This week in sewing blogs vol. 78 // Snoqualmie sweater in progress
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Happy Sunday everyone! I spent Saturday afternoon working on a very loud shirt dress made from Vlisco wax print. Hopefully the weather will stop being schizophrenic next week and I’ll get to take some photos of it, standing alternately in a gigantic puddle a pile of snow, temperature depending. I’m also trying to work out a daily routine with Harry. Thank the dog gods, but he now sleeps almost entirely through the night (oh man do I sound like someone with a baby) and after we come in from a 6am pee I’ll give him a crate break and we’ll spoon for another hour or two in bed. Right now he’s sitting in my lap gnawing on a chew toy I found that looks suspiciously like a baby toy. What have I gotten myself into?

Here’s what you’ve been up to.


Nice to see someone else is on a shirt-making kick too; love Meg’s Granville shirts.

Sometimes sewing mistakes work out for the best. Loru from Girls in the Garden cleverly savaged this too short sweatshirt.

Another great bra post from the Curvy Sewing Collective; how nice would it be to have a custom bra pattern drafted for you?

This pink floral dress from Bobbin & Baste lit up a dreary February morning.

Perhaps my favourite Sydney jacket yet? This black and white versible version from Sasha is simply amazing.

Breathtaking. This feather quilt from Make Somthing is  a work of art.

A fun tropical print Bombshell and Reno bikini from Helen’s Closet.


I love all the fun hair posts Rebecca from A Clothes Horse has been doing for  A Beautiful Mess; I wish I was brave enough to do the bleach and constant maintenance of coloured hair, but these ladies make it look mighty tempting.

  • Charlotte

    Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder characterised by episodes of psychosis (hallucinations, paranoia…) and episodes of negative symptoms (avolition, alogia…). Not really the most logical way to describe weather – nor particularly sensitive to those who have it.

  • I would so love pink ombre hair…and a Harry…but I’m unlikely to get either, LOL.

  • Meg

    Thanks Heather! They go especially well with my gingers, also pictured 😉

  • MaryEllen Pendleton

    I too loved Lori’ sweatshirt save . Thx

  • Thanks Heather! That Granville Meg made is pretty perfect and I want Rae’s hair … Most def!

  • Thanks so much for pointing out my sweatshirt save, I appreciate it! I really enjoy your blog and patterns, too, thanks for all the hardwork!

  • Oh my goodness another great week! I really want to make a quilt!

    • You’re on a commenting roll!!!! xoxo

      • Finally catching up with Bloglovin’! I’m a machine!! Also, more pics of Harry please!! He’s adorable!