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Happy Sunday makers! It’s rainy and overcast today so we’re staying inside while G makes boeuf bourguignon and I click clack away on my laptop (endless reruns of Friends probably playing in the background – we’ve been on a Netflix tear). I hope you’re warm and cozy wherever you are. Here’s what I’ve been oohing and aahing over this week….


A glorious machine knit sweater coat from Miss Celie’s Pants.

EMOJI DRESS! A cute Inari from Katie Sews.

So excited for the new Cloth Habit bra pattern.

A sweet Dove dress hack on Megan Nielsen’s blog.

Did you see this INCREDIBLE anorak that Morgan made for Matt over on Thread Theory? Such beautiful craftsmanship (and they are stocking a few waterproof and breathable performance fabrics perfect for Kelly – I especially like this navy option).

Speaking of anoraks… more Kellys from Carolyn the anrorak machine, and a shower curtain version from Lady Sewsalot.

Karen’s got photobombed by London hipsters and I was in stitches.

This YSL Mondrian inspired dress from Couture & Tricot is absolute perfection.

Totally in love with the new Tessuti slip dress pattern – I need to make this up in the stretch nude silk charmeuse I’ve been hoarding for the ultimate slip.


Oliver & S. made a sewing translator! Finally, a way to sew patterns in other languages with ease.

Brilliant! A guide to getting non-flipping facings from Katie.


Why sewing benefits your mental health.

I’ve really grown to like and admire Christian Siriano.

This piece from Michael Chabon about experiencing Paris Fashion Week with his style obsessed 13 year old son was my favourite this week:

“Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd, but so few of us have the knack, and fewer still the stomach for bearing up under the crush of conformity. It was always Abe’s rare gift not just to stand out, and bear up, but to do those things with panache. And the way in which he expressed his difference most reliably, and with the greatest panache, was through dressing up”.

I just finished the gut wrenching novel A Little Life. It was beautifully written but I’ll still be thinking about it weeks later. Any suggestions for a light, fun follow-up? What are your favourite novels so far this year?

  • Didyoumakethat

    Thanks for the mention. The photo bombing was indeed hilarious! I’ve had publisher friends rave about A Little Life – I really must get it. I am currently reading The Muse and listening to the audio book of A Boy Made Of Blocks, if either of those help.

    • It’s a crushing experience but you can’t put it down at the same time. I haven’t cried that much reading a book ever but the characterizations are amazing. Will add your suggestions to my list, thanks Karen!

  • Kate English

    I just devoured Maria Semple’s new book “Today Will Be Different.” I also really loved her previous book, “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” The mysteries by Roger Galbraith (J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym) are also really good.

    • I loved Bernadette SOOOOOO MUCH! I didn’t realize she had a new book out *orders on Kindle IMMEDIATELY*. Thanks Kate! And i totally binged on the Galbraith this summer. I think I read 3 in two weeks.

      • Kate English

        I didn’t realize the third Galbraith book was out! Thank you!

  • Carolyn Norman

    I’ve loved Christian Siriano since he won Project Runway and decided to design shoes for Payless! I thought that was so awesome of him since everyone else was trying to be so highbrow. His association with Lane Bryant is not surprising and he’s designing some amazing pieces…things that sell out quickly! Do you follow him on Instagram? I love the pics he shares of his studio, garments and accessories.

    • I thought he was a bit of a brat on PR but he’s totally grown on me. And his IG is awesome…

  • Lisa

    I just started reading All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. It’s about his life as a veterinarian in the Yorkshire Dales in England starting a bit before WW2. So far it’s very interesting and light-hearted.

    • That sounds PERFECT!

    • Kate English

      I love love love James Herriot’s stories! They really are balm for the soul. I frequently pick up All Creatures Great and Small in between other reads. I can open it to any page and be happy 🙂 There’s a show, too, if you can’t get enough of bucolic England…which I never can. Instantly relaxes you. Formerly on PBS , it was on Netflix last time I checked.

  • Chabon used to write a regular column for GQ? Details? (no that was Michael Lewis) about parenting. But what he says at the end of this essay is perfection:
    “You were with your people. You found them,” I said.
    He nodded.
    “That’s good,” I said. “You’re early.”
    Because that’s what we all want for our children. We want them to find their tribe. What a good dad.

    • Yeah. He’s the best. Yiddish Policemen’s Union is still one of my favourite books from this millenium.

  • I do love these roundups! I’m not making an anorak [yet] but I have made a wax print ‘Edwardian’ cycling jacket…

  • Mariah

    Have you read The Girls by Emma Cline? Not exactly light, but definitely one of those “couldn’t put it down” books!

    • I devoured it this summer. Sooooo goooood. I was kind of obsessed with the Manson murders over the last few years so it was a nice coda.

  • Thank you for featuring my blog in this post, Heather! I am really honored 🙂
    Kudos from Portugal

  • I have never been so moved by a book as I was by A Little Life. I finished reading it and could. not. stop. crying. Am currently on the last book of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels and can highly recommend them. Oh, and a Sadie Slip in nude charmeuse? Dee-vine.

  • Jo Dec

    There are so many good books out there, it is hard to pick one in particular but for something on a lighter side and fun “The woman who went to bed for a year” by Sue Townsend was a great read.