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I can’t believe it… but after months of sample making, pattern tweaking, Illustrator learning, instruction writing, detail obsessing, teeth gnashing…. my first pattern is now available to purchase!

The Bombshell is modeled on a classic 1950’s silhouette, a style that harkens back to the golden era of flattering, sexy and (dare I say) modest swimsuits. The pattern includes 3 variations in 8 sizes: a gathered bust, a halter neck, and a high waist bottom which you can mix and match with your favourite bikini top. Ruched on all sides and along the back centre seam, the Bombshell hugs your curves while providing full (but sexy) coverage. Its booty encasing seat and skirt-like front ensure your butt is covered (literally), avoiding the dreaded 4-cheek butt-bulge of higher cut suits. Fully lined, it will keep you decent in or out of the water.

The reason I dedicated this spring to perfecting the Bombshell pattern on top of my my fulltime job and other life commitments is simple. Without a doubt, this is the most flattering swimsuit I have ever worn, and I wanted to share it with other women. No more body shame and self loathing in poorly lit dressing rooms. No more ill-cut, poorly made bathing suits that rarely fit and rarely flatter. Let’s take back the beach. Let’s take back the pool. Let’s remember that summer is meant to be enjoyed, not endured while constantly adjusting or covering up.

The feedback I have been getting back from my pattern testers has only reaffirmed what I believe to be true – give a lady a sexy, modestly cut swimsuit, and you give her years of happy beach vacations. I am very excited for you to see their versions cropping up here and there over the next few weeks. I’ve been getting hot pics of my buds in swimsuits all week and I can tell you… holy schmajoly. Everyone looks like a pinup in this baby.

Here are some more detailed shots of View A & B.

Below you can find the size chart for this pattern. There is little ease to ensure a snug fit, taking into consideration that things stretch when wet. All my testers have informed me that it fits perfectly once on.

CaptureNow, for those of you who are nervous about sewing a swimsuit for the first time or just want some extra guidance to make this particular suit…. I will be hosting a sewalong! I will post more details tomorrow, including material requirements, but rest assured that I will provide even more detailed instructions than what I include in the pattern. We will discuss the intricacies of swimsuit sewing, pattern adjustments, along with some tricks and tips I’ve discovered while developing this pattern. While this could probably be described as an intermediate pattern, I firmly believe anyone can make this suit. I will be happy to hold your hand through the process.

The Sewalong will start NEXT Monday, June 17th in order to give everyone time to gather their materials. I will be posting almost daily until we finish at the end of June, giving you two weeks to take your time and make the most flattering, confidence boosting swimsuit you have ever worn in your life. I can’t wait to begin!

Buy your Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern HERE!


  • jess

    There’s nothing for sale at your etsy shop. There was one pattern but someone already purchased it.
    I think you put the quantity available as “1” by mistake …

  • Well, that’s embarassing!! I just updated it!

  • Yay! And thank you for hosting the sew-along. I’ll be joining it a little late, but there’s a bunch of burgundy swimsuit fabric at the fabric shop with my name on it!

  • Sara Mayo

    Loved Lladybird’s version (and your blue one). Can’t wait to see what others pop up. I’ve bought and printed mine. I’ll be cutting and taping over the weekend. And lycra shopping.

  • Synerror

    Sweeet. Super excited to make both a swimsuit and the high waisted bottoms. A fabric search i must do!
    Thank you for your hard work to complete this pattern, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for 🙂

  • Geo P

    I’ve just bought the pattern, can’t wait to get started. Now I wait patiently (not really) to find out how many fabric I should buy. I think I’m going to do both versions, one in red and one in orange 🙂

  • bonnie ms

    I am so very exited! I just bought it and can’t wait to get started 🙂 Please let me know if you ever want any handmade hair flowers for photoshoots/giveaways etc. I would be so delighted to make some for you! I haven’t gone swimming in years especially after having my youngest kids 18 months apart I just haven’t found any swimsuits I want to wear but yours looks perfect 😀 coverage but still sexy. Oh thank you thank you thank you! *happy dance*

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    Officially purchased! Can’t wait for the sew-a-long. I think after two 10lb baby’s I am done with bikinis and this is exactly the sort of suit I’d like to try, just haven’t found a nice pattern until now. Go Heather!

  • TWO 10lb BABIES?! You should call your blog Cirque du OMG Bebe.

  • So sweet! So happy people are excited!

  • I am going to do a post on DIY bikini tops during the sewalong… I just ran out of time to draft one!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Amazing amazing amazing. Now to find some fabric…….

  • Thimble & Cork

    What a beautiful swimsuit design! Great job and congratulations on completing your first pattern!

  • Just bought mine. I’ve been wanting a swimsuit like this for a LONG time. Yay!!

  • Suzie W

    Bought! I think it’s probably a bit advanced for me at the moment, but I might not be able to resist joining the sewalong anyway 🙂

  • Lauren Taylor

    YAY!! I feel like I’ve replied to this, like, everywhere on the internets now, but I’m just so excited for you. Bombshells for everyoneeee!

  • Taracat

    I love this! Heading over to buy it now. Just don’t tell anyone, I’m not supposed to be buying patterns ’til I’ve used some of the ones I’ve already got, but i can’t resist.

  • sallieforrer

    EEEEEEE!!!! Yes! Like Lauren I feel like I’ve been throwing my excitement around about this all over the place – but seriously!! WAHOO! I’m just too excited about this!! Can’t wait to check out all the lovely Bombshells that will undoubtedly start popping up all over the place! Congrats again, love!

  • cationdesigns

    Whooooo!!! Congratulations on making this pattern! It is indeed a sexy-looking swimsuit. Question: do you have to have a serger to make this?

  • Nopity nope nope. Obviously the seams look neater with a serger but I made my first 2 on my zig zag machine….

  • Signe Swenson

    Bought the pattern and I’m now searching for fabric! So excited to wear this. Just a quick question about the bust area – for larger busts (DD here) would you suggest adding foam cups to the lining? Or does the design as-is offer some lift? Thanks and congrats on a gorgeous design!

  • Sarah

    Amazing!!! Finally, a pretty, modest, and flattering swim suit for all women! You are a genius 🙂

  • Amazing. I’m clapping for you at my desk. Even though I’m a skinny girl, I still feel uncomfortable at the beach in a bikini. This silhouette is beautiful though – enough to make me WANT to go to the beach.

    Even though I won’t participate in the sew along, I’ll follow along. I’m curious how a swimsuit is constructed differently than a bra.

  • I think the halter offers good support but cups are never a bad idea. I will cover this in the sewalong!

  • honigdesign

    FAbulous! Congratulations!

  • Oh my goodness, congratulations! It’s just stunning! I have two swimsuits like this which cost me an arm and a leg but are worth it because you’re SO right – firstly that they actually cover your derriere, secondly that you look ladylike in them rather than looking like you’re out and about in your undies (call me a prude, I can take it), and thirdly because ooh la la they’re just so gorgeous and flattering!!! I’m looking forward to making one of these for myself, maybe not right now as my holiday is coming up very soon but it’s definitely on my ‘to sew’ list. Congrats on doing all the work too, I know how long it takes to get it right 🙂

  • Sassy T

    This is on my hitlist come payday. The costume is bangin. I have added it to my new fb page Sassy Sewing Bees I just love eeeet.

  • Norma

    Congratulations! This swimsuit looks fantastic! Looking forward to trying out this pattern.

  • Sownbrooklyn

    Congratulations!!! I love this pattern! Now, to find the right fabric.

  • Caroline Hutton

    This is FANTASTIC. I have a suit from Anthro with a similar vibe/cut that I love BUT I really am too small in the chest to fill it out properly. So happy to be able to make my own sexy retro suit that actually fits! Now the weather in Hamilton just needs to warm up again…Congratulations on an amazing first pattern!

  • Mikhaela Reid

    It’s amazing, fantastic, perfect, superb, ideal… really, it is stunning! I already even have some polka-dot swimsuit fabric that would be perfect. Just… WOW!

    My ONLY hesitation is the large bust factor—I wear an E or F cup, and I find that any swimsuit without a serious hardcore bra band doesn’t feel supportive enough. I saw you commented on this in the first sewalong post, though—maybe I will try and get some swim cups and try and think of internal ways I could add extra support without underwires.

  • I used to have a swimsuit just like this many years ago (it was in a cotton canvas camouflage print, took forever to dry) and I just loved it! People used to make fun of me when I wore it. Well, jokes on them now, isn’t it?? This bathing suit is gorgeous and in style now! I think I like View A (bra style top) the best. Congratulations on your swimsuit pattern! I will have to check it and your sewalong out. 🙂

  • Amy

    Don’t you look the sweetest! In vavavoom red. Congrats again, it’s just loverly.

  • Lucy

    Oh man, oh man. I found your blog after Lauren’s posting (I’d wager like a helluva lot of other people) and I’m pumped. It’s winter here, so I have no need for a swimsuit – sexy or otherwise – but come summer? I’m in, baby.

  • Kazz

    Yay congrats clever lady , the silhouette is my favourite, cant wait to make her.

  • Amy Powell

    Just discovered your blog and I think its adorable! Keep up the beautiful work 🙂

    ~Amy Nicole “Lady M”

  • Christina Mano

    Oh no….sobs….I’m outside of your sizing range 🙁 48 inch bust, 40 inch waist and 50 inch hips 🙁 I was really looking forward to making your swimsuit once you released the pattern. I guess that leaves more beach fun for you guys.

  • Hi Christina… I’m so sorry I don’t have your size! I may update the pattern with more sizes sometime in the future since this suit is made for women with curves. HOWEVER…. this is such a forgiving pattern to grade up! Since it’s so stretchy, I think you could totally get away with just adding to the seam allowances!

  • I am going to do some research to find out how to add a shelf bra to the pattern…. I’ll try and cover this in the sewalong.

  • Mikhaela Reid

    Awesome, that would be fantastic! I’ve had some success before with underwire free bras with putting extra layers of spandex fabric inside the bottom and sides of the cups so I still want to try and make it! It’s just beautiful.

  • meredith

    So even though you are SUPER GENEROUS and offering giveaway copies like, all over sewing bloglandia, I realized I couldn’t wait a single second more — I’ve bought and printed it already! And can I say THANK YOU for offering both copy-shop and print at home versions. That’s so rare from instant download patterns on etsy! I usually print at home, but I love that I can go make someone else print me out a giant pattern sheet if I so choose. Your instructions also look amazing! Can’t wait to get started!

  • Awesome! I’ve been drooling over all of the smokin’ versions popping up on sewing blogs. Can’t wait to make one for myself!

  • Aidolem

    Nice pattern. And everyone that’s been posting the test garments on the web has such pretty swimsuits. But there’s one problem: I’ve not seen anyone test this pattern with a cup size bigger than a B. Too bad, because a lot of girls don’t wear anything smaller than a DD. I’ll be waiting to see how it looks on women with boobs before I jump in to swim.

  • Novita is pretty stacked and the halter worked well but I don’t think the Maillot would work for DD without a built in bra. Norma just did a great post on adding structure to swimsuits over on the Three dresses blog.

  • Marianne

    So glad I found your website. I would love to participate in the sew-along (I never have done one before) how do I sign up? Fee? Also, I’m 23 weeks pregnant, would I be able to just add more fabric to the front for my growing belly or does that pattern have to be drastically altered for pregnancy?

  • thesecretlifeofseams

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the amazing pattern! I’ve seen lots of great versions popping up on the blogs and every one of them has logged great. I’m really glad to see all your hard work on this paying off.

  • Hi Marianne. You don’t have to pay anything or sign up…. I will just be posting almost every day for the next few weeks with step by step instructions. You can follow along at you own leisurely pace.

    As for making this for pregnancy… It fits quite snugly. I think you would have a dickens of a time fitting a baby in there as is. The pattern is quite forgiving to modify – I think you could just add to the seam allowances to accommodate your belly, but I think it would probably be less complicated to do so for the high waist bikini bottom or halter version since it may be tricky to add room to the waist without making the bust area in View B look strange…

  • Kirsten @ LovespunStudio

    I have a quick question: My measurements are directly between a size 10 and a size 12– I’m getting ready to cut my fabric, but I’m not sure if it’s smarter to size up, or down? I would love your input! Thanks so much for a lovely pattern!

  • Size up. It’s a real snug suit. I think going a size up won’t effect it’s fit, but going down may be a littttle tooooo tightttt.

  • Thank you!

  • Kirsten @ LovespunStudio

    Thank you SO much! I just got done getting the pattern all taped and cut apart…Off to cut out the pieces now. 😉

  • cupcake1028

    I haven’t made this swimsuit (yet!) but I had great success altering patterns for maternity using the slash-and-spread method. You can google it easily, but the idea is to cut (“slash”) through your pattern pieces and pivot the pieces apart (“spread”) to create fullness where you need (in this case, over the belly) without changing the length of your seams. Good luck!

  • Absolutely gorgeous pattern!

  • Angela

    My measurements are as followed. I’m quite tiny! Probably only because I’m in college 🙂
    bust: 30
    hip: 32
    Also, I’m only 5’2″, will the pattern still work for me if I make a size 4? Thanks!

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  • Leah

    Hi I’m just wondering if you’ve seen Gertie from Blog for Better Sewing’s new swimsuit pattern? Very similar!

    • Yes I’ve seen it! The shape is similar but it’s a pretty iconic silhouette. Gertie is all about 50’s style so it’s “on brand” for her. That pattern seems more structured and maybe a little more complicated to sew then the Bombshell but I could be wrong….

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  • What is the cup size for the size 18? I’m trying to decide if I have to do a FBA on it.