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Happy (end of) Sunday makers! This weekend I laid fairly low, preparing for a big announcement tomorrow (although if you’re on our email list you may have already got the notification). I did manage to squeeze in some quality crafty time with my friend Michelle. She came over to the studio yesterday and we drank tea and gossiped while I cut out three more personal versions of our new pattern coming out next week. I am pretty excited about it; it’s a simple, quick design (for once, haha) and I am kind of obsessed with having them in lots of fabrics and colours since they are the easiest thing in the world to wear. Here’s what everyone else was up to.


This nautical inspired outfit from Sew Pomona is excellent. Love that skirt!

Charlie is soooo stylish. I really love her new coat; a statement piece like that will get you through a long winter.

I remain in awe of Sallie’s historical Victorian costume. I love reading all about the details, knowing I’ll probably never undertake such a project myself.

I’m totally won over  by crushed velvet. I know it’s almost painfully nostalgic for the 90s, but its just so pretty. This dress from Attack of the Seam Ripper is proof positive.

Karen’s striped pullover is the thing knit dreams are made of.

I love this embroidered Alice top; I really need to give this pattern another chance this summer.

The Queen of Knit Dresses strikes again! Gillian’s metallic Washington is divine.

Sunni’s fabric organization is aspirational.

These AWESOME bleached Morgans Jeans from Anna Zoe are reminding me I need to revisit my shelved faded denim tutorial.


The Curvy Sewing Collective is having its annual vote for the Best Curvy Patterns of the year. We have a few ladies on that list if you’d like to cast a vote.


One of my biggest pet peeves lately is all the hyperbolic business to business marketing happening these days, so I was very happy to read this thoughtful post from Abby Glassenberg on the benefits of slow, steady growth.

Beyonce interviewed Solange and I love them both even more, if that is humanly possible.

This open and transparent post from Elizabeth Suzann on the pricing model of their (beautiful and ethically produced) clothing is a MUST READ.


I walked away from this While She Naps interview with Mimi G with incredible admiration; that woman is an unstoppable force of nature!

  • I got the awaited email announcement, and I’m seriously tempted! You’ve really made that genre of knowledge your signature! Proof of how projects can always take you in unexpected (and awesome!) directions. And now you are teasing me with talk of a simple new pattern? <3 And of course, thanks for the mention!

    • One day I’ll get you sewing a non-pull on pant Gillian 😉 And you may like the new pattern! It’s def in your knit wheelhouse 😉

      • Aaaaaaaaaaand just bought the jeans workshop! Because goodness knows I’ll be making jeans for years, so I might as well up my game. I really love pull-on jeans, and it’s been a decade since I had comfortable jeans that had a zipper,,, but I”m been increasingly curious how the sturdiness of the zipper potentially affects fit in the front. Time to find out!

        • Well having worn a lot of pull on jeans lately, the fit is better because they actually STAY UP! So you’re not getting crotch bagginess. I’m working on a hybrid…

          • See, I actually get crotch bagginess with pull-on jeans because the front waistband wants to slide down my round stomach… But I’m fascinated by the idea of a hybrid! Zipper in front, elastic around back?

          • Sorry, I meant to say the fit is better on non pull ups, not the other way around. And yes to business in the front, party in the back 😉

          • If you ever need a size 20 tester, I own a lot of denim that needs sewing! 😉

  • I LOVED the Mimi G ep of “While She Naps”! I had the good fortune of seeing Mimi at Sew Pro, and she’s a super-engaging speaker because she’s so candid and passionate.

    P.S. I also saw your new project email, and I feel like the universe is telling me to make a certain type of garment… BTW, your mani in the promo vid is on point. 🙂

    • Right off the bat I was like, “this woman is courageous and awesome!” Super candid but i think that’s probably a large part of her success.

      The only t me I get manis is when I’m shooting tutorials so thanking you for noticing 😉

  • Thank you so much for the mention! I really enjoyed the post on slow steady growth as well. Such a great read and a very good reminder that success and growth is a journey.
    I also can not wait for the new pattern!