Last Thursday, I jumped out of a plane. It remains to be seen whether or not the parachute is going to catch my ass before I hit the ground, but the view is lovely from up here and the sun is shining and I’m trying to enjoy the journey.

This is a metaphor of course. I like being alive way too much to jump off anything higher than a diving board. The plane I am talking about is called “stable career” and the free fall is called “being an entrepreneur”.

So yeah. I quit my day job.

Some of you may know that up until very recently, I was a commercial interior designer. I went back to school in my mid-20s after floundering around after university trying to find my way. I’ve always been a creative, visual soul and I thought learning a trade that let me exercise my left and right brain equally would be a wise move instead of pursuing post-graduate studies. For the majority of the last 6 years, I loved my chosen path. I was getting to design restaurants, cafes, stores, offices, and my firm’s specialty, shopping centres. The most exciting days were those when a project finally opened and I got to see months or years of labour translated into an actual physical space.

And then I re-discovered sewing. And as I did, I started to really unpack my consumerist habits, my shopping addiction, my credit card debt. My relationship with fashion and style became more personal, more conscious, more meaningful and hands-on. As I learned about the fast fashion industry, garment factory working conditions and the environmental repercussions of our desire for the cheap and disposable, my day job began to lose its lustre.

Around this time I was working on a luxury shopping centre in the Middle East. Normally we work within pretty tight budgetary parameters, but this time I was told not to worry about cost. Why? The mall was being built using third world labour; people were shipped in, made to live in hovels, paid almost nothing, and then expected to work in horrible, unsafe building conditions. Hard hats? HA!

You can imagine how hard it was to reconcile my new perspective on the fashion industry with the fact that I was helping to build a church of consumerism using borderline slave labour. Yes, I designed a beautiful space, but the cost for me, for the people building it, for the environment, were high. I told myself that everyone has to make compromises in their careers, but it started getting harder and harder with each new shopping centre I worked on. The irony was hard to live with; I hated being in malls, filled with all their chemical smelling sweatshop goods, yet I designed them for a living. I love my boss and my coworkers, along with many of my clients. I am not disparaging the industry; it is what it is. But I realized that in order to build the life I wanted, I probably had to find a way to direct all this creative energy I have into something that makes me feel good, and that maybe in some small, tiny way, makes other people feel good too.

When I released the Bombshell, I wasn’t planning on doing another pattern. But the response told me that maybe my ideas had a trajectory more meaningful than designing a food court that will just be torn down and remade in ten years anyway. I released Nettie as an experiment to see if this zygote of a plan had legs; it became clear to me that it did.

So this year I started making plans to transition this experiment into a viable full time career option. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work in a technical, demanding field for the last long while, and I think it’s primed me for the organization and attention to detail required for pattern making. I’ve never felt more fulfilled or worked harder in my life than this past year; seeing how you tweak, hack and make Closet Case patterns your own is like an alternative energy source.

I’m terrified, of course. I’m an incredibly practical, dogmatic person, and walking away from a stable, well paid, mostly enjoyable career with a great boss and coworkers was not a decision I made lightly. I’m going to have to adjust to a substantially reduced income, and I’m prepared to  get creative about diverse streams of revenue. I’m going to start teaching sewing workshops in addition to releasing patterns. I’ll be blogging far more frequently (I have so many post ideas right now!) along with pursuing some blog advertising. I’m resigned to having to take the occasional catering shift, and in all likelihood I will continue to freelance for my old firm part-time for the foreseeable future. I still love interior design. Just not as much as I love sewing.

But I’m free. I’m free to build the life and career I want, and I get to do it by hopefully coming up with ideas that you will want to wear. I’ve been hard at work designing the next Closet Case pattern, and it has been one of the most brain-busting, challenging projects I’ve ever undertaken. But I’m so excited about it. And I hope you will be too.

So that’s what’s going on with me. Thanks for being here, for reading. Please know that I would have never made this change without knowing that I am working my tail off for the awesomest humans on the internet: you guys.

Head down, needle up. Sew forever.

  • Thats awesome! Congrats on the new trajectory. I’m sure it will be amazing.

  • risawest

    congrats. good luck. sometimes both comments seem appropriate. but i’ll be buying your patterns and helping to support you!

    • Thank you so much. That really means the world!

  • Gabrielle Corbett

    What an inspiring story. I think you’re really well placed to make a go of this – the skills you already have will stand you in good stead, and I can really see how difficult it must have been to keep on in your commercial interior design role. I hope it works out for you; I’m sure that at the very least you’ll be much happier but hopefully you’ll be able to make a good living from it too!

    • Thanks Gabrielle! I’m okay with less money – I just want to feel better about the money I’m making, haha.

  • JeffreyDBailey

    For the majority of the last 6 years, I loved my chosen path. I was getting to design restaurants, cafes, stores, offices, and my firm’s specialty, shopping centres. The most exciting days were those when a project finally opened and I got to see months or years of labour translated into an actual physical space.

  • Kelly

    That last line is very Coach Taylor, love it. What an amazing leap! I am so excited to see what you come up with next!

    • Can you tell I just rewatched FNL, AGAIN?

  • Woo hoo! Best of luck! You’ll rock it!

  • Congrats on taking the leap! It is one that I hope to share within the next 5 years!

  • Emily Hopkins

    Does this mean you will be teaching sewing workshops IN MONTREAL????? Please please let it be so!

    And congrats! Looking forward to what the future will bring 😀

    • Yeah buddy! I’l be sure to post about it when I get rolling. Right now I’m thinking about doing a simple intro to sewing a skirt thing, but I’d like to move into knits and maybe a Bombshell course? Let me know what you’d be interested in!

      • Emily Hopkins

        Nice! Knits class would be awesome. Also underthings class would be cool.

  • Carla Lissa

    Congratulations…. it is a very BRAVE decision…. not everybody can afford to make. I am happy for you that you have the courage and the means….money means nothing if you are not happy with your inner self. It is an action that has earned my admiration (for what it means to you from a stranger)… I wish you the BEST!

    • Thank you Carla! I realize that “following your dreams” isn’t possible for everyone due to logistics and money and families, and I’m really grateful I’m getting a chance to do it before I have children and mortgages etc.

  • Ping Mathre

    YAY this is so exciting!! Good luck! And omg so excited for the new pattern.

    PS Boyfriend has been hankering for another Montreal trip for ages. Might have to secretly plan it around a workshop..

    • Well we can also just hang out dude! I’ll be doing intro to sewing courses – way below your skill level!

      • Ping Mathre

        Ooh ok let’s!! I’ll let you know when we figure out dates 🙂

  • A. M. C. B. W.

    I was in Dubai for a while. The workers building things were basically slaves, like you described. In the papers, stories of housekeepers from SE Asia who had their passports taken upon arrival, or men who built things jumping into traffic so their family back home would at least get the “blood money” from the person who happened to be driving by at that moment. Outside, it was a desert, and inside the glittering malls, cool air conditioning blasted all day, no crowds to be seen. (This was 2008, right when the economy started to tank.)

    • Yep. That about sums it up. The mall I was working on is not busy at all. It’s all paid for with national oil money and it’s less about profit and more about image.

  • Lola Lass

    Oh Yay! Happy for you, happy for us. We’ll get to have more greatness from you! All luck and congrats.

  • Chloe Anderson

    Exciting times! Congrats and I can’t wait to see where Closet Case goes in the future, best of luck!

  • Monserratt

    Hi Heather,
    I love your enthusiasm about this new turn in your life.
    I wish you all the best and I’ll be volunteering with you as soon as I finish my PhD sometime in September.
    Much of all the best!! 🙂

    • Hahaha thanks Monserratt! Best of luck with the PhD!

  • Congratulations, Heather! What a wonderful, brave time this must be for you. I’m wishing you all the luck and I can’t wait to see what’s next from your brilliant mind. What an amazing leap!

  • carrieinstitches

    Congratulations! That is so amazing and brave, good job. I am beyond excited to see what you come up with as far as patterns, more blogging, etc. I love your patterns and I love your thoughts and writing. As I mentioned in a previous comment I am an interior designer too. I did mostly high end residential and had the same struggles. It was hard for me to be all in when discussing my clients 20,000 square ft house because I personally found it excessive. But I guess oprah’s house is probably bigger and I love her so I am not saying it as a value judgement, just not something I could put my heart into (-:

    Your heart is clearly into your sewing and your passion comes through loud and clear! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you (-:

    • Thanks Carrie! I am so over ID right now… hoping I’ll grow to love it again once I can just freelance every once and a while and don’t have to deal with the demanding clients 24/7.

  • Buttontreelane

    Congratulations! What a huge, but very satisfying move into working-for-yourselfdom! Enjoy the ride – it’s an exhilirating one!

  • Ellie Gillard

    Congratulations – it’s the best move you’ll veer make. I now work for myself after years of working as a retail buyer for those self same companies that fill those malls and found it increasingly hard to reconcile what I knew and loved about fashion with my own values. I now photograph the most amazing weddings and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I only found your blog recently as I’ve ‘rediscovered’ sewing but I’m loving it.

  • Cheryl Blondin

    So happy for you! From a fellow FNL lover (I have a son named Landry…) I love your mantra. I am going to print it out and put it up in my sewing room. You can count on an ongoing stream of my income coming your way with every pattern release. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • KZ

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see what all is in store for Closet Case Files! I have no doubt you will be very successful in your endeavors. I am in going through a similar time as well, I have put all my energy into starting my own pattern company with plans to release my first pattern in the coming weeks. It couldn’t be more terrifying yet exciting all at the same time. Best of Luck!

  • Oh my gorgeous Heather, I am so happy for you. Congratulations. I know you will do well because you have a great sense of style and a hard worker. Love ya lady.

  • liza jane

    That’s awesome. Congratulations! I’m always in awe when I read about stories like yours. I wish you the best!

  • I can’t even tell you what personal integrity it takes to stand by your values, even in the face of personal sacrifice. I feel really honoured to be a customer in this journey, and I want to thank you so much for sharing your story. If you are teaching sewing in Montreal I will 100% be making the trip from Kingston to take part!!! I will bring down a car load of Queen’s kids to join me!!!!

  • Helen McFadyen

    Congratulations! It must be very scary, but I have no doubt you will make it work. You have a knack for designing amazing patterns that people love! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Good luck!

  • jen d

    Okay, so this post totally made me cry..i mean actual tears!! Ha! I am so happy for you. I think you are totally the bomb my dear and if anyone can make a career out of this sewing gig, its you. The reasons you have so many followers and so many pattern buyers are the same reasons that will make this work for you. Its your realness, your hardwork, your talent, your passion, your ideals, and by golly, your sass – my friends and i all think you oooze sexiness!! Go forth dear girl and soar 🙂 xx

  • Jalcindor

    Well done!! I did this myself and it was so terribly frightening at first, but I’m so happy and empowered now! I could never go back to my old career. Best of luck with your freedom and career, stop by at my site sometime if you fancy a chat about my experiences. Jo

  • You go girl! I really respect your decision to live in accordance with what you believe in (or don’t believe in – I hate malls too). It can’t have been an easy choice to make but it’s awesome that you did it and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • erin

    Congrats! It’s so exciting that you’re working on a way to be creative, earn a living & stay true to your beliefs. I’m excited to see how things go for you as I’m aiming for entrepreneurship myself in about a year. I wish you nothing but the best of luck!

  • Amy

    Very cool news! I’m rooting for you, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in the Closet Case pipeline.

  • Woohoo! Huge congratulations love! That’s a massively exciting life changing decision and it absolutely sounds like the best thing you could have done. You are a seriously talented pattern drafter and I wish you all the luck in the world, not that I think you need it!

  • Ali Goddard

    Love this. Good for you. Having the courage of your convictions is tough but it sounds like you will make your world a far better, more ethical place to be.
    I salute you.

  • ooobop

    Very many congratulations and all the best of luck. That is properly following your heart. Hats off to you, lady xxx

  • this is so exciting! i so happy for you that you are pursuing your dream, and (very selfishly) happy to know that there will be more closet case files in my life! this must have taken a lot of courage but i know you are brave and determined and extremely talented. i wish you the best.

  • MichaelC

    Wow. I am very excited for you. I love your blog. Wishing you the best. I will follow closely. G-speed

  • Sabine

    Congratulations and good luck!
    Love the last line. Definitely quote-worthy.

  • Wooooooooooooooop! Heather, I’m so excited for you. Congratulations on making the leap – you won’t regret it. I’m so excited to see how you grow your business! x

  • Aw, that’s wonderful, I wish you the best if luck in this exciting new stage of your life! You’ve worked so hard fit it, I’m sure you won’t regret this move for a minute. xx

  • charlotte

    so so exciting! Congratulations, and the best of luck 🙂

  • Wishing you all the very best of good luck Heather!! I’m excited for you and so happy you’re feeling good about the future. And wow, I didn’t know about the terrible working conditions there. That’s very depressing. I can see why you felt sucked dry.

  • Jenni Murdison

    Good Luck x

  • Awesome post. Congrats to you and look forward to following your journey.

  • VickiKate

    Holy smokes! That is the most brave and also inspiring thing to do. I wish you amazing success with it all!

  • Such exciting news! Congratulations – I have a feeling you won’t regret this decision.

    • I see no regret in my future. i think, haha

  • Congratulations. It must have been a very hard decision, but I’m sure it will all work out fantastically for you. You must be SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  • didyoumakethat

    Massive congratulations! I look forward to sharing your journey and cheering you on.

  • how exciting! Wishing you all the best! you can do this!

  • ZoSews

    Crazy exciting! You can do it!!

  • Ezmae Watson

    Yes! So so proud of you. I’m off to order both patterns STAT. I was looking for a pattern recently & after reading your blog about the big 4 & indie designers I went straight to By Hand London.

    Love what you do & you’ll be happy everyday.

    • Thank you Ezmae! Couldn’t appreciate the sentiment more.

  • All the best Heather a brave but wonderful decision! x

  • Whoa, congrats! I applaud you taking this leap of faith to do something you truly love. I’ll be wishing you the best knowing that with the work you’ve already created as an indicator, that everything is going to pan out above and beyond your expectations. It’s your leap year!

  • Ekkk! Well done and congrats, also best of luck too! 🙂

  • Cat Does It

    Congrats! Move out of the dock and sail… 🙂

  • Sew Little Time

    wow – that’s a massive change for you. all the very best of luck with it!

  • Natalie @sewoutnumbered

    Go you!!! I hope this new change is the start of your new dream career 🙂 Congrats 🙂 p.s. the bombshell is next on my to sew list!

  • Evie

    Wow! So brave. I wish you every success….although I think you’re already on the path to it.

  • RAH RAH SIS, BOOM BAH!!!!!!!!

  • CapitalChic

    Congratulations, Heather! I wish you all the luck in the world. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Congratulations!! I look forward to more posts from you as well as new patterns!!

  • Wow, I can understand how difficult it would be to be put in such an ethically gray area. I really admire that you had the guts to walk away instead of trying to justify it. I could see a lot of people rationalizing the badness by saying, “Well I’m just DESIGNING the space, not choosing how their workers are treated…”, but I really think on some level they’re still tacitly supporting that kind of treatment. I think what you did was bold and courageous and important. Can’t wait to see what patterns you come up with next!

    • Well, I justified it for years, until I couldn’t anymore. Thanks for the support!

  • sallieforrer


  • Jagoda Spronk

    I am so happy for you! So many of us dream about doing what you did… Congratulations, and all the best!

  • Canal Couture

    I’m looking forward to your future patterns! Best of luck on this new adventure!

  • They always say jump and the net will appear! I think it’s true! Congrats on your decision, I can’t wait to see your next creation!

  • ashley akers

    I wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Forrest Anderson

    Good for you! How exciting! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, it’s a big leap but you have the capacity and determination to make it work. I set up my own horticultural therapy project after being made redundant, the first year was hard but it’s worked out in the end! It’s so good to see your dreams become a reality. Wishing you all the luck in the world! X

    • Horticultural therapy?!?! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

  • Congratulations, and best of luck to you! It makes me really happy to see more and more bloggers I admire doing this…maybe one day I’ll get there myself!

  • Thread Theory

    Best of luck! We’re super excited for you!

  • Meigan

    Congratulations! What an exciting adventure, best of luck!

  • Katja

    Congratulations! That’s such a huge decision, but I’m absolutely sure it’s a good one and so worth everything…

  • COngrats!!!!!!! Go forth and create more killer sewing awesomeness!!!!!!

  • AnnaVespa

    Congratulations!! I’ve been planning on buying both of your patterns since they were each released. The Bombshell was love at first sight (for obvious sexy reasons), and the Nettie would solve so many of my shirt-bunching-up-under-skirts nuisances. I’m going to hop on over to your store and buy both right now! Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see what else you have up your (pun very intended) sleeve!

    • AnnaVespa

      Purchased! 🙂 Thank you, and good luck!

  • blacklabel

    WOW WEEEEEE…Ive jumped too & the free fall is terrifying until that parachute opens up….then its bliss! All the very best. We’ll be here supporting all the way x

  • juliana calado

    I applaude you for the courage and your way of thinking, for wanting to make a better world and a better life for you.
    I am sure this was a right choice and I have no doubts of your success!!
    all the best!

  • sarah

    Woooo! Congrats!

  • Alli

    Congratulations! Good luck! 🙂

  • diyraven

    Hashtag. YAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • Grace

    Congratualtions and good luck! You have my full $upport.

  • You are one of my favourite bloggers and I’m so pleased that you decided to take this leap. I’m in awe of people like you, people who follow their dreams. I know it’s scary, but those who dare win. Best of luck.

    • Awwww thanks Rachel! I’m doing it because of support like this… means the world to me, truly.

  • Angie B

    Congrats. I hope someday to be able to take that leap- I am such a chicken 🙂
    I am hoping all goes well and I love your patterns- so much success to you.

  • Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I quit a stable job of 6 years a few months ago to freelance as a graphic designer. The job had become too stressful and I didn’t feel like I was moving forward. Of course, I still worry about making enough money to get by but I don’t regret the decision at all.

    • Thanks Beth! Not quite sure how I never stumbled on your blog before but its loverly and I just added it to my Feedly.

  • Congrats. I have resigned from jobs twice not a light decision but am better for it. When you have given something considerable thought you never regret it. Okay my salary is not as great but am happier. Am so looking forward to your patterns.

  • Helen

    Congratulations and I wish you all the best. It sounds like you are approaching this in a logical way, you’ve weighed up your options and have ways to make money on the side while the business gets going properly. I’ve been in a job that sucked the life from my soul, quitting meant taking a big pay cut but it was the best thing for my sanity. I applaud you for taking this leap and I wish you every success

    • Thanks Helen! Thank goodness for nest eggs.

  • Maria Shell

    What incredible news! I wish you all the best and very much looking forward to following your adventure on this blog.

  • Big parachute and a soft landing wishes to you!

  • Sarah T

    Thanks for such a thoughtful, meaningful post – you’re very brave but obviously extremely talented and I wish you every success possible. 🙂

  • Rachel

    BOOM TOWN! I’ve never met you, but you continue to be an inspiration to me in many assorted and equally fantastic ways. I wish you the best with all of your endeavors and cannot wait to continue following your progress on the blog.

    • Ohhhh, that’s so sweet and appreciated Rachel!

  • Such a great choice! I was tearing up reading about the ethical dilemma at your job, that would kill me too. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next!

  • Ann T.

    Congratulations on having the courage to believe in yourself! I have noticed that you have an excellent sense of what other sewers want to make. Moreover, with your first two patterns, you have demystified two sorts of garments that I would have never thought to make for myself. Based on what I have read in other blogs, I believe many women feel the same way. I eagerly await your next offering.

    • Ann, that is so incredibly kind and encouraging. This comment made my day! Thank you so much!

  • Congratulations! How exciting (and scary) for you! I think you have made an excellent, well thought out decision and I am very excited to see what you come up with next. Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you Heather! Lots of thinking. Lots and lots of thinking, all pointing to QUIT, haha

  • Samantha Lindgren

    It is scary to quit a paying job, I left the office life a little over a decade ago, and there are moments when you wonder why you left. But honestly I would never go back. Once you are your own boss it is impossible to work for anyone else again. You take all the risks, but you get all the rewards… If you are comfortable making decisions and taking action, there’s no reason not to do it yourself. I try and trust my gut as much a possible and find it rarely leads me astray. Bravo, congratulations and go get ’em…

    If you want to come teach in Maine, I’d love to have you….!

    • YES! I was just there. What a lovely state.

  • Congrats! You’re already kick’n ass, here’s to more of that! Heather + Sewing = Forever

  • Kim

    Wow congratulations! Sounds like an amazing plan and I’m super excited to see more patterns from you! Love my Bombshell..

  • Good luck! An exciting but rather scary decision. I like the comment about freefall being scary until the parachute opens! I’m just about to buy the Nettie pattern (I had an aunt called Nettie – a common nickname for Janet).

    • Let me know how it goes Anne! And thanks for the good luck!

  • Katy & Laney

    Congrats Heather. I’m SO excited for you!!

  • Mindy Nickel

    Congrats! Very excited to see where this new journey takes you.

  • How exciting! I did that a few years ago and though there are still some scary times, I love all that has opened up for me. Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Not only did you leave your job, but you were able to free yourself from contributing to the mess of fast fashion. It’s a tough choice, but congratulations! As someone who worked freelance for almost a year, my advice to you is that is totally ok to freak out at any given point because you don’t have a steady income, and enjoy the freedom of not having a boss. Everything has a way of working itself out..(but I did find myself renewing my xanax prescription more, hah)… All the best!!

    • I may be contacting you for said Xanax, haha

  • Tiffany McGuire

    Congratulations darling!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!! You’ll be great!

    • Thanks Tiffany! Appreciate the sentiment from the bottom of my heart!

  • How inspiring and exciting! Good luck and well done!

  • Congratulations, Heather!! Such amazing news. Naomi sends her best!

    • Thanks Naomi! All my love to you lovebirds.

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Congratulations Heather! I work in fashion and can certainly relate. It’s a crazy, crazy business with so many shady parts. I feel like a rebel wearing my hand mades to work and limiting my support for the system. My next step is to take the jump and stop supporting the cycle entirely, it just weighs on my conscience too much.

    • Meeting retail clients in handmade clothing always felt SO subversive. A hen in the foxhouse!

  • Awesome news! That’s a really brave step you took but I am certain that it will be rewarding in the end. And doing what you really love and what makes you truly happy is the best thing on the planet.

    Can’t wait what you have in store for us! 🙂

  • Yikes, what a decision! It’s so easy to get caught in stability, and I really admire your choice! Good luck!

    • The time is now. Thanks for the well wishes!

  • Debbie

    Congratulations! What an amazingly brave, exciting and inspirational move!

  • OMG huge!!!! Your posts always leave me with so much to absorb, but I’m pretty bloody gobsmacked by this bombshell (oh, for the love of pun!). Heartfelt wishes being sent your way for your every success! And enjoy the journey 🙂

  • Heather, I’m so proud of you and super excited for you. XOXOX

  • JuliaBobbin

    This is so exciting and makes so much sense! I can’t wait for you to dominate the world!!

    • DOMINATE WITH FASHION! The prettiest kind of domination.

  • Congratulations! What an exhilarating decision to have made. I can’t wait to see the awesome patterns and posts you’ll be sharing in the future.

  • Gillian

    I’ve never commented here before, but I want to thank you for an inspiring post. I’ve been lurking the online sewing world for a while, and it’s blogs like yours that have made me want to be part of this community. All best wishes for your future endeavors!

    • Aw thanks Gillian! Lurk more often! This community is one bug online silk hug.

  • This post is so beautiful in so many ways and I really commend you for being so open about your internal conflict with your job (old job, now!). It puts a completely different perspective on the power of sewing for yourself and what it means beyond just having a particular skill and being able to whip up something new to wear on a whim. I’m so inspired by this story and the reasons why you decided to take this leap and I just know that you’re going to do UH-MAZING things. This is so, so exciting! You’re a Super Woman!

    • Thank you Rochelle! So nice to know you’re part of this amazing virtual support network… means the world to me.

  • CathyWF

    Heather, loved Nettie and based on your brave and wonderful decision, I decided to try Bombshell. Based on my experiences with your two patterns, I have a few words. WHY DIDN”T YOU DO THIS SOONER? I’m a pretty good sewer but your patterns are fabulous and directions are just the right balance of instructional, inspiration and irreverent. Keep it up!

    • Hahaha thanks Cathy! Here to make you happy (hopefully!)

  • Sorry for being so late in this discussion, but congratulations! I hear you on being terrified about not having a stable paycheck anymore. That is the number one thing I think about when I consider making Madalynne full time. You’ll do great, I know it, and I’ll be right here to support you in whatever way I can!

  • Amy

    Woooooo, the clouds! Congrats girl on following your instincts. Oh the places you will go… xoxo

  • You are so so so inspiring! Love reading your blog, and it’s so admirable that you’re taking a leap and building the life you dream of 🙂

  • Dude, I am SO excited for you and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!

  • mokosha

    you go, girl! it’s a brave jump, but an awesome one! and i know you’ll be kickass at this new career

  • Linda

    I’ve only just started reading your blog but I think you’re just fricking amazing, I could only wish I were as brave as you. From what I’ve seen so far you’re crazy talented and so in love with sewing you’ll be absolutely fine and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next from you (especially patterns wise).