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This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 136

Happy Sunday makers! I’ve spent the weekend slowly going through my many closets, sorting everything into sell/donate/keep piles in preparation for my upcoming move. I’m only keeping a fraction of most of my stuff; I’m ready for a fresh start and am planning on haunting barn and estate sales this summer. I’m also kicking myself for a huge sewing boner this weekend. I wore my fresh off the machine Rachel Comey tencel dress out on Friday and the zipper broke. I had to cut myself out of it when I was a little tipsy and cut a big hole near the waistband. Hoping I can fix it when I’m not so mad at myself.

Here’s what you’ve been up to.


The response to our new pattern the Kalle Shirtdress has been incredible. I am totally in love with this green Kalle shirtdress from Marta at Fancy Tiger Crafts (pictured above). I’m also bowled over by Carolyn’s gingham version. I love how special it feels with the bias cuffs and placket.

The only word I really have for Peneloping’s reversible dress is WOW.

Try not to swoon over the up-cycled kimono dresses Vivat Veritas has been making.

Sonja’s been on a roll; this Sprout printed duffel is so cute, and I want to steal this sweater.

A very fun lemon printed cardigan from Lladybird.

Helen made the coziest vest ever from the Grainline Cascade pattern.

Love Katie’s wrap dress hack.

A fun cocktail dress from Amanda.


LOVED this interview with Jenny Slate on Garance Dore’s podcast. I had no idea she was so wise ands articulate.


I’ve always liked Nicole Richie and am excited about her new show with Tina Fey. A good interview with Rashida Jones.

I was sad to hear that Jenna Lyons is leaving J. Crew. Her aesthetic has inspired me over the years.

Prince’s house is both exactly and nothing like what you thought, simultaneously.

  • Kathryn

    You know, that Jenna Lyons article was very interesting, because it analyzed to death all the various reasons why the branding/figurehead experiment, the excess of brick-and-mortars, the changing retail market/competition from overseas fast fashion brands are eating into J Crew (and the Gap and other North American retailers’) success.

    Yet, it didn’t once mention the far-and-away most common complaint I see in product reviews on the J Crew website: the quality of their products has gone down significantly. The customers have been pointing this out to them directly on their site for at least a couple years, and yet nothing is done to address this.

    I really question how much the brand’s troubles have to do with Lyons at all. If they had rectified (or even acknowledged) the quality problem, might Lyons still have a job?

    • This is a really interesting take on things. I don’t actually buy anything from J. Crew so I didn’t realize their quality was an issue, but it seems to be the case for all the “higher end” fast fashion companies; all quality is going down the sewer. Consumers want things cheap but don’t realize the higher cost longterm of having to constantly replace poorly made clothing & companies want to maximize their bottom line and constantly cut corners in order to appease shareholders. It’s a descending spiral of garbage.

      One of the few things I buy RTW is underwear. For YEARS i bough the same ones: Hanes Her Way boycut undies. They were perfect. Soft, comfy, no panty lines. About two years ago they switched factories (I checked the labels) and the underwear literally didn’t fit anymore. They used cheaper fabric and a different chainstitch and the product totally changed in fit and feel. The product page on their website was literally hundreds of women complaining about it, but they never fixed it to my knowledge. I’ve tried buying them every once in a while and it’s still garbage. What I basically learned is that I can only count on my own two hands and sewing labour to make anything I can count on 😉

  • ARB

    Being English, the image I had in my head for ‘Sprout printed duffel’ was nothing like the reality – visualise a Paddington Bear coat covered in images of small green vegetables!