Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog
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Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog

I‘ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my wardrobe the last few months. Since the fire in my building happened, I’ve sorted through and gotten rid of approximately 30% of my clothing, and I’ve discovered I really like having a smaller wardrobe; it’s so much easier to get dressed! G and I are moving in together this spring, so I will likely have to sort through everything again as I decide what I want to bring to our new home. Moving is always a reckoning for me. What is worth packing in a box, putting on a truck, and unpacking somewhere else? What person do I want to bring with me to this new life together?

It’s worthy of a longer post, but what it all means is that I have been truly grappling with what I want to wear, what I am missing in my wardrobe, what clothing makes me feel best. I’ve been working through the wonderful book The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees (of the indispensable style blog Into Mind), and it’s made me realize how much my style has changed over the last few years. I find myself drawn like a bee to clean, modern shapes and silhouettes, and a pattern that will get my blood racing is no longer the vintage inspired party dress I gravitated towards when I first started sewing, but more likely an interesting separate with clever style lines or details. Enter the Talvikki sweater by Named.

Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blognamed-talvikki-sweater-pattern-9Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog

I really loved the latest Named collection (the consistant style lines and details throughout were so conceptual and beautiful) and the Talvikki sweater was the stand out winner for me. I have been dreaming of a similar funnel neck for months now (so elegant!), and the beautiful darts at the neckline cinched the deal. I also loved the split hem, one of my favourite features of another Named favourite, the Inari dress. I’ve really come to love this pattern company; they consistently produce cool, modern designs with thoughtful and sophisticated details.

Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog  Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blogTalvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blogTalvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog

Slouchy and oversized, Talvikki is as comfortable as can be, yet the neckline is so chic and elegant, it makes what is essentially a giant sweatshirt feel like something I would wear just about anywhere. It probably won’t surprise you to know that I’ve been pulling this sweater out more and more as the temperatures have dropped here in Montreal; it’s so soft and cozy in this sweatshirt fleece from my stash, and I find myself hunting for other beefy, squishy fabrics for my next version. I also appreciate having a cozy sweater pattern that doesn’t require me dedicating 6 months of my life to knitting it. Call it a #sweatercheat.

Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog Talvikki sweater patten by Named // Closet Case Patterns blog

What do you think of this pattern? As charmed as I am or too slouchy for your taste? What cozy sweaters are you sewing up this winter?

Details: Talvikki sweater by Named in sweatshirt fleece (similar here), Ginger Jeans, Cole Haan Abbot boots, Firmoo sunglasses, Nars Dragon Girl matte lip pencil

  • FTF

    I think if I had that in something like a black teddy bear fleece I wouldn’t take it off until April

  • I love it! That neckline is gorgeous.

    • I know. Kinda jealous they got around to it before me 😉

  • Catherine Wendland

    I bought this pattern a few weeks ago and have been looking for the right fabric for it! I love the boiled wool versions, but the sweatshirt fabric is just as pretty! I can’t wait to make it. And i’m usually a knitter, so it does feel like cheating to have a sweater in a few days, rather than a couple months. <3

    • Oooh boiled wool! It would definitely require a second de-scratching layer though….

  • Tyan Walker

    Love it! Did you serge the insides? I made it, but found the folded cuff a little messy with the serged edges showing. I’ve been pondering binding them, because it’s such a great sweater!

    • I actually pressed my side seams open since o fraying, and didn’t hem the sleeves at all since I planned on rolling them and what’s the point ahha?

  • Suzanne

    I love me some comfy sweaters, but I always feel so frumpy in large sweaters with dropped sleeves because of all that extra ease going on, you can see in the pics that all that fabric is bunched up under the armhole, and I know that’s just a side effect of the style, but I always feel like I’m in pajamas when that happens. So I’m going with too slouchy for my taste.

    • Yeah, its not for everyone… I don’t mind teh fabric bunching since the overall silhouette is so beloved by me.

  • brilliant construction… definitely charmed

  • GAH, I *LOVE* this. That split hem! That funnel neck! (LOL I legit typed “funnel CAKE” at first.) I hadn’t even seen this pattern, but really want to make it now.

    P.S. I finished my Clare Coat!!!

  • ghainsom kom

    I made mine with a short exposed zipper in the back and I *love* it.

  • Oh, it looks super cozy. Years ago…like before you were born…Le Chateau had a similar aesthetic….lots of cozy, but stylish knits.

    As much as I like the silhouette, I find side split tops a bit drafty. How is this one for you?

    • I remember when Le Chateau had nice clothes in the 90s. Now its gross and horrible.

      TBH, its a touch drafty, but I wear high waisted jeans most of the time so there isn’t too much skin exposed….

      • For me, it was ’79-’82. The golden years…the clothing was imported from Europe….sigh…times have changed.

        • K-Line

          I remember Le Chateau from that time period!

  • I’m really liking Named right now too. Your sweater is so ready for a Canadian winter! I wanted to make cosy cardis last winter, but I just couldn’t find any jumper-weight fabrics that were suitable. So I’ve resigned myself to knitting and buying winter warmers!

    • Cardigan weight fabrics are VERY hard to find, unless you can afford a few yards of merino…

  • Erin Van Handel

    I’ve seen this sweatshirt sewn in several different fabrics, and that funnel neck always catches my eye! I think this is one of those patterns that takes a humble fabric (gray gym class sweatshirt knit) and elevates it.

    • Right?! That’s how I felt. Now I’m eyeballing the rest of the fleece in my stash and trying to figure out other ways to class it up a bit.

  • I really like , cosy but stylish. I’m a fan of named patterns too.

  • Split high/low hems are going to be BIG this coming year…..
    I have a big hunk of cozy knit that is impressed by this make. Also, loved the history of black clothing/fabric/LBD in Seamwork. Every black coordinates with black, even if they don’t match

    • Bwa haha. And thank you! A real labour of love, that one. Felt like I was in university again writing a final paper.

  • Ooooh- j’adore! So chic! Those neck darts are such a cool design element. I have Talvikki on my cutting table, one for me even though it’s totally inappropriate in Bangkok, and one for my mom for Christmas if mine works out!

    • Good thing they’re easy to sew! I think it could work well in a linen too so maybe a non-knit version could work?

  • I love this a lot. That neckline is wonderful!

  • Love it! Just finished one in what I think is a ponte knit (must brush up on my fabric knowledge), never want to take it off!

  • I agree about the latest named collection… so many beauties to choose from! I love how little details like the neck darts and split hem can really set a pattern apart and make it worth spending our hard earned cash on it. (kind of how I feel about your patterns and your instructions come to think of it!).

  • It’s very beautiful. I’m always obsessed with the chokiness of funnel necks – what’s the verdict on this one?

  • Medi

    I really like this sweater! I think that I will make one for myself after seeing that it is so nice on you 🙂 I totally agree with your comment on keeping a “smaller” wardrobe. When I began sewing, I was so drawn to vintage inspired dresses like you said. But I ended up not wearing them much and now I am making more modern, clean cut patterns. I mean why put the effort of sewing it if it is not meant to be worn.

  • Beautiful! As someone who doesn’t knit, I am on board 100% with sweater cheating. Love the funnel neck and agree that Named consistanly puts out the coolest designs! I always wonder whether they are ‘me’ though, but like you I am drawn to more modern aestetic lately!

  • in. love.
    may have to do an exact copy

  • Hi Heather where did you get the fabric?