This week in sewing blogs vol. 132 // Closet Case Patterns
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This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 132

It’s been a crazy weekend. I used up some air miles to come for a short weekend trip to visit my parents in Arizona, and in between hanging out at the pool and eating tacos I may have bought an apartment.

It all happened rather quickly. I desperately needed to split up my home and work life (I wake up and go to bed in the middle of business headquarters)  and started looking for another apartment to rent, when it occurred to me after crunching a lot of numbers that it probably just made more sense to actually take the plunge and buy something. After a few disappointments (the amazing duplex with a commercial studio on the ground floor that was alas, grossly overpriced, was tough to get over) I found a small, charming condo with lots of character and great neighbors in a historic triplex. It needs minimal work, gets tons of sunlight, and is around the corner from the best farmers market in the city. Best of all, it’s walking distance to work (we’re going to continue using my current apartment as an office studio until we can find a better space) and the therapy center where the pups work, so I don’t need to get a car, hallelujah.

I’m feeling grateful to live in an affordable city where this is still an achievable goal for the average person, stunned it all happened so fast, and overwhelmed by all the decorating decisions I’ll need to start making (to say I’ve been obsessed with kitchen cabinet paint colours for the last 24 hours would be a massive understatement). Barring anything crazy coming up in the inspection this week, I should be moved in this summer and can’t wait to start having a normal homelife again.

Here’s what you’ve been up to in the meantime…


Have you seen the new Flint pants pattern from Megan Nielsen? I’m obsessed and bought it immediately (I had actually woken up that morning thinking about this exact silhouette and how I was going to draft it when I got the email – sewing fate). Here’s a great pair from Lindsey Woodward.

I think I actually applauded Lauren for taking the time to add this fun new lining to a RTW coat.

A truly spectacular lace gown from Julia Bobbin.

Great Morgan Jeans from my pal Sanae Ishida.

Speaking of Aussies and lace, this hand knit doily dress from Fadanista is so inspiring.

Jasika knocked it out of the park this week. The octopus sweater she made (twice!!) for her wife is an act of handmade brilliance, and I adore her floral print wrap dress (THAT. FABRIC.)

Some really special details on this pretty button-up from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.

Jolies Bobines made the perfect Ebony Tee in classic grey marle knit.

The greatest antique shop find, ever.

A beautifully made camel wool coat from Petite Republique.

Totally obsessed with this Amelia Earhart inspired Clare Coat hack from Lady Sewalot. WOW.

  • LOL…it took me a minute to realize that the apartment is in Montreal. Um…I mean…an apartment in Arizona? For you? In that first paragraph plus a bit of the second, I was thinking you may have had a little too much sun.

    Anyways, enormous congrats on the condo purchase. When I answered your survey, I ticked the box showing interest in design etc…so I’m looking forward to following along the decorating journey. You will be a champ, this I know. White kitchen cabinets are my jam, but still agonize between Timid White vs Mountain Peak White vs…I might be tempted to paint the lowers in a colour, or the island in crazy hue, but that’s about it for me.

    PS. Your links for Sanae and Lady Sewalot are going to your shop.

    • The current cabinets are a dark plastic laminate but they have a shaker vibe so I am thinking about a soft sage green with white countertops. Although I’m sure I’ll change my mind ten times before I actually start painting.

  • WAHOOOO! SO much exciting in this post! Thanks so much for including my makes but also WOW WOW WOW congrats on the almost condo! I am sending you so much house-buying love and good energy! What a big deal! Very jealous that buying Montreal real estate is such a simpler feat than it is in Los Angeles (I have some STORIES for from our hunt) but you deserve to have an easy, uncomplicated and EXCITING experience with the whole process! so. damn. excited for you! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂 Good luck on inspection!!!!!

    • Thanks honey. Thankfully it is still possible to get good deals here, despite the rising cost of housing. I can’t even imagine trying to look in LA. The city is too damn big!

  • Congratulations on BUYING A HOME!!! You’re a grown up now, I think. Does it feel like it? 😉 I’m appalled by the price of housing in humble little Guelph… it just goes up and up and up. Nevermind that my rent is double what I remember you saying you pay for Montreal! What am I doing here? (Sure, I could save money buy living in one of the 1-stop light towns where I work, but, um, no thanks!) Let us know when the deal is sealed… can’t wait to see if once you start decorating. Congratulations! You work hard and you deserve it!

    • Well, my mortgage will definitely be higher than my current rent but since I was paying so little for so long it was fairly easy to save money. The problem will now be finding a good studio space since we just don’t get enough light the old place. And definitely no to 1 light towns! I was really committed to staying in my neighborhood so compromised with size – maybe that’s an option in Guelph? Hopefully one day?

  • Carolyn Norman

    Congrats on the new apartment! I’m sure you will be thrilled to separate “life” from business. Enjoy the decorating process. Also thanks for the mention. It is appreciated!

  • Congratulations!!!!!

  • Fadanista

    congratulations on finding a space to separate you from the business. I think this will make a big difference to all aspects of your life. Thank you also for the kind words about my dress, they are so appreciated!

    • Thanks love! I think this apartment will be a gamechanger..

  • Congrats, Heather! That is such exciting news!! I know you will have so much fun decorating and making the space your own, I cant wait to see more of it on instagram! <3

    • Thanks babe! I am so excited to go full minimalist Scandinavian on this place 🙂

  • Francesca Amodeo

    congrats on the find, and the decision to separate your work and home lives! Isn’t it great when you find the perfect place? It took me and my sis a year and a half – no regrets – next month, we are go!

    Loving the Flint pattern too – I’ve recently been on a binge shop of wide leg pants, since my staple Juniper pattern (colette) has gotten me nervous with the dip in the front waist…. I’m hoping Flint, notwithstanding the non-flat front, will be The One…

    • A year and a half! I was only really looking for about 2 months so part of me is like WHAT IF AN EVEN BETTER PLACE COMES UP AND I MISS IT? I was really hoping for a backyard but condos/co-props in older buildings on the ground floor are really rare here and most often super dark so I think I made the right move. Also my downstairs neighbors are awesome (a photographer and interior designer I knew back when i worked in the field) so I figured it was better to have a good relationship with them since the dogs can be barky jerks sometimes.
      ps. I had to google that Colette pattern. That’s an oldie!

      • Francesca Amodeo

        Yup, and a goodie…. I prefer their older patterns on the whole:). This one hit my 1930s shape cravings when it first came back, except for the waist treatment:).

        LOL! We never thought it would take us so long either. But estate agents are mostly dicks here, and the we had a couple of give-up periods where we thought to hell with it, let’s just stay in our nice nig airy and bright flat! But we really wanted somewhere in a less central (read noisy) area – and we wanted an old high ceilinged house like we grew up in – and it needed to be at least 230sqm – and it wasn’t that easy…. your place sounds like it ticked all your buttons, and so do your nieghbours, and that’s a really important part of living in a block.

        Yeah, ground floors do tend to be dark and gloomy (the flat we’re leaving was the top floor – we had had a choice between top and ground) – and also more roach attractive! I think I would only ever want a ground floor if it were part of a house – which is where we’re going. No backyard, but yes to a large central courtyard which is even better for cats – and it’s totally private:).

  • Congratulations on buying a new home! I can’t wait to see your decorating choices, all bound to be super cool 🙂

  • Yay to the new abode!!!! How exciting to think about how you’re going to deal with the new space. And yep, you’re disgustingly lucky to live somewhere with affordable space – enjoy!