Pattern Hacks for the Jasika Blazer

We are all about a good hack over here. Maxing out on the possibilities of a pattern is not only

Converting Darts to a Princess Seam for the Jasika Blazer

Hello all! Celine here. I am the in-house pattern maker for Closet Case Patterns and I am here to share

Blazers of Glory!!

Wow: most uttered word in the studio over the past two months, bar none. We have been so utterly bowled

A Jasika Blazer for ME!

All this talk about our Jasika Blazer this year and I realized I haven’t shared a personal make yet! I

Free Pattern: Shoulder Pads and Sleeve Heads

Hello! Alexis here. I’m here today with a quick tutorial to show you how to make your own sleeve heads

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 5: Assemble Body & Sew Lapel

We are rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ along with our Blazer of Glory challenge and this week is a big one! Not

Bespoke Tailoring Details for the Jasika Blazer

Hey guys, Amy here. One of the greatest joys of sewing (in my opinion) is the endless customization, personalization, and

Interview with a Tailor: Wisdom from Maimu

I’ve been really lucky over the years to find some incredible pattern testers. Pattern making and development happens in a

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 4: Sew the Front, Side Panels and Welt Pockets

Yay! This week for our #blazerofglory challenge we actually start sewing! We spent the first few weeks sourcing our supplies

Jasika Blazer Tester Round-up

Hey y’all! Just popping in to show you some of our tester makes for the Jasika Blazer. This was an

Sewist Spotlight and Pattern Muse: Jasika Nicole

The internet can be a wonderful place. How I else would I get to meet the ebullient, charming and hilarious

Blazer of Glory Challenge Week 3: Cut Fabric, Interface and Mark Pattern Pieces

Week three of our #blazerofglory challenge begins! Once you’ve got all your supplies and fabrics in order and have fine-tuned

How to fit a Tailored jacket or Blazer // Fit adjustments for the Jasika Blazer

Today we are going to talk fitting for your Jasika Blazer! This is often the most intimidating part of sewing

Sourcing Interfacing and Supplies for the Jasika Blazer

This week we’re talking provisions for your Jasika Blazer, and after discussing fabric, it’s time to move on to interfacing

Sourcing Fabric for Your Jasika Blazer

This week for our #blazerofglory challenge we’re focusing on gathering fabrics, supplies and making a muslin. To help you on

Styling Inspiration for the Jasika Blazer

Hey guys, Amy here! We have been all blazers all the time for a while prepping for the launch of

Introducing the Blazer of Glory Sewing Challenge!

We’ve been overwhelmed by your incredible response to our latest pattern, the Jasika Blazer. I can’t tell you how happy

Introducing the Jasika Blazer Pattern + Our New Online Tailoring Course

Guys. GUYS. GUUUUUUYS. Today marks the culmination of almost two years of work, the single biggest challenge this business has