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Happy Sunday everyone! I’m currently in Vermont visiting a friend and knitting up a storm in her beautiful farmhouse, aka my all-time life fantasy. Thank you so much for your input last week on puppy training; Harry comes home in a week so I’m near frantic trying to get my house/heart/brain ready for the responsibility. I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are!


This sequin sweatshirt from Amanda just became a necessary wardrobe luxury.

Love this simple vintage jacket from Made by Meg.

This very pretty Liberty Granville shirt by Sew Pomona reminded me I wanted to tackle this pattern this spring.

Everything A Challenging Sew makes turns me into a drooling dummy; this gorgeous jacket is no exception.

Mainely Dad did what Nick and Schmidt failed to do on New Girl: make the ultimate swuit. This sweatsuit suit is EVERYTHING.

Speaking swuits…. I need to make contrast Hudson pants like Suzy, stat.

This outfit from Sallie Oh is basically how I want to look every day it’s even remotely chilly.

Did Maimu make the ultimate Ginger jeans ever? Perhaps. Perhaps.


A little Courreges pattern history for you…..

Adored this post from While She Naps this week: “Craft is art gone productive. It’s art you can stand on or drink tea from or lie underneath. Craft is art you can stir lentil soup with.”

A great essay on the power of knitting.


A great hanging loop tutorial from Clio this week…. An awesome idea for your Clare Coats.


Congrats to Jeanne Stetzer for winning the Blackbird Fabric giveaway! I’ve forwarded your contact info along to Caroline!