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Hi everyone! Thank you for the amazing response this week to my new baby, the Carolyn Pajama pattern. It’s always really stressful to launch something you’ve been working on for months, but your lovely comments really quelled my anxiety.

In my post introducing the pattern, I mentioned hosting a pajama party. While I would really love to fill my living room with mattresses to watch Shag, Mean Girls and Clueless with you, it will, due to geography and physics, be limited to the digital realm. On Monday, March 9th I’m hoping to share all of the Carolyn Pajamas you’ve made here on the old blog. The pattern is really perfect for personalizing so I think we’re going to have a pretty rad collection of jammies and I can’t wait to see ’em. We’ll have a little vote and winners will get to take home some fun goodies.

What’s up for grabs?


  • $100 gift certificate to Mood Fabrics (purveyor of the finest selection of fabric in North America)
  • $50 Gift certificate to Miss Matatabi (my favourite Etsy store, loaded with Cotton+Steel and Japanese fabrics)
  • $100 AUD certificate to Tessuti Fabrics (who carry the most beautiful silks in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • Two yards of fabric from By Hand London


Carolyn Pajama Party Sponsors


I stumbled on some great flannels while fabric shopping for this pattern, and I will send custom Carolyn Kits to two people, to be chosen randomly from all the entrees. Each kit includes 6 yards of flannel and 6 yards of piping.

The first kit includes the same white and grey plaid flannel I used for one of my samples and black piping. This stuff is super soft and winter cozy.

Cotton flannel pajamas fabric-2

The second kit includes this super charming floral print cotton flannel and white piping. It’s Scandinavian and awesome.

Cotton flannel pajamas fabric

If you would like to participate, simply hip me to your finished pjs. You can email me pictures or a link to your blog, or use the hashtag #carolynpajamas on Instagram. Easy peasy!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! If anyone stumbles on some “yummy sushi” fabric in an homage to Buffy, I may have to come up with a special prize.


  • Didn’t get the chance to comment earlier this week but I’ll take the opportunity now to declare my LOVE for the Carolyns!!! She and I will be spending some quality sleepy time together v soon!! (Is that weird to say given the “real” Carolyn actually lives in the same city as me…?)

  • Megan Connolly

    OMG! Shag is like the best movie ever (just had to say that)!

  • Angela

    How fun! I am ready to join in!

  • Great idea!! Can’t wait to see them all!

  • sarah

    I grew up watching Shag…then my first job was in Myrtle Beach. It was crazy! Great taste in movies. Great pajamas pattern, too!

  • chicmamainedh

    Shag! Awesome! Now I want to watch it.

  • sallieforrer

    Gah! This sounds like so much fun! Better get on my pajama-ing stat!

  • Ooh, Ms Matatabi’s double gauze would be so yum!

  • I have super fond memories of watching Clueless for the first time at a slumber party… although I’m sure I didn’t have very cute pajamas! Grownup slumber parties are even more fun! Can’t wait to get my Carolyn on!

  • Any idea how much yardage would be needed for the shorts alone? I’m thinking of making some kitchy baseball shorts in quilting cotton, but I want to make sure I don’t have to drop $40 on fabric for some novelty shorts first… :/

    • I just redid the calculations. For 45″ I’d you’re looking at 1.25-1.5″, for 60″ 1-1.25yds.

  • So excited for this, although a real slumber party would be so fun… <3 Clueless.

  • Pam

    Awesome! The pattern looks really nice, and I like that you’ve included a few different options. Now to decide what fabric to use – I can see myself making a few different pairs of Carolyn pajamas!

  • Art Attack

    These are adorable and I want to make them! One question on your yardage info, in the component section, is the yardage for the top given for the long or short sleeve version? I’m thinking long sleeve but want to make sure. I want to make the long pants with the short sleeved shirt.

    • It’s for long sleeves! Short sleeves will take slightly less yardage.