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Did you notice? I’m switching up the title of this weekly round-up because a) I named it on a whim a few years ago and it never really made sense b) someone told me in a survey they thought the name was kind of annoying and I never really forgot it and c) CHANGE IS GOOD. I hope you’re having a good weekend! I’m a little eye-blind formatting the new pattern for testing but hoping to make it up to my eyes and body with a trip to the spa tonight.  There is something particularly Canadian (and Finnish, Swedish etc.) about willingly jumping in an ice cold plunge pool. We’re like seals with cuter accents.


Somehow I’ve internet-known Gillian for years without knowing about her Sewcialists project. How this slipped past me, I have no idea. Super happy to discover this blog, and I love this rose-printed bra set posted as part of their lingerie series.

Speaking of Gillian, I always love those pattern reviews where someone is like “meh meh meh meh” and everyone looking it is like “You’re completely off your rocker. This is awesome”. Your Jalie dress looks fab Gillian. Forest for the trees.

Ack, this quilted diaper bag from Baste & Gather is soooo pretty.

Dixie DIY’s Clover dress is de-lovely. The white contrast is striking.

Speaking of Dixie, she sent me a shirt for the Refashioners challenge. Pretty happy with the result, even if I was mildly cursing at the fabric half the time.

Nicole is one of my favourite sewing blog “writers”; her post about her Watson bra set being a love letter to her body made my week.

Tasha’s sarong dress is magnificent.


I am taking a much needed three week “sabbatical” in September to recharge and get ready for some big business changes this year. I’d like to take an actual vacation so I was hoping to find a few folks with massive blog rolls to help guest post a few posts like this one while I’m gone; it will be a great opportunity to feature sewing blogs I haven’t discovered yet. If you have a diverse reading list (other languages would be awesome!) and would like to save your favourite sewing links for a week with some commentary let me know. I’m also looking for a few posts on fun hacks or tutorials you’ve done using any Closet Case patterns. Send me an email or comment below if you’re interested!


One of my favourite radio shows is done this year. Even if you’ve never listened to Wiretap (I went on a few dates with the host a few years ago but that’s a story for another day), this “goodbye” video with advice on aging gracefully is still pretty great.

One hundred years of women’s fashion in 2 minutes (as always, the 30’s is the standout for me). The men’s version can be found here.


When you have a classical music-obsessed partner, you spend a lot of time in the beginning asking, “Can we please listen to something with vocals please?!” And then one day you don’t, and you realize they’ve colonized your brain with concertos and symphonies, and you find yourself having favourite composers and pianists, and you happily watch documentaries on long dead Hungarian conductors, without really ever understanding how they managed to hook you so thoroughly. Here is one of my favourite pieces right now, played by the white witch Martha Argerich: Ravel’s Gaspard de Nuit. I don’t understand how human hands can do this.


I supported the Curve Runner Kickstarter, and now this great tool is available for sale. Its a rolling ruler that let’s you measure curves, so handy for drafting. I also got this 5/8″ ruler which is awesome for adding seam allowances to patterns, if the lack of seam allowances for Burda patterns is holding you back at all.

  • Hélène

    So many great links in that post! Thanks for Martha Argerich’s video. I’m a long-time fan. Did you know she will be playing in Montréal next winter? As for documentaries on musicians, I’ve seen a great film about virtuoso pianist Seymour Bernstein (directed by Ethan Hawke) last year at Cinéma du Parc. If you missed this one, I think you can get it online and it’s worth watching. Seymour has such a personal point of view on music and life in general. I was deeply moved by this artist and so was my daughter, who has been playing classic piano for 14 years now. You can watch the trailer here :

    BTW, I liked the old title. What’s doing had a very friendly vibe. But you’re right : change is good too.

    • I’ll have to tell Guillaume about this! He knew about MA next year but it sold out in like a day (the unexpectedly thriving classical music scene in Montreal always makes me laugh!)He saw her in Paris last year but we’re hoping to get last minute passes….

  • I’m so sad WireTap is over. It’s always such a treat when we catch it on Saturdays in the car. I can’t believe you dated Jonathan Goldstein. I always picture him like a Canadian Woody Allen. Thanks for the link to the video, it was funny and touching, like the show itself.

    • A much cuter, mensch-ier Woody Allen 😉

  • Margo Gillaspy

    Enjoy the spa! I went to the Scandinave spa in Whistler B.C. at the beginning of the summer and it was wonderful.

    • I love how high you feel for a few hours after! Tricking your circulation is wonderful.

  • Yes to classical music. I second the recommendation for Seymour: and Introduction. I saw it at the NZ Film Festival recently and was also very moved.

    • Noted! We’ll have to try and find it this week.

  • Well thank you for the double shout out! I think I’ve come around to that dress – funny how pictures can convince you a project is either awesome or awful! (Plus I do love a good print that hides any flaws.)

  • Waking up on Sunday mornings to my wife asking me “Hey, what’s doin’?” is a ritual I am going to deeply miss…she started asking me that question right after I was introduced to your blog and began leaping out of bed on Sundays to see if your weekly post was up yet. I wholeheartedly support the new change and am looking forward to all the exciting things you have planned for your business in the upcoming months! But just so you know, it was *never* an annoying title and it always made sense to me 😉

    • Awww, thanks Jasika. She can still say it I suppose, haha.

  • You rock! Love the new name… 😉

  • The Sewcialists are awesome, so much eye candy in one place!!

  • Great round-up as always, Heather! The new name is great, and the old one was great too – definitely not ‘annoying’, haha. Congrats on the sabbatical month, you deserve it!

  • Thanks for the shout out Heather Lou!! I loved “How to Age Gracefully.”

    • Your welcome Claire! Thanks for the great products.

  • Thanks for your sweet words, Heather!

    Where are you going to go on vacation? I love the idea of taking off a longer period like three weeks to fully recharge. Totally wish this was easier to do with an office job… I often feel like when you take short vacations, you can end up coming back just as exhausted because you were so busy rushing around to do everything on your vacation!

    • It’s a a pretty epic trip: Edmonton (best friend, Calgary (brother), 10 days or so in Vancouver, and then driving up the coast to Seattle and Portland to hang out with sewing buds. A lot of travelling but I’m hoping to come back with more energy and ideas.

      • That sounds so fun! I hope you’ve curated an awesome restaurant list for Seattle and Portland. I’ve yet to travel to either of those cities, but am dying to because they have so many places I want to try!

        • You know what’s shameful? I haven’t planned ANYTHING! I’ve been so work crazy I haven’t booked air bnbs or done any resto research….

  • Thanks for loving on my rosy lingerie, Heather!

    I never thought the old name was annoying, but completely understand how a single comment can sometimes get lodged in our head and niggle.

    Gillian’s Jalie dress, and Dixie’s Clover caught my eye this week too. I’m a fan of printy jerseys like Gillian is, which, for me, I think originated from working in the arts field — prints are great at concealing little paint or glaze stains LOL! I’ve been in love with the Clover pattern for awhile, it’s so cute and comfy and my hubby loves the style on me.

    Reading Nicole’s post was a perfect and lovely close to the week. I was unaware of her blog, but am now an enthusiastic new fan!

  • Susan Buchanan

    Oh I liked “What’s Doing”! This is good too 🙂

  • Sølvi

    Thanks for the link to “How to age gracefully” – I loved it! 🙂

  • Francesca Amodeo

    I liked what’s doin – but so long as the content remains your great picks, who cares. That 100 years of fashion film is a wow. Love the 30s dress in it – it’s my fave period too 🙂 – and that How to age gracefully film is a kick!

    Your sabbatical should have included Malta – but actually, no, then it would be less of a break and more tiring – and no sewing community here except for me and perhaps ten buried others……

    I grew up with sisters 9 and 13 years older than me – in the 70s – so the music i heard was pretty wild, They had diverse tastes – and travelled a lot – so we had it all – from Rolling Stones to Indian chants, South American and Greek music plus of course French and Italian, loads of classic (and i learnt the piano) and even opera . the only one I didn’t get into. When you get into classical music it is incredible. And this clip is wow, thank you! Oh – by the way – the Trevor who came to my sister’s party that I had a crush on? Talked to sis about him, and the memory I have of him in deep red bellbottoms and a sheepskin vest and big black hat was just the typical dress code…. jeez, what fun. So much more fun than most nowadays clothes…..

    I just bought the Curve runner – and now, you enabler, you, I have to get that ruler. Dang….

    • That 70’s teen dream fantasy is basically where I would go if I had a time machine.

      BTW, I recently asked my “I have travelled basically every where in the world” boyfriend if had been to Malta and he said No. And I was like, “FINALLY! A trip we can go on that will be new to both of us!” So, ya never know Francesca!

      • Francesca Amodeo

        Cool 😉