This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 72
Sewing Blogs


Happy Sunday! Hope you’re busy making things today, whether for yourself or the folks you love. I’m away from home for a VERY nerdy reason; I’m seeing Joanna Newsom in Buffalo tonight and Toronto tomorrow. I’m basically a deadhead for a harpist. Here’s what you guys have been up to.


Love Carolyn’s Tamarack jacket with the contrast edging.

Speaking of contrast edging, I am positively pining for this Burdastyle vest from Gray All Day.

Kelly’s bodycon dress with zipper details is muy caliente.

I want Lindsay quilted sweatshirt. So cozy!

I’m not normally drawn to Liberty prints but Rachel’s shirt dress is an exception.

This corduroy skirt from Birds of a Thread is the exact thing missing from my wardrobe – that A-line shape feels so fresh.

Did you catch Becca’s Frankenclare? She merged the two views of the Clare coat and the result is awesome.

Love Amy’s Boundless Style dress, the first one I’ve seen in the wild so far.

Super into Hanne’s chic black stash two piece.

I taught a Ginger Jeans workshop last month at the workroom in Toronto. Karyn owns the studio and just shared the GORGEOUS jeans she made in class. Love that white topstitching!


Julia Bobbin dissects just how many of her me-mades she actually wears. Cold hard truth!

Morgan elucidates what sewing has taught her about her body.


Speaking from experience, this teepee tutorial from Randomly Happy is a super quick and easy gift for the kids in your life.

Love this naturally dyed hat DIY from Design Sponge – this would make a lovely last minute gift. I would love to get The Modern Natural Dyer book for Christmas.

Speaking of, here are some great ideas for books and presents for makers.


This alien abduction sketch from SNL with Ryan Gosling breaking into adorable giggles was basically the highlight of my week.

You must must MUST watch Dior & I on Netflix. The focus is on the work done in the atelier and I loved seeing how all those brilliants craftspeople work together to achieve such beauty. I also walked away with a great deal of respect for Raf Simons; it was lovely to see a designer of his caliber without the massive ego.