Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files
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Warning: a smokin’ Frenchman is coming your way. Literally, he lit up a dart when I pulled out my camera to take pictures of his new jeans so pardon the French New Wave cliches coming your way (it’s a minor miracle that I finally managed to quit my social smoking habit after a few years with this walking advertisement for cigarettes, but I FINALLY DID IT SO YAY FOR MY LUNGS!)

After my post last week about the breathtaking sweater my aunt knit for me, it’s probably appropriate that I share some of the (rare) unselfish sewing I’ve done this year. These jeans have actually been over a year in the making. Last Christmas I tried to surprise him with a handmade pair, but they turned out to be comically too small (never casually ask your male partner what pant size they are and then expect that to be a useful metric for making them anything, FYI).

Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case FilesSewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files

He has been fixated on a pair of custom overalls for some reason, and keeps nagging me to make him some; because the mental image of a full grown non-farmer man in overalls makes me giggle uncontrollably, I compromised with a new pair of jeans. This time around he knew it was in the works, and I took proper measurements and even made a muslin.

Since there are so few men’s patterns on the market, I was very happy to use the Jedediah pattern from Thread Theory. While the draft is for a classic chino pant, it was very easy to modify them into jeans by changing the slanted pocket on the front leg into the typical jean pocket opening, and then modifying the pocket facing accordingly. I cut a straight 36, and while the fit was perfect through the waist, I had to make a few alterations to the leg. We found them to be quite “hippy” on him, so I took out quite a lot through the hip, and then about 1/2″ through the entire side seam to make them more of a skinny jean.

Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case FilesSewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files

I’m quite happy with the overall fit, although I would sew the pockets slightly closer together next time. I would also like to experiment with taking more out through the back thigh since he’s used to wearing a slimmer cut jean. I also totally skipped the fly front instructions in lieu of my personal method, which I demonstrated to my Ginger Jeans class at the workroom in Toronto a  few weeks ago.

The denim was one of the Cone Mill options I was auditioning for our last kit that didn’t make the final cut. I wanted to make him a pair of “raw” jeans so I didn’t wash the denim before cutting and sewing it together, hence how crisp it appears in photos. However, it will soften up considerably over time, and if he doesn’t wash them for a few months, they’ll start to show the natural fade that comes when you really break in a pair of raw jeans. I’m excited to document the changes!

I let G pick out the topstitching thread and hardware, and he went with the copper finish from the fly front kits for sale in our shop. I have to say, I am in love with my rivets. They are far and away the best quality I’ve found so far, and unlike stuff I’ve used in the past, the post never breaks through the rivet cap when I install them at home on my mini anvil (this used to happen ALL the time; must be a different grade of metal).

The little “One of a Kind” labels are from Sewaholic. I keep meaning to make some to sell in the shop but haven’t settled on a label company yet (or maybe because I just can’t get “Hand F*cking Made” out of my head as a possible label option).

Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files

Guillaume has been my blog photographer for the last few years and is well acquainted with some of my tried an true outfit poses. This is him showing me how its done:

Sewing jeans for men // Jedidiah Pants pattern - Jeans hack // Closet Case Files

In the end, my demanding customer was very happy with his new jeans (especially now that his APC pair have finally disintegrated at the crotch despite my many attempts at mending them), even if they aren’t the overalls he dreamed of. Now hopefully he’ll leave me alone for a while so I can get back to sewing for myself.

Have you ever made anything for your partner? How did it go?

  • They look fabulous!! I have sewed for my husband a bit, with mixed, but mostly positive results. The range of acceptable styles for men seems so much narrower than for women! But once I find something that works, I just make it 5 times.

    • Oh god, I am not making these jeans 5 more times haha

  • As you know, my partner has…well a drawer full of pants I’ve made for him plus some more stuff…

    Good job! The fit is great and his last pose is spot on 😉

  • Liz

    They look great! His poses are also spot on 😉

    I’m planning exactly this for my other half, also with the Jedediah pants pattern, but also using your Ginger jeans fly-front! Thankfully his requests are more for interesting back-pocket embellishments than overalls! I have made him a few things, mostly shirts ( – if you haven’t come across him yet, Joost is a godsend for mens clothing, cannot recommend him enough, as long as you can persuade the other half to stay still long enough for proper measurements…!) and underwear, and a comically large knitted jumper, which is yet to be hot-wash shrunk…

    Generally I have found him very grateful, if slightly optimistic about my skills, and I find it much easier sewing for someone who doesn’t have as many curvy bits, so his stuff tends to get whipped up when I’m in the mood to sew something straight-from-the-envelope, rather than having to do my usual series of adjustments.

    • I love Joost! I wish I had your positive experience whipping up mens garments – I’ve learned to always make muslins now.

      • Liz

        Ah, I think Joost’s drafting skills have made my life much easier on that front, shirts and trousers just seem to fit… I tend to make wearable muslins, trusting things to be mostly ok, or maybe I’m just lucky with my other half’s shape/size! Everything else I’ve made has been stretchy, which does allow a bit of cheating!

  • Naia

    These look great, I was planning one cutting out some jeans for my guy yesterday but he was giving weird feedback so I decided to start something else.

    I have made my guy a few pairs of Thread Theory Jutland pants, enough that I have the pattern dialed enough to use some cone mill denim. However, the Jutland pattern doesn’t have a yoke and I am not sure if I should draft one or stick with the dart. My guy thinks the Jutland pattern is a skinny pant, I don’t think he could emotionally handle the Jedidiah.

    • Hahaha. I wouldn’t say its skinny – its a straight leg! But since they’re using teh same pant blog you could probably just substitute teh yoke in, no?

  • If you have “Hand F*cking Made” labels made up and sell them I WILL BUY THEM!!
    Oh, and your BF jeans look great. I rarely sew for anyone else, so when I do, they know it’s because I really like them and they are properly grateful.

    • I really like him and he was properly grateful haha

  • Miriana

    I’d buy those labels too. But you’d have to lose the asterisks. I think there are ones that I’ve seen on a knitting blog somewhere that we along the lines of ‘I made this. It took f**king ages’.

    • The real deal would definitely be sans asterisk 😉

  • Ryann Cheung

    OMG – the over the shoulder look!!! hahahaa!!! Worth the effort of making the jeans!

    • I 100% agree! You should have seen teh outtakkes of him “tying his shoe laces” with his back to the camera.

  • Margo Gillaspy

    Smoking hot!! 😉 I love Thread Theory patterns, they are so great, and it’s nice to have a pattern company focused on men!

    • I’ve had their Henley tee cut out for him for months but need to finish it..

  • Anna Rootes

    They look great! I haven’t seen for my man yet, but he’s suggested a waistcoat and a tailored shirt, should I feel the urge #yeahright #selfishsewist

  • Made me smile this post. Cool!

  • Kristi Andres

    I usually just make him jammie pants, but once I tried to make a raglan to go with the pants that I self drafted off a t-shirt he had. The shirt itself wasn’t too bad, but since he has a long torso I lengthened it. The shirt ended up hitting about mid-thigh! He won’t let me shorten it though because he thinks its fun 🙂

  • missceliespants

    These are totally on freaking point. Have you considered (without having any idea the cost) getting your own custom Closet Case hardware for sale? I’d buy them.

    • There are custom made for us! But not with like, our logo stamped into them.

  • Awww your dude’s so cute! And please, oh please make the Hand F*cking Made labels!!!!

  • I love the jeans!!! They turned out amazing! You are so right, it is so easy to change the Jedediah pattern into jeans is sooo easy! I actually just did the same thing for my boyfriend over the weekend. I also found them to be quite hippy but I didn’t take out the bulk in the legs as much. In hindsight I love the way yours look so much more.
    P.S. I think that’s a GREAT label

    • I’m glad I did a muslin and then basted the legs before committing!

  • Leah Franqui

    Those look amazing! I love them, they have turned out so well. I make a lot of shirts for Mr. Struggle, now that I’ve found the right pattern, the Burda Jacob shirt, and altered it to suit his needs.

  • Tamsinwp

    I have made my husband a shirt for the last few christmases and he bought a mens waistcoat pattern for my birthday a couple of years ago!. He is desparate to have a browncoat like Mal from Firefly which may or may not happen. Your partner has those poses down to a T!

  • Wow, French-Canadian graffiti is much kinder than we get here in the States!

    These look great and I’m super excited to see how the raw denim ages. It’ll be like a gift when they come out of a (rare) washing!

    • Hahaha, most of the time it’s anti police state so this was a nice change 😉

  • Hélène

    Great work, my dear! Your monsieur looks good in his new jeans (especially the last pic) and the pink graffiti is lovely : “dans le doute, soyez gentils”.

    • I should get that tattooed somewhere… ON HIM!

  • Lusty

    Put me down for the “Hand F*cking Made” labels as well. Those jeans look great and the model is magnifique!

  • Comically small is accurate…even after I secretly measured one of his other shirts! Oh well. Also: I would certainly purchase Hand F*cking Made labels because that’s awesome 🙂

  • OMG…the last photo speaks a thousand words. Love it! And, you done real good on those jeans Heather. I have sewn for my other…not a task for the faint of heart I will say. It’s all good now that I’ve got the size nailed.

    • To be honest he only got a pair because I had to make a demo pair for one of my workshops… Otherwise he’d probably be waiting a while longer!

  • Lola Lass

    Gorgeous jeans on a gorgeous man! I used Thread Theory’s Goldstream Peacoat to make the winter coat for my husband, all the tailoring by hand, on non-standard body. Faux fur lined hood. It took a year, and I used the “this took forever” label from Sublime Stitching. I SO look forward to effing handmade labels though, Do it!

    • That sounds like an AMAZING coat! he’s a lucky man.

  • Sara A.

    Beautiful work! I made my hubs a short sleeved button down a few months ago as a wearable muslin. It fits him about as well as his purchased shirts do. For the next one I’m going to need to do a beer gut adjustment since grading out at the side seams just didn’t do it.

    • Beer Gut adjustment!!! Hahaha I would love to see an article in Threads on that one 😉

  • Awesome jeans!
    And ummm, I would TOTALLY buy some “hand f*cking made” labels, fwiw.

  • Suzy

    They are epic!! Great fit and he makes an awesome model.
    And please, make the Hand F*cking Made labels – I would buy some immediately!

  • Kathryn

    Ohhhhhh, sewing for my partner. That’s a toughie. I tried doing some pants and shorts for him a few years back, with moderate success, but it turns out he’s not a super easy fit. He’s 6″4 and extra-huggable, as it were, and just as it’s problem for taller and curvier ladies, clothing and patterns that fit nicely on tall, huggable men are few and far between. He is also a dedicated social activist, and refuses to buy clothing made in countries with lax labour laws. And most men’s jeans still made on this continent are either skinnies or frumpy ‘old-school Union Thug’-style. Neither suits him. As you can imagine, he wears stuff TO DEATH because it’s so damn hard to replace.

    Now that I have some jeans-making confidence (thanks to you!) and a few years of sewing for a living under my belt, I actually think I’m ready to try some jeans for the Mr. If I can get the fit right, he will truly be mine forever. Altering the Jedediah, you say? I think it’s worth a shot.

    Also, your gentleman is lovely, and the jeans look great.

    • Aww thanks Kathryn! I hope you can get the fit down… if not there are lots of greta made in teh US denim labels but I think they are on teh pricier end.

  • These look great. Love his final pose. I just made a pair of man Hudsons in a very lightweight drapey French terry and neglected to take into account the uh ‘drape’ over the front…. So those hudsons are for wife eyes only!




      You basically made male lingerie.

  • I love the French twist on the Canadian tuxedo look (denim on denim). Your topstitching is flawless (I’m jealous!). The only thing that bugs me a bit is the back fit. It goes from fitted on the bum to too loose in the back leg. But overall, the jeans fit your man very well. Good job!

    • Yeah, I need to take the back thigh in next time….

  • sallieforrer

    these turned out so fantastic!! And Guillaume looks so stinking handsome! The fit is great, and of course that Cone Mills Denim looks so superb. The jeans I made for Nick from the Jedediah pattern a few years ago have finally kicked the bucket. He wore them SO. HARD. If I make him another pair I’m definitely going to reinforce some areas, like the pockets, because those busted out in a way that was totally unfixable pretty early on in the game. But he still wore them nearly everyday. I should do a post on them because the denim really did turn into something beautiful. I guess it’s time to make him a new pair! He does have a birthday coming up…

  • These look great! I’ve made pretty much the exact same things for John only with a flannel lining – he has 2 pairs now.

    • Flannel lining? Genius! Did you treat it as an interlining and sew it all together like one layer?

      • Ya – my husband is always cold so he loves having the added flannel in the winter. I did just underline the pieces – and it worked out perfectly.

  • mokosha

    looking great, your man and his new jeans both 🙂
    i do sew for my boyfriend quite often, have made him bunch of pants, shorts, shirts and sweatshirts so far, and even a jacket.. but he keeps asking for fur pants (!?)

  • Brilliant! They look fab, and he’s a hell of a model! I’ve made my husband underwear and hoodies, but that’s it… I love seeing him wear me-mades, but I’m so damn reluctant to sew with all black fabric, which is all her wears! I’ll have to do some sewing for him this summer, because a lot of stuff I’ve made him is wearing out.
    And – YOU QUIT SMOKING! ??? You go, girl!

    • Thanks lady! It’s been a rough few weeks but I see a light at the end of the tunnel 😉

  • Its so hard to find time… and that’s without a baby on the way! I think you could probably use Morgan for a pair of tapered jeans for him… You’d just have to straighten out the hip 😉

  • K_Line

    Oh, G looks gorgeous in those jeans! Excellent denim and excellent photos.

  • Lia Marcoux

    DANG GIRL that waistband. I’ve made these twice for ma man and both times he’s been swimming in them – I am not good at measuring a man-person! He just goes up and down. No in and out. What gives?

    It’s no shock that the indie queen of jeans did an ~*aMaZing JoB*~!

  • I’ve made the Jedediah pants using your dope fly-front method as well, but I think the fly extension as drafted on the Jeds is a little narrow. Did you alter the pattern at all to get it to work a little better, or did you not notice a problem?
    Maybe there’s a better way to punctuate the “Hand F*cking Made” label so people don’t focus too much on the “Hand F*cking” part…

    • It was narrow! I think I may have widened it a bit? Or made it work… Not sure since I had traced the pattern off a while back. And I think Hand. Fucking. Made. works well. What do you think?

  • Samantha Lindgren

    I just bought the Jutland pattern for my man, not cause he’s asking, but because I thought the challenge would be fun….. Also bought their Fairfield because I know he’d wear it. Now I just need to find the time….. Yeah……

    And I would also totally buy those labels, lady….!

  • Crickey mate, what a looker; you make a beautiful couple! But, the bloody French and their yucky smoking…
    I love the idea of “Hand F*cking Made”, it’s brilliant Heather. I have the Jedediah pattern but man, my sewing queue is outta control, next week or perhaps the week after, or the week after…
    Hope your puppy is loving some better weather Heather.