


Crab & Bee made a full on jacket for her husband. Way to make us all look bad Morgan.

Fiona’s wool wrap dress is perfect for winter and I want to make everything in merino right now.

A very pretty nude & coral bra set from Very Purple Person. Speaking of nude… anyone have any suggestions for where I could buy a pretty nude bra kit?

Loved this denim Inari dress from Yes I Like That. The center seam is such a great, simple detail. As if I needed more excuses to make this pattern again.

A fun geometric tee from Fehr Trade.

Hanne made a suit!

A cozy, self drafted shearling vest from Peneloping.

Love this Sydney Jacket/Nettie bodysuit combo from The Wardrobe Project.

The skirt Carolyn made her daughter is Versace-esque goodness.


Had a very engaging conversation about the meyers-Briggs personality test on Twitter this week after posting this link to a simplified test. I’m an ENFJ – what about you?

Craftsy is having a huge 50% off sale on all of their new classes. I would be down for Sewing Bras with Beverly Johnson, or Fitting Knits with the Palmer/Pletsch Way with the awesome Melissa Watson.


I loved this tribute to David Bowie’s style on The Man Repeller this week.

A wonderful profile of Alabama Chanin.