Sophie Swimsuit Pattern
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We love love love seeing what you guys get up to on Instagram, and seeing all the Sophie swimsuits cropping up in the past month has been thrilling. I think it’s our best pattern so far when it comes to giving you lots of opportunity to explore your own creative ideas and each Sophie we see is so unique to its maker. ALL THE HEARTS FOR EYES EMOJIS!! Here are some current favourites, from Instagram and from some of our favourite sewing blogs…

The nice thing about Instagram is it lets you share progress pics while you’re sewing. These can be as inspiration as the final thing! We’ve been eye banging these flat-lay and in-progress shots….

There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy, if you are still hoping to sew a Sophie Swimsuit of your own. Check out the tag #sophieswimsuit for more inspiration!

  • Wow, they are all so pretty!

  • Dala chin

    I’m so excited that you shared my Sophie! They are all beautiful, it is totally fun to see all the combinations of color and pattern. Congrats on another amazing pattern!

  • Joke (The Needle Of Choice)

    I so love this pattern, but am afraid my skills are not up to that level (yet?). For now, I’ll keep enjoying what I see online!