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Just a quick post with some fun news… It’s finally June, and we’re sure you’re starting to plan your summer sewing schedule. If a beautiful me-made swimsuit is at the top of that list, we’re excited to offer you 20% off our Sophie Swimsuit workshop until June 19th. This online course walks you through the construction of our gorgeous Sophie Swimsuit Pattern from start to finish in eleven, in-depth video lessons, and includes the PDF pattern with enrollment.

This pattern was one of our biggest labours of love. With five cup sizes for each size in our range, in addition to two major variations (a high waisted bikini and a glamorous bustier style one piece), the Sophie Swimsuit is one of our most customizable and adaptable patterns ever. Our online workshop is designed to make this a totally achievable project for beginners and advanced sewists alike, or for those of you who are new to sewing lycra knits.


✂ How to assemble a swimsuit using a regular sewing machine or serger

✂ Working with swimsuit lycra

✂ The best techniques and stitches for swimsuit construction

✂ Where to source the best bra making and swim supplies

✂ How to insert elastic for swimsuits that move with you

✂ How to make a perfectly supportive foam cup

✂ Insert underwire and channeling for the ultimate in breast support

✂ Fit your suit to perfection – learn how to grade between sizes, sew a sample test cup, and make cups that were fit just for you

✂ Personalize and hack your swimsuit so you can be your own personal swimwear designer!


This workshop was TERRIFIC right from the start to achieve a nicely fitting swimsuit top. Heather was practically holding my hand through the entire process. The explanations were easy to understand and the videography was excellent as well. A beginner could easily be successful using this workshop to make a swimsuit. When I had a question, Heather took the time to respond and the answer was beyond my expectation…clear, concise and detailed! I love that I can log in and watch again and again. Heather has a fresh approach to sewing instruction that IMO matches all skill levels and is superb for the newest among sewists. – Genevieve Arthur

I made my first swimsuit using this course. I was pretty nervous about swimwear, especially putting in an underwire, but the course made it so easy to understand. Heather Lou was so personable, and I loved that it felt like she was sewing right along with me! I’m super proud of my finished swimsuit, and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it! – Nicole Morgan

The Fine Print:
This sale ends at midnight on Monday, June 19th. To get the discount, click on one of the buttons in this email, or use the code SOPHIESUMMER at checkout.



  • Caroline

    Yeah, I’m going to have to take advantage of this on pay day. When I was a little kid the only thing that I would wear around the house were my Wonder Woman underroos, and looking at all of the Sophie bikinis online has lead to 1) The realization that I could make the grown up bikini version of said underroos and lounge around the pool in them, and 2) NO FOR REAL NOW I HAVE TO DO IT, THERE IS NO CHOICE. NO. CHOICE.

    • OMG, please make a Wonder Woman Sophie! Btw, you MUST see the new movie. IT IS AWESOME.

      • Caroline

        I think I HAVE to. Like, I don’t think there is any possible alternative to making and wearing the hell out of that suit. IT MUST HAPPEN. I mean, especially if I make the long line top, it’s basically screaming for red and gold color blocking.

        I went to WW opening night. I MAY have teared up during her first super awesome fight scene. And oh, DUDE, if you appreciated the awesomeness that was that movie, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and then join me in waiting with bated breath for her movie to also BLOW EVERYONE’S FRIGGING MIND WHEN IT HAPPENS.

        (And if you want to see body positive, inclusive female empowerment at its VERY MOST ADORABLE, see if your local library or fine book purveyor has the graphic novels for Ms. Marvel and for Squirell Girl. Your heart will burst from happiness)

        (Sorry. Feminist nerd explosion.)

        • I’ll check it out! My bff texted me this weekend to tell me the boat scene with Chris Pines was totally improvised and then I discovered I could love the two of them even more.