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Hey y’all! This week I shared the “Pattern That Changed My Life” on one of my favourite blogs, While She Naps. I talk about an ambitious cape I made a few years ago, and how that experience changed my sewing practice and taught me what I was capable of.

In hindsight, I can see how much this project changed me. It made me realize fully that nothing is too hard or too scary to attempt. It showed me that if I set my mind to something and just sat down and did the work, I would be rewarded; even if the work was imperfect, the effort and evolution were reward enough.

Too often we doom ourselves to failure before we even get started because we convince ourselves we’re not skilled or talented or experienced enough for the challenge. We get in our own way. I’ve fought this self-defeating negativity in my own sewing practice, and it’s something I strive to share with my customers and my readers: We can make anything. We are capable and smart and resourceful and we’ll figure it out. It may not be perfect, but it will always get better with practice. In the end, the most valuable lesson sewing (and Vogue 8776) taught me is:


A big thank you to Abby for asking me to contribute! You can read the entire post here.

  • You look so happy 🙂

  • Abby Glassenberg

    Thank you so much for sharing your story on my blog!

  • Hélène

    You’re an inspiration, Heather Lou. I do have to fight “this self-defeating negativity” almost every day! But every little success is such a great reward.

  • Your releasing an outerwear pattern!! Exciting

  • Francesca Amodeo

    What a gorgeous cape! So stylish. I didn’t “know” you then – this is really impressive.
    An outerwear pattern? The knit jacket? woohoo! Printed? Please say yes:)

  • Amen sister!! This is so ridiculously true and I think once you sew that one garment that cements your confidence, there’s no looking back. I find so many beginner sewists give up or nit-pick at their work because every seam/stitch etc isn’t 100% perfect. When I teach, I always encourage them to pick up any ready to wear garment and show me that it’s fault free. Give yourself a break I say, and bask in the joy of “I made it!!”

  • You know what gave me this “I can do anything” feeling? YOUR GINGER JEANS PATTERN! For real! I used to always throw myself in the beginner category, and was afraid intermediate and advanced patterns were way out of my league. Your jeans pattern changed all of that for me, and now I feel like I can literally make whatever I want as long as I take it slow, think it through, and don’t get upset if there are a few mistakes as part of the learning process. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way about the Gingers, either!

  • You’re so awesome! I agree with Nicole, that your Ginger Jeans pattern, really made me feel like I could conquer anything!