Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns
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Toaster Sweater + Black Ginger Jeans

I’ve been doing a relatively large amount of personal sewing over the last few months given how much sample making I find myself doing during office hours. It’s become clear how much I rely on sewing to relieve stress and anxiety; when I have a lot on my mind it can be really soothing to lose myself in a fun project, especially if I have something interesting happening in the background (probably why I’ve managed to coast through half of Buffy in the last few weeks. Again.)

I am curious to see how this routine will play out once I separate church and state and move out of my studio this summer. I plan on having a sewing space in my new apartment, but I wonder whether I will still be sewing 3-4 nights a week once I don’t have a giant cutting table and all my supplies at the ready. My kitchen situation will be greatly improved so it’s likely I’ll be funnelling a lot of my “idle hands are the devil’s plaything” energy into cooking and baking, which used to be a singular obsession before I rediscovered sewing (I cannot even tell you how excited I am to start entertaining again – right now my home/studio is a mess of boxes and it’s too chaotic and embarrassing to have people over).

In the meantime, here are a few garments that have been hanging in my closet waiting for a non-rainy day to shoot them. Naturally, when we finally ran outside to take some pictures it started drizzling, so please pardon any raindrop smears on the lens.

Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns

I’ve been meaning to sew up the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven for a while. I got the pattern and fabric at Stitch Sew Shop and made this outfit in February (the curse of wanting to take photos of the things you make is that they sit there unloved and resentful until the timing is right. I learned the hard way this week to document before wearing when I finished a gorgeous dress and wore it straightaway, only to have the zipper break. Me, tipsy, cutting it off late at night. Dress, waistband destroyed, now sitting in wrinkly pile, seething. Me, humbled).

As for this Toaster, while I looooove the fabric ( a beautiful oatmeal fleece with a herringbone weave and matching ribbing for the bottom panel) I definitely made it too big. I made a large for reasons that escape me now, even though I was hoping to have something slightly fitted and cropped for when I’m wearing high waisted jeans. It’s definitely snuggly and cozy but I will be sizing down the next time I make it, along with shortening the arm cuffs which I find a touch long for my frame. Otherwise the pattern is simple but well designed, easy to assemble and a fun alternative to the basic sweatshirt.

Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns

These are Ginger Jeans, naturally, made with our brass hardware kit. I made the high waisted variation using the glorious black Cone denim we offered in our last kit. Unfortunately they are just a touch too small. This stuff is stretchy but firm, and because this particular denim doesn’t bag out much, a slightly too small pair stays slightly too small even after wearing them a few times. This is part of my seemingly never-ending denial about how my body has changed in the past year. Old standbys like Ginger just don’t fit in the same way, so I will be modifying my personal pattern for the next pair I make (which incidentally will be happing this weekend at Pintuck & Purl in New Hampshire for one of my Ginger workshops).

Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven + Black Ginger Jeans // Closet Case Patterns

Fit issues aside, this is basically the perfect work uniform for me, especially with my super comfy Dr. Scholls mules. I’m trying to build a selection of easy, comfortable separates I can throw on in the semi-panicked state I find myself in every morning after hitting the snooze button too many times. You’d think as a self-employed person my mornings would be peaceful and leisurely, but the dogs have to be at work for 8am every morning and I am captive to their schedules (they work as therapy dogs and their trainers need to be on the road early every day). I’m going to try and break in these jeans a little bit more (wearable except when I’m sitting for long periods of time), but am secretly hoping my new-ish hot yoga regimen will make these a little more comfortable over the next few months.

What’s your getting dressed routine in the morning (semi-panic or no)? Have you made the Toaster sweater yet?

  • Cadi

    I have lived in various iterations of this exact same outfit for months, its my go to with a pair of comfy shoes and mussed hair. I’m all about mix and match separates sewing these days!

  • I’d love to hear more about the dogs’ job! Did you train them to be therapy dogs? Do they/you get paid? Are they dogs with honest-to-goodness 9-5 jobs, and I’m a 33-year-old human having trouble finding a job?!
    Also, my pug wants to know if/how he can earn $$ for treats. 😛

    • Ah ha! Basically there is a therapy center around the corner from my house and I brought in Harry when he was out of the puppy stage to see if he’d be a good candidate. I trained him well and he has a great personality so they “hired” him, which basically means they take him every day from 8 until 6, have him socialize with lots of dogs and humans, pay vet bills, and provide food, shots and vet care. Then they got Athena as a rescue and I adopted her so she does the same thing. My dogs essentially cost me nothing each month (except for Bark Box!) and I get dogsitters whenever i need them (well I travel a lot so I try not to take that part for granted). It’s basically the dream situation. If your dog is super people friendly you should see if there is a therapy center in your city!

  • How does one find out about events you are doing in New England? I’m not too far from Exeter and I’d love to know if you’re doing any more workshops in Vermont/New Hampshire/Massachusetts.

    The Pintuck & Purl website doesn’t have your workshop listed.

    • Hi Miriam. My suggestion is to sign up for our newsletter. I send out emails whenever I’m teaching a new class. If you want to come this weekend you should call Maggie at the shop and see if there are any spots left.

      • Thanks! I signed up for the newsletter a few weeks ago, but probably not early enough to hear about this.

        I already have plans this weekend, or I would totally try to sneak in. Hopefully it happens again!

  • Jane Marie

    Great jeans and fabulous therapy dog arrangement. I take my little guy on visits myself to assisted living and the library as a therapy dog….but wow, it would be nice to have someone else doing it , too. And of course, tired dog, happy owner.

    • Yeah, they basically just sleep the minute they get home hahaha

  • Christine Griffin

    I tend to plan out the next 4-5 outfits at the beginning of the week. It helps me rotate my wardrobe, not think too much and still get ready quickly. If I have several options, I’ll pick one!

    • That’s such a smart idea. If I was one of those organized, act together people I would also do this with meal planning!

  • Hélène

    Love your Toaster! Perfect for our cool spring.

    • I think you mean RAINY AF spring Hélène!

      • Hélène

        Ha, ha! Right. In fact, you need this Toaster + your Kelly anorak!

  • Quinn May

    Your Toaster Sweater looks so cozy! I’ve made both versions of the toaster and love them both! And currently working (slowly) on my first pair of Gingers using your AMAZING class!

  • Anne Johnson

    I have been debating which size of the other toaster sweater to make. If I recall correctly, my measurements and the pattern sizing suggest I make extra-large size, the but pattern pieces are even bigger than a Jalie sweater that I made and feels on the big side. I think I’d be happier with either the large or medium. So, the pattern sits while I continue to debate.

    I love your toaster sweater and Gingers.

    I have found that my body size started changing in my 30’s. I think it’s something we all have to deal with in our journey through life.

    • What a delight! (grrr). I would err on the small side. I deeply regret not making a medium.

  • Wonderful outfit – I love cream, off-black and tan together. I need to buy the Toaster pattern i think, thought i HOPE it’s going to start getting warmer soon!

    • It’s a more stylish alternative to the typical sweatshirt. I find most of them a little too boxy but I like the shaping of this one once I make it a tad smaller.