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I realized this week that I failed t o post this roundup two Sundays in a row. It’s been an intense month with lots of behind the scenes shenanigans, and I 100% spaced on this big part of my end of week routine. Ah well, it happens. I recovered from my shenanigan filled month with a day trip to my favourite Montreal spa (a classic Scandinavian style place on an ACTUAL BOAT) followed by a few afternoons sewing up non-Closet Case related things. Basically lots of self care after not taking very good care of myself lately; discovering the hot yoga place up my street might actually have saved my life (and my back!)

I hope my American friends had a great Thanksgiving holiday, and hope everyone else is sewing up a storm and enjoying all the Black Friday deals (our sale is over at midnight tonight; use the code THANKSGIVER at checkout to get 20% off all our patterns). Since I missed a few weeks, today’s round-up is rather epic. Prepare to be inspired!


Nice to see a Ralph Pink pattern made up – I love this maxi dress from Rachel.

Sasha is my maker hero; this quilted knit dress is absolutely spectacular.

Capital Chic just released new designs; I recently bought a crazy floral scuba knit that I might need to make using the Sangria pattern.

Helen’s silk blend Kelly Anorak is AH_MAZ_ING.

A charming Sashiko embroidered dress from Ping.

A luxe brocade jacket from Sew Sin City.

I love love love the way Allie used rick rack for a piping detail on her Carolyn Pajamas.

I’m about to place a big order for merino jersey – love these maxi cardigans from True Bias. Kelly also made a classic black coat from Christine Haynes’ new pattern; so chic!

I never considered using a wool coating for the Kelly Anorak; Jasika made it work!

Cashmerette released a new knit dress; I love Gillian’s simple striped version.

Couture & Tricot is one of my favourite blogs for admiring beautiful details; check out how immaculate this jacket and these pants are.

A cozy gingham cape from Jolies Bobines.

I absolutely love Megan Nielsen’s new dress pattern – what a clever design to utilize your random fabric scraps!

I’m planning my own Tamarack this winter (I am perpetually cold it seems) and absolutely adore this floral version from We The Sewing.


I love Zadie Smith. Here’s why.

I’m currently wrapped up in Brice Springsteen’s memoir, Born To Run; it’s great to pop off a few chapters each night before going to sleep. I’m really appreciating getting such an in depth backstory on the soundtrack to my youth.


If you love pop culture and laughing at pop culture, Who Weekly is the podcast of your dreams. I am also totally in love with Jonathan Goldstein’s new podcast for Gimlet, Heavyweight; so many feelings!


Last night I saw Night of the Hunter for the first time; what a profoundly beautiful, weird, scary, funny movie. Seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen; track it down and watch in on a cold night.

  • ‘Tis the season to want all the warm, cosy clothes! I’ve been buying sweater knits like mad, and trying to fin the right patterns to work with them… but Kelli’s sweaters make me think I should splurge for the good wool knits too.

    Glad you are looking after yourself – pattern launch mush be so exhausting before, during, and after!

    • I’ve been trying to send patterns to print in batches so its been a little bananas around here trying to get on top of everything. Fully intending to be full on lazy for the next week or so…

  • jenl

    Hello, would love one of those hammock chairs! I would also like to kindly suggest considering a removal of the pop-up email subscription window. I have to close it every time I come here – it tends to distract from reading the post. Just a suggestion!

    • Connie Turner

      I second this request about the popup.

    • Hi Jeni. I am doing a big web redesign at the moment and we are trying to figure out ways to integrate the newsletter sign up into the actual page design… so hopefully the pop-up won’t be around for much longer.

  • Taylor

    Aww thank you! Also, patiently waiting for your next release 🙂

  • That jacket from couture & tricot though! Not my style but those details are so freaking cool!

    • Right? She’s a real genius with the fine, technical details.

  • When I saw your post, I thought “wow! she’s so good at doing these regular round up posts!” I’ve recently focused on self care too which means more yoga and less blog posting. Btw, I was just listening to an interview with the Boss on the New Yorker Radio Hour. Good show. 🙂

    • I love him so much 😉 Glad you didn’t notice my 2 week absence!

  • Sara Mayo

    I read my first rock biography a few months ago and haven’t been able to stop! Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young and Bob Dylan I read all in a row. Robby Robertson is coming to my town at beginning of December and I have a ticket which will include a signed copy of “Testimony”. My daughter promised to buy me “Just Kids” by Patti Smith for Christmas. So far “Rumours of Glory” by Bruce Cockburn was my favorite.

    • Just Kids is great. Please Kill Me is also fascinating! And you can’t leave out the Keith Richards one…

  • kellicousins

    Seconded on the Zadie Smith love. If you haven’t heard it already, I HIGHLY recommend the interview she did with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at the NY Public Library last year. It was so good I’ve listened to it about three times:

  • Thank you for the lovely words mentioning my blog, Heather! Big hug all the way from Portugal :***

  • Kate Walters

    Ever since “On Beauty”, I’ve been hooked on Zadie Smith. She came to Houston for the Inprint Reading Series many years ago and I basically drooled on her and giggled while she signed my book. Such an awesome writer! And she wears these badass head wraps!!!