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Happy Sunday makers! I am currently at the very beginning of a much needed vacation. It’s more of a working holiday but I’m grateful for the change of scenery and the chance to connect with all my favourite people on the west coast. Please let me know what spots I should visit in Canmore, Vancouver, Seattle or Portland;  I’ll be hitting all of those cities over the next few weeks once I leave Edmonton tomorrow.

Here’s what you geniuses have been up to.


This mohair jacket from Pattern Scissors Cloth is gorgeous, and can I just say (AGAIN) how happy I am that Sherryll is writing her sewing blog once more?!

A very pretty floral frock from Clever Tinker.

Another lovely floral dress from Very Purple Person.

MORE FLORALS. This time in a sweet Moss Mini from Lindsey Woodward.

Really feeling Katie’s eco autumn wardrobe plans.

Karen’s Made Up Initiative fundraising adventure was a huge success. As was this GORGEOUS accompanying dress made from a vintage pattern.

So impressed with this knit outfit from Fadanista – every element was locally sourced in Perth!

The Scruffy Badger’s peacock embroidered Ginger Jeans are flirting with me.

A charming fit and flare clove printed dress from The Long & Winding Bobbin.


SOOOOOO excited for the new book from Kristiann (aka Victory Patterns), Boundless Style. Her design sensibility is flawless, and I think the pattern concept is very clever; every design element can be mixed and matched to create a seemingly infinite amount of dresses. She even has a lovely app to show you all the design potential. Can’t wait to get this baby in my hands.


A great post from Just Keep Sewing on an inspiring sewing collective in Kigali, Rwanda called Umutina.


If you’ve been following the news that Craftsy is about to launch a fabric and yarn product line, you may be interested in this open letter from their CEO on the While She Naps blog.


I was playing Youtube with my best friend last night and we were in near tears watching this video of Dog Fetch Fails.

(Source for featured photo by Christopher Payne here.)


  • jen

    Haha that video is amazing! Love it ??

  • Cadi

    I look forward to this round up every week, thanks so much for putting it together!

  • Denise

    My sewing must-see in Seattle is District Fabrics in the Fremont neighborhood. It’s an incredibly interesting little fabric shop– very well curated, and super-reasonable prices. Non-sewing-wise, Pike Place Market is always fun, as is window shopping; Seattle has some wonderfully quirky boutiques. Let me know if you want a shopping buddy!

  • Mandy Varelis

    You must visit Dressew in Vancouver! Hit me up if you need a guide here, I used to be a tour guide. And I’m always up for a tromp downtown. (Work situation permitting… )

    In Seattle, FYI, the subway is free in the downtown core. Nice perk. And the fishmongers at pike place market are hilarious to watch.

    Have a good holiday!

    • Awesome, thanks Mandy! My bff has a weeklong itinerary planned (aka, the “This is why I left you for the West Coast tour”) but I’ll let you now if i have some free time.

      • Mandy Varelis

        I enjoy that your BFF is here in Vancouver, and mine is there in Montreal. Nice touch of irony. 😀

  • The Christopher Payne photos are so gorgeous. I want a giant print in my sewing room.

  • Oooh, a holiday in progress! Have a wonderful time even though you’ll be working!

    Granville Island is always on the top of my list for a fun day in Vancouver. I’m very food driven, LOL, and Granville Island market has lots of goodies plus there are also some pretty awesome restaurants…Dockside is my current favourite. The island is also chock full of creative artists; I always leave inspired to create! Art stores, bead stores, fabric/dye/textile shops are interspersed with artisan studios…pottery, jewelry, leather goods, silk dying, hats….

    Dressew is great for zippers and buttons. And the Button Shop is just around the corner with oodles of handmade and one of a kind buttons.

    I’m sure your schedule will be jam packed, but if you care for a mini meet-up, please let me know!

    • Sounds great Sue, thank you! In Vancouver my best friend has me scheduled on an entire “This is why I left you for the West Coast” itinerary for a week straight so I’m not sure how much adventuring will be happening solo while I’m in BC. But Granville Island sounds awesome! I’ll let you know if I can sneak away.

  • Karen

    Visit Fabric Depot in Portland – it’s huge and has good prices!

  • Michelle Rose

    In Seattle, District Fabrics, Drygoods Design, and Nancy’s Sewing Basket are all worth visiting for out-of-towners. If you can only choose one, I think that District would probably be your best bet, but the other two are great, too. If you’re using public transit, the 26, 28, and 40 bus lines all run directly between stops very close to District and Drygoods.

    In Portland, Mill End is a must-visit. The Pendleton Mill store can be hit-or-miss, but it’s so close to Mill End that you might as well visit it, too, if you’re visiting Mill End. For any sort of outerwear or activewear, you’ll definitely want to check out Rose City Textiles.

    • What a shocker – Seattle has an activewear fabric store, hahahaha. Thanks for the heads up Michelle!

  • Joanna Dyson

    I usually look forward to these weekly posts a lot but this week … well, the video was NOT funny. Do you have any idea how many dogs are crippled each year by an ‘innocent’ game of fetch? A dog’s spine was never meant for back flips, never mind the damage done in hard landings. Think about it. The one truly funny moment was the Border Collie trying to get the statue to play. I can definitely see either one of mine doing that.

    • YIKES! I had no idea. I just thought they were being goofball dogs. Will now be scared to throw a stick for a dog ever again.

      • Joanna Dyson

        I didn’t either until I adopted my first Border Collie and read all the info the rescue people handed out. Fetch is a great game, just keep the ball or stick low. Dogs will give 110% to please you and sometimes get hurt because they try so hard.

        If you want a really good dog laugh, Google for the video ‘Dog wants a kitty’. It still cracks me up.

        Are you going to do a report on Portland fabric shops (hint, hint).

  • hope you have a lovely vacation! thanks for the shout out on my clove dress… was wondering why I had so many blog visitors! hehe. Im loving the boundless style book too, cannot wait to get hands on it! xx

  • Have fun on your trip!

  • Honest Amanda

    In Portland, Pendleton Mill store is worth a visit. Rose City Textiles is amazing. Besides outerwear/activewear fabrics they have organic jerseys and you’ll find great elastics and reflective trims. I enjoyed visiting Bolt and Modern Domestic even though they aren’t strictly apparel fabric – more quilting. They are both in the Alberta District which is a fun funky area as far as shops and food goes. Collage is a funky arts and gifts store you must visit if you do end up in this neighborhood. When I visited with my sewing friend we found to be a nice surprise – it’s a tiny shop with lots of liberty and high end apparel fabrics. I scored a couple great remnants and the owner was really fun to chat with. I also went to the Fabric Depot store, I bought some good stuff there. But, the place is huge and wasn’t as “fun” for me to shop as the other stores.

  • Aura Oriano

    I second Nancy’s on Queen Anne, which is less than a 15 minutes walk from iconic Kerry Park (though I prefer the park on the west end of Highland Dr., overlooking the sound). They are having their anniversary sale until 9/20 with 25% off fabric and daily specials. The 2, 13 get you to Kerry Park while the 3,4, 13 take you closet to Nancy’s.

    District Fabric in Fremont is definitely the most affordable. Ashley is super friendly. While in Fremont you can check out the Lenin statue, the troll, Theo’s chocolate, conveyor belt sushi at Blue-C (though I prefer Ten Sushi near Seattle Center for kaiten sushi). Fremont is full of fun indie boutiques, too, while Queen Anne is getting a bit corporate (Paper Source, too many banks).

    Seattle Fabrics on Aurora near Greenlake has technical fabric, though they sometimes don’t know how to measure (yikes).

    In Pike Place, there are two fabric stores (Our Fabric Stash and a quilting shop next door. Maybe you can score some Seattle fabric?). I find both those stores to be quirky with opening hours.

    That said, tax free fabric shopping in Oregon is my weakness. Love the Alberta District for food and Bolt and Modern Domestic. I have not been to the new location of Josephine’s Dry Goods but it is near the famous Pok Pok. Love their chicken and always bring some home when I go!

    • This is such a thorough list, thanks Aura. I had no idea Oregon was tax free. UH OH.

      • Aura Oriano

        Sorry to enable! I love tax free fabric shopping. Sadly though, sometimes I’ve bought tax free just to discover it at District Fabric or Pacific Fabrics (warehouse on 4th Ave. South, south of downtown). District and Nancy’s don’t sell online so if you have fabric regret, I can help.

        A few more honorable mentions! The Ballard neighborhood has fun and funky boutiques and yummy food but no indie fabric store. I just discovered online someone selling yukata fabric by appointment, so if that’s of interest check out Golden Gardens has amazing views of the Sound.

        Capitol HIll is overpopulated with trendy food but is home to rainbow crosswalks, Stitches (small indie fabric and yarn store), and the fabulous Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park.

        Finally, a walk along Elliott Bay and the sculpture park is fabulous, though less so when we are drizzled out. Check out MOHAI or Chihuly garden & glass if raining. Use the King County bus planner to help you along. Happy travels!

  • Cara Banera

    Oops I guess I’m a few days late to comment on Must Do’s and See’s, but here goes… Vancouver is amazing and there is no shortage of things to check out BUT you seem like a gal who enjoys getting out into nature. May I suggest a day-trip up to Squamish? It’s about 45 min drive from downtown Vancouver and there are lots of really great hikes and outdoorsy things to check out. You can hike up The Chief ( This website says its 6 hours, but I’d say you can make it up in about 2 hours and then down in 1. But you will want to take A LOT of photos from the top. The view is incredible.

    If you’re not feeling up to a big hike (or if it’s really rainy) you can take the easy way up and visit the Sea to Sky Gondola ( Breathtaking views, nice walking trails, yummy restaurant with coffee/tea shop and a full service bar. We love it!

    PLUS lots of yummy restaurants, including the Howe Sound Brew Pub downtown AND we now have a distillery with THEEEEE most amazing lemoncello! Sushi Sen is the top place in town to go for sushi, or if you like a good brunch you can check out Chef Big D’s downtown, or else try Fergie’s Cafe in Paradise Valley. Super laid back atmosphere with picnic tables and tire swings outside. Well behaved dogs are welcome too!

    I can see that other commenters have given you lots of great advice, and I can’t wait to check out some other’s suggestions for myself either. Happy travels!

  • Catherine

    Hi, I don’t know if you’ll be in Vancouver on Saturday the 19th but at 871 E. Hastings St is a sale by Our Social Fabric, a fabulous fabric recycling project (10 am to noon). They get fabric from movie sets, manufacturers, and all kinds of other people. I have scored all kinds of fabulous (and amazingly cheap) fabrics from there that would otherwise go to the landfill. Unfortunately, they’re being evicted and haven’t yet found a new place but hopefully they’ll be able to continue with their fabulous project. It’s a great sale to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Karen Garvin

    when i lived in canmore years ago, the best eats were at crazyweed and zona’s. crazyweed had knockout good food. like ‘best-meal-of-your-life’ good food. and zona’s had a great atmosphere, enhanced by the fact that all the food was served in the chef’s handmade pottery (you may even eat out of a dish i helped make!). and there was a local coffee-shop, called beamers, that well-outshone starbucks (and continues to, i’m sure). i shouldn’t comment on shopping, as i’m sure much has changed, but you’ll find some great indie shops there. if you have time for a breathtaking stroll, head up to the dog park and follow the trails into the forest and over to the creek. for a literally breathtaking hike, look up ‘ha-ling peak’ – it’s the mountain that dominates behind the dog park. you can hike up the back, right up to the very top, and see for miles and miles and miles. or just wander along the riverside trails in town – it’s all stunning! have a wonderful trip!!