Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files
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Winter is coming. What that means for this sewist living in one of the world’s coldest cities is so many layers. All of the layers. Swaddled baby amount of layers. Mary Kate Olsen circa 2006 layers. If it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to get undressed for bed every night, I’m doing it wrong. Since I am the kind of person who sort of timbers into bed each night out of pure exhaustion, and am terrible at tidying up after myself, I basically have a swimmable mountain of clothing in a pile next to my bed at the end of every week until I become utterly disgusted with myself and put everything away. This knit jacket/shawl/blanket thing has definitely been in that particular mix for the last two months.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case FilesTessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files

It is, of course, the Sydney Jacket from Tessuti. Oh Tessuti, I can never, ever spell your name correctly and have to google it every.single.time. (same with the lovely Megan Nielson – what is it with Australians and hard to remember spellings?!) I love the patterns these ladies release. They basically make up the dream wardrobe of the really cool art teacher you had in high school who let you hang out in the dark room teaching yourself how to develop photographs. The cool art teacher living inside of me loves this jacket.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files

The pattern is interesting – it calls for non-fraying fabric like boiled wool, because all of the edges are raw and the seams are overlapped and topstitched into place, rather than sewn together and pressed open. Can you imagine a more perfect Winter Is Coming layering piece than a long, unstructured jacket in boiled wool? You can? I don’t believe you. For my first (of many – wait till you see the black speckled wool that is cut and ready in the queue!), I decided to be bold and use this absolutely insane doublefaced knit I scored at the last Montreal meet-up we had. Textured snakesin on one side and cream with silver metallic stripes on the other, it is truly bananas, and I deeply regret not buying the entire bolt.

Double faced knit // Closet Case Files Double faced knit // Closet Case Files

I ignored their fabric recommendations this time since the edge of this knit doesn’t roll, and because the folded collar of the coat is exposed, it made sense to have something lovely on the inside too. Otherwise, I followed the same construction process outlined in the instructions. The only modifications I made to the pattern were to skip the pockets – I just barely squeezed it out of the scant two yards I had.

Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files  Tessuti Sydney Jacket in knit // Closet Case Files

Btw,  taking these pictures was a nightmare. It was freezing cold but I was stiff-upper-lipping it and trying to set up the camera in the alley where I take pictures so I don’t have to deal with Looksies and Whatchadoins. I love this grey garage door, and as I’m setting up the tripod and fiddling with my camera settings, some dude hangs outside the french doors above and is just casually watching me, and then asks what I’m doing. “Je prend des photos pour mon blog Monsieur. Ça va?”  “Ah oui, ça va, ça va.” He then proceeded to watch me from 15 feet above for the next 5 minutes. Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with this type of behavior? Granted, I’m taking weird photos of myself in a billowy blanket in front of your garage door, but seriously guy. Give a sewing blogger at least the illusion of privacy.

And what are you layering on like an Olsen in a tundra these days?

  • That is an insanely amazeballs fabric. Made the Sydney in boiled wool the other day – it’s wrap-around-wooly-layery heavenly.

  • Blogless Anna

    Fabulous fabric & a lovely Sydney jacket. I ALWAYS have to look up Megan’s spelling too… and I live in Australia!

  • LOL at “looksies and whatchadoins”! You are a hilarious writer! And this jacket is sweet!

  • Amazing fabric!

  • Mary

    All my “big” sweaters are in steady rotation already–only the temps have been up to 19 this week! (65 to 70 F for non metric) What’s up with that? It’s NOVEMBER!!! I’ve got some gorgeous sweatshirt fabric waiting on the perfect long sweater/tunic/keep me warm pattern; and some lovely french terry on its way courtesy of l’oiseau, in Calgary-where they know about keeping warm! ( http://www.loiseaufabrics.com). Love your Sydney!

  • Hélène

    This guy was probably admiring your incredible style and red pout. You make a blanket coat looks gorgeous!

  • I love this fabric. So cool. I’ve wanted to sew a Sydney jacket for a long time now. It’s got to be a quick sew.

  • I didn’t know fabric like this existed! Gorgeous.

  • Wow-wee! That fabric is spectacular!!

  • Your outfit is SO.COOL. Greetings from an equally cold place (Finland )where I will not remove my knitted woollen socks until we are safely into the summer months again. Our fall has been unusually warm so far, meaning the shock will be worse the morning we wake up and realize that winter is here…

  • sallieforrer

    That fabric is truly spectacular! And I agree with Nilla – your outfit is just too stinking cool! Your description of this pattern kind of makes me want to make one for myself AND my mom, who actually IS that high school art teacher.

    I keep telling myself that Winter Is Coming, but I have to admit that I feel like an utter nutter busying myself with wool and hand knitting mittens when it is still stubbornly 80 degrees and humid as balls outside. It has been getting more rainy, which is usually a good sign things are cooling down. I don’t love cold winters, and after a couple of months of it I’m like, okay, we’re good, let’s go back to summer now! But I do sometimes wish we had a proper winter down here so I could really relish in some good wardrobe layering and wear ALL the stylish coats and gloves and hats…

    As for your creeper – that would have TOTALLY weirded me out! I probably would have grabbed tripod and found a new location! Good job soldiering on, and also not ending up with a bunch of photos where you have a pained grimace smile on your face and look like you want to fold in on yourself – which is totally what happens to me when someone catches me taking blog photos!

  • I’m totally with you on just leaving my clothes where they fall at the end of the day – tackling Mount Washmore is a weekly task for me.
    This pattern looks so brilliantly comfy!

  • Wow- that fabric is Amazing!!! No cold weather here in FL but I really want to make up this coat now! Beautiful!

  • Thank you for blogging this! I’d forgotton that I’d seen your version on IG, and that it was part of my simmering unconscious desire to sew this pattern! I’m thinking of ditching my plans to make even the most basic of coats with some raspberry boiled wool in my stash, and making this instead. Mmm, so cosy!
    Major bonus points to you for continuing to take pics while people watched you! 🙂 It looks great on you!

  • Sherry

    Great way to use such interesting fabric!
    We are ‘unlayering’ down here, so tell me – why am I sewing long sleeves still??!! My sewing queue is so behind!

  • Tammy


  • Tammy

    Love the great outfit with a cozy sweater. What pattern did you use for your cool top or is a future pattern?

  • Bravo for taking pics with an audience. I would most likely pack up and try again a different day. I love this whole outfit! The sydney jacket is such an awesome piece. I made on in gray ponti last winter. Now I think I need one in something a bit more fun.

  • Amy

    What a special fabric! You did it right by letting it show off with this pattern. I’m going a bit gaga over the whole sweater coat craze… such perfect layery layers. Love the boots, too…. embrace the cold because you look so good in it!! (For what it’s worth I love that Olsen style. Clothing that blows around in the wind!)

  • Oh nosy french people! Ha! This is a lovely piece Heather – it looks so cozy and chic!

  • I’m loving this look from head to toe and that coat & the fabric is brilliant. Oh andbytheway an audience only makes your posing game stronger!

  • Camilla

    He could’ve had the decency to peep behind net curtains. Lovely make, as always.

  • mokosha

    that fabric is insane! i wanna steal this jacket from you! would be just warm enough for this indian summer weather we’re having this week
    my strategy with creepers won’t be really helpful – i just pack my shit up and leave 🙂

  • What a lovely version of this jacket, I love the fabric choice.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to google Tessuti every time as well!

  • Jenny

    I love the fabric – reptilian chic! That pattern is amazing. Oh Tessuti!