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Sewing Frosting with Closet Case Patterns

Hello all! Amy here. I imagine by now many of you are knee deep in your frosting projects (right guys?!). In case you are still looking for inspiration to get your sewjo fired up we thought we would put together a roundup of some Frosting looks that Closet Case customers have made with our patterns. Chances are, if you are reading this, you may already have one of these in your stash. So all you need is some lovely fabric or special notions you’ve been hoarding and you too can be on your way to creating something fun, pretty and just a bit frivolous!


No, you don’t have to be on a beach for these Charlie Caftans (although, it might help) you just need a whole whack of a glorious fabric to make the evening gown of your dreams. This is truly the pattern for holiday eating (I mean parties) since you can hang out under there free as a bird, no Spanx required!


Velvet is really having a moment right now and it’s a match made in heaven with our Ebony Dress! Both these images are from fabric stores so we know it is IN STOCK out there. Being a teen of the 90’s I definitely have some feelings about crushed velvet and I cannot look at these without seeing every dress I wore to a high school dance, but I think I have enough distance on it to consider it fresh again. And come on, so cozy.


Frosting is not synonymous with evening, however. Frosting is about making something special that puts a ME-MADE stamp on a pattern. Our Jenny Overalls are pretty utilitarian, but whether it is through a unique print or adorable embroidery, frosting needs only to bring joy to you the maker. And trust me, that joy is contagious.


While the Sasha Trousers are an undeniable workhorse of a pattern, no one is going to accuse them of being…fun. Or are they!?!? This floral suit is the stuff of frosting dreams and in a snakeskin print… that’s freaking frosting y’all.


Again, this pattern is a piece of delicious cake ( the Kalle shirtdress is our most popular hashtag) but in a fabric choice that says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERE IS A PIECE OF BIRTHDAY CAKE COVERED IN SPRINKLES AND SPARKLERS!!!!” You get it now? One of you clever ladies also suggested making Kalle from some boucle for a Chanel shirtdress of dreams and to that we say HELLS YES.


I love the idea of choosing a fancy fabric and pairing a cropped Kalle with a pencil skirt. It is SUCH an unexpected choice for evening and is pretty buttoned up but in a sexy librarian way, which happens to be my favourite kind of librarian. And can we talk about the fabric placement on this black and white number? It looks so designer, but is also so timeless and chic.


Natalie here is single-handedly winning the award for ” most hubba hubba”. While not formally one of the categories of the #sewfrosting awards I believe she should receive an honorary mention for making the absolute MOST out of a single pattern with our Nettie Dress. So fun!


I guess technically, nothing is more frosting that a frothy white wedding dress. Here, these brides used the Nettie bodysuit in a stretch lace as a base for what are two really beautiful looks. I love how they turned out so different; that pant/skirt combo is making me feel things. Congrats ladies!

COME ON! Do I even need to say anything? Nettie bodysuit as halloween costume AND swimsuit? Stick a fork in me.


Here we are everyone, at the end of the line. Sequinned Sallie jumpsuits!! Somehow neither of these read as silly or costume to me but both make my heart leap out of my chest and scream to myself, “where can I wear this IMMEDIATELY?!”

So, are you ready to channel your inner Sasha Fierce and get into some clothes that are not meant to blend in or hide you? That are instead meant to say to the world, “I am a delicious piece of cake, covered in beautiful frosting and yes, thank you, I did make it”?

Show us your makes with the #sewfrosting hashtag! Deadline for prizes is Nov.30th, 2018.