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Happy Sunday makers. It was my birthday this week. Normally I don’t make much of a fuss, but it’s been an intense month and I decided this week to deal with my feelings of anxiety and helplessness about everything that is happening in the world by contributing to some worthy causes instead of treating myself to something special (my annual tradition). In that spirit, I’m making a donation to the ACLU and to the victims of the tragic shooting at a Quebec City mosque last Sunday night. I attended a huge vigil on Monday and was deeply moved to see so many of my fellow Quebecker united against principles of hatred.

In other news, I’ve been glued to my computer all weekend as we’ve started to implement our new blog and shop design. Unfortunately we ran into a bug last night and have had to revert to the old shop theme, so apologies if things look a little weird over there; we’re hoping to get things up and running early this week. I have a lot more to say about all the changes we’ve made, but since it’s a day of rest, feast your eyes on something beautiful in the meantime.


J’adore this army green coat from Beaute J’Adore.

Another great coat from Sonja – I love the colour blocking and pockets on her Cascade!

Love this post from Crafting a Rainbow on “What is Flattering”.

I don’t need to read German to see how flawless this Kelly Anorak is!

Another fabulous historical costume from Dixie DIY.

This charmeuse gown from Jasika is simply gorgeous.

Hope pretty is Sasha’s floral dress?

This leopard print wrap dress from Judith is cat-tastic.

I finally finished up the lap quilt I started last week and referred to this post I wrote a few years ago on making bias tape since it’s been a while since I had to make a lot of it.


Amy at Cloth Habit just released her incredible Harriet bra pattern (see my first take above). I’m about to cut into my second one – the cup shaping is spectacular.

A great profile on lingerie designer Sophie Hines in Seamwork this month. I just bought her bralette pattern and LOVE the technique she shares on using fold over elastic for extra wide elastic trim.

I loved seeing this sequin bra by Madalynne come together on Instagram. The final product is super wow.


I just heard about this online store for used closing called Thredup. It’s a great concept – rather than just bring your old clothes to the thrift store, you can mail them to this company and they’ll give you a commission on what is sold. Sadly its only available in the US but it’s a great way to buy clothing without directly supporting the fast fashion industry.

  • Loving the new look Heather! Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    There is indeed so much going on the world these days…it’s hard to know what to say. Your positive actions speak volumes. xo

  • Louise

    Happy birthday Heather!! And congratulations on your new website too – it looks fantastic!

  • kellicousins

    I’m glad you were able to stand in support of the Quebec victims. As your neighbor to the south, I can’t tell you how sad it makes me that someone used our President as a reason to harm people in Canada. Please know that we’re continuing to resist down here. All boots are marching boots these days.

    • I was stunned. Canadians can be a little sanctimonious about how well everything works over here, so it was really shocking when that happened here in Quebec. There are no words.

      • Khaya

        Sanctimonious is an understatement. Most Canadians do not understand that their culture and that of the USA are actually very different, and try to force and/or apply their cultural values to that of Americans. You really don’t see too many Americans weighing in on Canadian politics with opinions as to what Canada should do and how Canadians live. Unfortunately, almost all Canadians seem to believe they are due some input into the daily lives of neighboring USA. Actually it is pretty disgusting to read most of the political “stands” taken by Canadians into another country’s business.

        • ‘Disgusting’ seems excessive. There are a lot of us across the world very concerned about what’s happening in the US, we have friends and relatives there. It impacts on us all, all over the world. This is NOT the time and place however, and attacks on Heather Lou on her sewing page are just damn wrong!

          • Hkaya

            Disgusting is my opinion – you know, as in everyone is entitled to an opinion – what you are supposed to be defending in the remainder of your comment. Oh yeah, only opinions that align with you….then never mind. I talk with many Canadians to know exactly how many issues there are, people complain about currency value, the medical system, and yes, immigration. Many Canadians are afraid of Canadian Customs Officials when they return to Canada. They also complain about Quebec people not wanting to be a part of Greater Canada. Yet, you do not see Americans, Europeans, etc, running down Canada and the Government, and those people who are disagreeing. If you see freedom of expression as a personal attack, when it is politically correct to do so, you are off base yourself.

  • Becky

    Happy belated birthday! I have been finding myself wanting to increase my civic health more and more these days, too. 🙂

    I’m happy you mentioned Thredup – I discovered them from a YouTuber a while back and figured out that it is a great way for me to purchase fancy silk blouses and the like without spending a ton, and without directly buying RTW (which is something I’m trying to limit with my expanded sewing). Everything I purchased was in great condition and the packaging was lovely, too. Maybe I’ll try the selling half of it sometime!

    • Silk blouses! That’s a great idea. I was lost in their cashmere section for a good half hour.

  • Richard

    Please consider a donation to the family who lost their daughter as a result of a senseless murder committed by an illegal alien in California. They are victims as well. Or is standing against hatred selective????

  • Quinn May

    In Winnipeg we have consignment stores where you can bring your clothes and so long as they are in good condition and still in style, they’ll give you some money for them, or for more expensive items (like gowns) they will give you a commission.