How to Buy Your First Sewing Machine

Hi all! Amy Here! As many of you might know, earlier this summer we released a beginner sewing course .

Serious Studio Upgrade: Our New Pfaff Sewing Suite

If you follow us along on Instagram, you may have noticed that we recently welcomed a very exciting addition to

The Best Personal Dress Form EVER: Reviewing the Beatrice Dress Form

Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming in dress forms at the studio. We have our professional Alvanon form; this was

How to KonMari your Sewing Space

Hey guys, Amy here. January is inevitably a time of organization. Tidying, cleaning, resetting bad habits, resolutions! The new year

DIY Ironing Board & Mobile Pressing Station

Hey all, Amy here. So we have been busy, busy, bees around the studio getting everything prepped for our latest

Our Pressing Station & the Best Iron for Serious Sewing

We recieve A LOT of questions about our ironing/pressing set-up. I get it… it took me YEARS to figure out

Free Pattern Alert! Make our Serger & Sewing Machine Cover

Hi all! Amy here. I am so excited to share this beautiful studio DIY with you; a custom serger and

Achieving Max-Org: How We Stay Organized in Our Sewing Studio

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Our New Studio Space: Closet Case HQ

This post has been a looooong time coming! I’ve wanted to share our new studio space with you for a

Our Current Studio Set-up

Growing a business is challenging for a lot of reasons, and one of the things I’ve struggled with the most


Tilly’s post last week on her McGyvered workstation reminded me of the research I did a few months back on

Sewing & Cutting Table DIY for Your Craft or Sewing Studio

As promised, today I’ll be sharing how to make the greatest cutting table of all time. I may be a


Hey y’all. If you follow me on instagram you probably noticed a flurry of photos last week while I was


Sweet mercy, the engines on my machines have been OH so busy churning out some lovelies I am not ready