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Happy Halloween everyone! I spent the better part of this weekend throwing together a quick costume for Guillaume and I. I’ve never done the couples costume thing before but thought it would be fun for a change of pace, and at the 11th hour decided we’d go as the twins from the Shining. One more benefit to making your own clothes? Making a Halloween costume is a snap. I sewed up two quick knit dresses (using the Moneta pattern from Colette, medium for me and extra large for G) and then added lots of lacey trim, along with knee socks, baby barrettes and matching wigs. It wasn’t my finest sewing but I pulled it off in the end, and we’re off to a friend’s Halloween party tonight. I hope you had an equally fun weekend! Here’s what the sewing world has been up to this week…


This Safor skirt from Sasha is fierce.

Mega chic black Sallie jumpsuit from Diary of a Chain Stitcher.

This lace dress from Amanda is aces.

I love when Marcy goes off book.

A gorgeous chiffon robe from Miss Crayola Creepy.

Love the new By Hand London pattern! Some pretty Alix Dresses from Lily Sage and The Wardrobe Project.

Speaking of Lily Sage… this coat. *swoons*

Tips for sewing velvet from Marcy Tilton.


I snagged a pair of LL Bean duck boots at the outlet in Maine last weekend. Fascinating to read about why they are now always on back order.

Is it  more expensive to make your own clothes?


This video of Korean women making fabric the traditional way BLEW. MY. MIND.

Then I saw this profile of a kid who loves sewing stuffed animals for other kids and cried.


  • That’s my Sunday reading sorted! : )


  • Lisa

    Extra good roundup this week. I absolutely wasn’t going to cry at that last one, and then I totally did. 🙂

  • Megan Carter

    Made me cry too. Just so lovely!

  • sallieforrer

    Wow. What an incredible kid. Major tears over here too!

  • My father in law is from Bean Boot Land, and his options as a high school graduate in the late 40s were: shoemaking and getting the hell out of New Hampshire. He got his mother to sign him into the Marines a year early, and he never went back.
    Once again, I cannot say often enough how much I love your Halloween costumes, plus that nice bit of Overlook carpeting. Dennis the Badger on Spoonflower makes many pretty prints of sweet animals and flowers, and the Overlook carpet pattern with the variation/error.
    There’s room in Room 237 for all of us!

  • JD

    I love that Bean Boot article. I’ve been rocking a pair for a few years now. I think I ordered them around October, and had to wait a month for them. By the time I got mine, the backorder had grown to something like 2-3 months. Moral of the story – if anybody thinks they might want a pair for the season, secure them early.

    I always laugh when I go someplace like Home Depot, because my 30-something preppyish lady self is bound to match boots with at least one 50-something construction type dude. I’m fairly confident we all look awesome in our boots despite our drastically different styles.

  • You made my day when you included me in this round up. Thank you. xoxo