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Tent Party // Vintage Simplicity 7203 Sewing Pattern

This here is my “let’s not commit to this new weight gain and make something loose and forgiving, shall we?” dress. Made from a be-YOO-ti-ful cornflower blue crepe I scored in the best Kijiji haul of all time (story forthcoming) and a vintage Simplicity pattern lent to me by friend Dara. Total 60’s tent magicness. I find the only way these shapes work on non-modelly types is to crank up the hem so it’s not too sexless. So that’s what I did. Unfortunately, it’s basically summer in Montreal right now so when I wore it to work I was a sweaty wool wreck but I can’t wait to wear this in the fall with thick cream tights and boots.

She came together real smooth and easy except the mock turtleneck was more like a neck brace. Seriously a good 1.5 inches higher than the illustration. I’ve been noticing these weird quirks in patterns lately. I would hope that companies hire people to test them out before the print them but when I notice things like this I wonder… This dress is a similiar story. There were at least 2 major construction issues with that pattern. I expect more from you Vogue!

Also, even though it didn’t call for it I lined this dress with a pretty lilac poly because wool + skin = itchy scratchy. Overall I’m really happy with it. Groovy, swingin’ 60’s vibes are pretty good vibes indeed.

Lessons learned: 
1. Just because it’s printed on official looking paper does not mean it is the holy word of sewing goddesses. Pattern makers are people too, and sometimes they make mistakes.
2. First topstitched item! Learning to keep those babies straight and clean.
3. More battles with an invisible zipper.
4. Making prettier, more invisible slip stitches.

Tent dress:
Pattern: Simplicity 7203
Total Cost (including notions): less than $10
Time to Make: 12 hours  (there was a lot of hand sewing with the lining and hem. A LOT).

  • SO GROOVY!!!! Omg I love this dress – weight gain shmeight gain!! Who cares?!?! You look FANTASTIC!! The hat, those tights THOSE SHOES!!!! I need a LOT OF CAPSLOCK TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I ADORE THIS LOOK!

    Ahem. No but seriously, this is one of my favorite silhouettes – its pretty amazing. And I agree that a shorter hem is necessary for these dresses to keep it out of muu-muu territory – despite the fact that I kinda love muu-muu’s I gotta admit they don’t do much for the ol’ girlish figure…

    What was I saying? Oh! You look great 🙂

    • *Blushing* Thanks Sallie! It’s funny what a great new dress and magenta hat will do for heartbreak. Sewing is the new boyfriend.

      LONG LIVE MUU-MUUS! I should do a post on my collection of weird gigantic muu-muus I altered and turned into tropical rays of summer love.

  • Amazing dress! Everything that Sallie said: ditto. And extra yes to the micro hem. Nothing like a super mini tent and sky high heels to make legs seem infinite and rest of self remain petite. Beautiful.

    • You guys are the sweetest. It’s crazy how much more inspired I am to get work done with all the kind words and encouragement of this community. Our hobby is the best hobby!

  • I love this dress and your styling! Girl, you look fierce.

  • Duuuuuude this is fantastic. I’m finding that I have a serious problem of loving blue dresses tooo muuuuuucchhhhhhh. Also, I found it necessary to creep through the rest of your blog, because I can’t comment on the same post twice, but I NEEDED to say YES LET’S BE FRIENDS OK? OK.

  • so what exactly do you mean by “crank up the hem”?
    i have been wanting to wear a tent like dress but with huge boobs like mine, it kinda makes me look huge-r and like i am actually wearing a tent…not sure what you did to make your sooooo cute so you must tell me!!

    • MAKE IT SHORT! They are more flattering when they’re not too long.

      • hmmm ok i will have to try it! then i will probably wear it with leggings though haha

    • patsijean

      Also try a FBA which will add back the fabric a full bust requires. That way the front hem is not lifted up and away from the body.