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Happy Sunday makers! I’m just on the tail end of a New England trip, enjoying the colours despite the massive amounts of rain. I stayed a few days in Boston with Jenny and got to spend some quality time with Norma, Jen and Carrie. I bought some delicious Wool People yarn at gather here and am now plotting my next sweater project, this breathtaking beauty. It’s been a much needed trip, and I’m feeling creatively recharged and rested. Next week I’ll be launching into a number of Kelly Anorak tutorial posts if you’ve been wanting a little guidance.

And here’s what you’ve been up to.


Smitten with this romantic floral maxi dress from Mokosha.

A glamorous Delphi dress from the Scruffy Badger.

Yet another pretty maxi, this one in tie dye from The Quirky Peach.

Morgan made some incredible variations on the Morgan pattern I named after her. Morgan Trousers!

I love Bell Bird’s recent makes; like a very stylish monastic uniform.

Melissa’s jazzercise costume (using the Nettie bodysuit) made me laugh and laugh.

Meg made one of my favourite Kelly Anoraks yet; check out this beautifully made red number.

Helen’s recent photoshoot (and new skirt) makes the heart swell.

I really like the small change Jasika made to her Almada kimono. Such a subtle update  but that pattern is forever transformed in my mind.


I am seriously tempted by the new Colette sewing planner; this would be a vast improvement over all my random lists.


The Fashion Institute of Technology is hosting an auction next week and the catalog is INCREDIBLE.

Why I love New York.

I loved this slideshow of Oxford University in the 70s.

This queen.


Karen tells it like it is in this wonderful post on why she makes her own clothes.

Pattern Vault never disappoints; a great rundown of Rachel Comey’s history designing patterns for Vogue.

  • I have the new Colette Planner on order! I couldn’t resist 🙂 Thank you for posting all these lovely makes on your blog too! Really fun to click through!

  • Sara Mayo

    I had seen the Michelle Obama photos before but didn’t noticed until now the way the copper dress reflects onto her arms. So beautiful. And the look on Barack’s face when he is holding her hand. What a couple

    • I’m sure he yelled out DAMN WOMAN! when she came out of her dressing room. What a way to leave the White House! (slaying it)

  • Threadassembly

    Hello and thanks for posting these curated Sunday posts, I love them! Seeing so many awesome sewing blogs has inspired me to create my own: Looking forward to contributing to this community in a more active way.

    • So happy you did! Welcome to the family 😉

  • Brilliant- and oh yes, Mrs Obama’s BUM. Phoo-ee! [Don’t tell the wife I said that] For a less stylish ensemble, but a good giggle, take a peek at my cycling bloomers…

    • You REALLY know how to have fun with your sewing 😉

  • Thanks so much for these posts, I love them and all the amazing creations. Your zipper fly is perfectly finished. Also, this is late but thanks for featuring my suede coat.

  • Stylish monk? I’ll take it. Thanks Heather!

  • Thanks for linking to my Kelly Anorak! I am in love with it and wish it was cooler in Bangkok so I could wear it more often! Time to schedule a vacation to a cooler locale!

  • Thanks for the sweet mention! (Hosting parents last weekend so just seeing this now..) It was fun working with contemporary designer patterns for a change. Will have to check out that FIT auction.