Finishing Details: Hems, Buttons & Snaps // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

Congratulations, you are so close to wearing your new Sienna Maker Jacket! We just have a few final finishing touches

Sewing the Sleeves // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

In this post we’ll show you how to assemble the pocket sleeves and how to set in the two piece

Sewing the Collar and Lapel // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

This is not our first time around the block sewing notched collars. We sewed notched collars (with piping!) for our

Sewing the Belt and Belt Vent for View A & B // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

If you are sewing View A or B of the Sienna Maker Jacket, this post is for you! You will

Assembling the Body for View C // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

The back button placket vent we came up with View C was one of the options we got really excited

Assembling the Body for View A & B // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

In this post we’ll cover assembling the body for View A & B for the Sienna Maker Jacket. Your sewing

Sewing the Pockets // Sienna Maker Jacket Sewalong

Pockets are unarguably the most important feature of any garment, but they are essential for a jacket destined for a

Pattern Bonus! Waterproof Pocket Variation

If you are sewing a waterproof Kelly Anorak, we’ve created a free pattern bonus for you! While we love the

Bagging the Jacket Lining (Lined Version) // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Your jacket lining should be assembled and ready to attach to the outer jacket. The lined hood should also be

Assembling the Lining and Hood (Lined Version) // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

When we first released our original Kelly Anorak pattern in October 2016, we had a few requests for a lined

Setting in Sleeves (Lined Version) // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

If you are sewing a lined Kelly Anorak, in this post we will cover how to assemble and attach your

Setting in Sleeves & Cuffs (Unlined Version) // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

For those of you sewing the original unlined version of the Kelly Anorak, your jacket is now only two sleeves

Sewing Hood or Collar (Unlined Version) // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

In this post we’ll show you how to assemble and attach either the three-piece hood or stand-up collar for the

Sewing the Zipper Placket // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

I really think that as far as jackets go, the Kelly Anorak is a totally approachable project even for a more

Sewing Drawstring Casing // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

If you’re installing a drawstring casing on your Kelly Anorak (a completely optional step, but one that adds a little

Sewing Gusseted Pockets // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

When I started working on the Kelly Anorak pattern I knew right away I wanted, big, deep, roomy pockets. I take

Assembling the Jacket Body // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

In this sewalong we’ll be demonstrating how to sew a jacket with both our original unlined Kelly Anorak sewing pattern

Sewing a Waterproof Jacket with Seam Tape // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

When it comes to choosing a fabric for the Kelly Anorak pattern there are a lot of choices out there.

How to Install Snap Buttons Tutorial // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Snap buttons are one of those things I always assumed were much harder to work with than they actually are. I

How to Install Grommets // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Hot on the heels of my snap buttons tutorial, today I’ll be showing you how to install grommets. The Kelly

How to Sew Flat Felled Seams // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

One of my favourite things about designing patterns is thinking about the best way to finish things; pretty guts are very

Fitting and Full Bust Adjustment // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Today let’s talk fitting for your Kelly Anorak. I think for most of you, the pattern won’t need any modification.

Fabric Options // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Today I want to talk fabric for your Kelly Anorak. There are lots of options, so it’s really up to

Styling Inspiration // Kelly Anorak Sewalong

The Kelly Anorak was so much fun to design since a good jacket is the sum of its details (something I