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Later today I’ll be debuting the new Closet Case pattern, but I thought I’d start off  by introducing another project I’ve been working on the last few months: my first ebook!

Sewing Your Own Jeans has been a real labour of love. As I’ve started teaching Ginger workshops, I’ve learned even more about making and fitting jeans and wanted to offer an expanded and improved jeans-making course. While the sewalong is still available on the blog, this ebook offers a lot more photos and information in a beautifully designed PDF format. You can take it with you, and easily follow along on your tablet, computer or phone while you’re working on your jeans.

Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case FilesInstalling a Fly Front Zipper // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case FilesInstalling a Fly Front Zipper // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case Files Fitting jeans & pants // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case Files Distressing Denim // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case Files Installing Jeans button // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case Files

The ebook is over 90 pages long and features 220 images. Jeans-making is broken down into 13 bite size lessons so you can follow along at your own pace. I’ve also included special bonuses like a printable jeans-making cutting list, and a chapter dedicated to hacking your skinny jeans in flared jeans!

Making flared jeans // Sewing Your Own Jeans eBook // Closet Case Files

While this ebook is a great companion to the Ginger Jeans pattern, I’ve tweaked the instructions to make sure they can be applied to any jeans pattern. Hoping you guys will find this helpful on your jean-making journeys; it’s available now in the shop!

  • Camelia de Bruin

    I just finished my Ginger Jeans and have wear them all the day….I love them so much! Love the instructions and I am sure that this is a great book on sewing jeans . Exciting over your new pattern :), I wear my test garment every day almost …it is a great one.

  • I’m basically buying this because of the case studies. I think that will help me a TON.

    • I’ll be adding to it over time as well, but there is definitely help in there to get you started!

  • This is such a great idea! I hate to try on jeans, this hang up carries over to making my own, and I sure don’t want them to look wonky if I do take the time to make them.

    • Its a process, but guaranteed you’ll never have jeans anxiety again once you get the fit down!

  • This is wonderful. I’m glad you released it before Christmas so I can add it to my list!

  • Way to go Heather! This will be a great resource for so many!

  • Wow! I loved following along the sew-along when I sewed my first pair, but I can see having it all in one handy dandy place would be amazing. I plan to sew another pair soon so I may have to get the ebook to hold my hand again!

    • Its much easier/prettier than having to toggle between posts, that’s for darn sure.

  • Mandy Varelis

    This looks like a fantastic resource! Good work. Your instructions for a fly zipper in the Ginger sew along were fantastic. I finally did a fly I could be proud of when I followed them.

  • Honest Amanda

    The case studies is such a fantastic idea!

  • I am definitely going to buy this if I ever get to sewing jeans. You’ve done an excellent job, we’d expect no less. Thank you, thank you for enriching the online sewing world. I think the tailoring world are feeling left out, there seem to be resources popping up from them at a rate of knots too!! x

    • Thanks Lesley! What kind of new tailoring resources? I’d love to read more!

      • This one by Darren Beaman – The Yorkshire tailor. He’s adding to them weekly
        This method of making handmade buttonholes is time consuming but beautiful, I haven’t found a good alternative yet. I’ll keep adding tailoring links to blog posts as I find them.

  • Kalle Thompson

    We’ll have to make this “recommended reading” for the workshop!

    • NO BREAKS OR LUNCH UNTIL I GET MY BOOK REPORTS! I’ll just send them to you instead 😉

      • Kalle Thompson

        ha! good thing i just downloaded my copy; i’ll be ready. let me know when you decide on a date…i’m really excited!

  • sallieforrer

    This is a fantastic idea. You’re so smart. And wonderful. I will be adding this to my jeans making arsenal. Really love that you included a tutorial for flared jeans as they have been on my miiinnnnndddd ….

  • missceliespants

    So, I downloaded this as soon as you announced it. It is really really supurb. Like, everything about it is fabulous. The details are great, the information is so good. The real life fitting scenarios are outstanding. It’s a real service and I can see the quality of work you put in to it.

  • You had me at jeans!!

  • Jenny

    Thank you for this! Super helpful! I love the blue and rust top stitching.- A great signature!

  • Oh my god Heather, this booklet is incredible. I just started a course and I have to make jeans – you’re booklet arrived in the nick of time! It’s now my sacred text. The fitting section and fly insertion is just perfect. :::round of applause and raises a glass::::