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I know that summer is generally a slow time for most sewists (what with the sun, the bbqs, the beach, and the merciless days when it’s so hot you get chafe rashes on your inner thighs from any kind of movement and can only survive by lying down on sweaty cotton sheets with a fan blowing on you while getting melted popsicle all over everything. Err, just me then?) That said, this Montreal summer has been pretty schizophrenic and we’ve only had a couple of truly oppressively hot days, a godsend to some degree because I work from home without air conditioning. It’s been mild enough that I can actually sew without sweating and crying, and I’ve been cranking out summer me-mades like a one woman (barely) sweat(y) shop.

When I launched the Sallie Jumpsuit sewing pattern, a few of you were keen to make a romper variation. It was one of those *bang head against desk* moments, because a romper hadn’t even occurred to me (pattern tunnel vision – it’s a thing!) Had I not had my head up my butt, I definitely would have included a romper pattern variation, since y’all know I like to drown you with options. Needless to say, it’s basically the easiest hack in the world, and I zipped up this cobalt number to test it out. I’ve been cruising around town in it every since.

Sallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case Files Sallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case FilesSallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case Files Sallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case Files

The fabric is a medium weight cotton jersey from Globetex. I loved the colour but knew it was way too thick to keep the bodice lined, especially not for a little summer romper you throw on when you want as little touching your skin as possible. For this hack, I eliminated the bodice lining, finished the neckline and sleeves with knit binding and added a separate elastic waistband channel. I’ll be sharing a tutorial on adding knit binding to the neckline later this week since it’s an easy, pretty finish. In hindsight, I would have been better off extending the arm opening seam allowance and doing a simple folded hem; I’m not crazy about how the shoulder lays with the knit binding.

Sallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case FilesSallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case FilesSallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case FilesSallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case FilesSallie Jumpsuit Pattern // Romper DIY // Closet Case Files

This has turned out to be the perfect summer something; easy to throw on, lightweight, and with enough fabric in between the legs to prevent the dreaded summer “thigh chafe of misery”. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a tutorial on the super easy changes you’ll need to make to the pattern to crank out your own romper, along with that knit binding tutorial I promised later in the week.

And you? Have you already rompered it up? Or are you too busy lysing on sweaty sheets, dripping popsicle on everything?

  • Katherine

    Yes yes yes yes yes! I have been waiting for this hack since you mentioned it! I am all ready to go make one or 40 of these for myself. I can see this being my weekend uniform, it’s freaking HOT over here on the west coast.

    • Yeah, this si pretty much the easiest thing ever to wear on hot days.

  • Fantastic color!! My fabric is washed and ready but I have not started my Sallie yet… I have black terry- I have not read through the pattern yet, but like your fabric here I know it will be too heavy to line- so I will go with binding as well! Can’t wait. I will be doing the pants version but seeing this has me thinking!!

    • Ooh French terry! Definitely skip the lining if it’s thick. The binding tutorial should be up tomorrow…

  • That colour is amazing on you. I love jumpsuits/ rompers/ playsuits.

    • Thanks Rachel. Cobalt is definitely one of my favourites…

  • Deepika Prakash

    That color! Those shoes, the sunnies.. the whole thing just works!

  • Just bought my fabric for this, cant wait to start. And the neck binding will be perfect for my version, Thank you!

    • No prob Andrea! Binding tutorial will be up tomorrow morning.

  • Hélène

    So you hacked your own pattern… can we call it “auto-hacking” then? Anyway, the result is fabulous, as always! Not to mention these fantastic pictures in a typical Montréal ruelle. Heather, you are the best ambassador for your patterns AND the city!

    • Awww thanks love! Guillaume always gets annoyed with the constant alley shots but I like the privacy, and also Montreal ruelles are my favourite thing about waling around in the city….

  • I LOVE this! When I saw this pattern released I also thought it’d be great as a romper! Super cute and comfy looking.

  • Katie

    Man! I love it! I’m all for rompers and was actually seriously considering buying Sallie just to hack it into a romper and now you’ve pretty much convinced me. Also… thigh chafe of misery… so true!

    • It’s an easy hack! I posted about the changes today.

  • AuntyMaimu

    Bwah! it’s super not summery for me! I’m at Stockholm for a short summer vacay, and it’s the sama here! Under 20 degrees Celcius.

    But I sure am glad that the rest of the world is getting one! NOT! LMAO!
    The romper looks cute! I love love the color! AND SHOES! SUPER CUTE!
    Since I loath my knees, I could never wear something that short in public. Plus theres cellulite and I’ve heard it bothers other people…go figure!

    • I’m so over worrying about cellulite. It seems so silly to stress about it when the majority of us have it. I actually have lots of it but it doesn’t show in these pictures, probably because the sky was really overcast…..

      • AuntyMaimu

        I don’t worry about mine either, it’s the rest of people who seem to take notice of it. For me it’s more about not getting along with my knees. I got the leftovers from the family geene pool LMAO.

  • Francesca Amodeo

    oh, gorgeous! Colour, wedges, length, everything…. and no, you are not alone, heatwave is upon Malta and all I can bear to do is lift a glass of cold liquid….

    • I’d take a heatwave in Malta over a humid jerk heat wave in Montreal ANY DAY!

  • karen

    being able to “sew without sweating and crying” just made me laugh out loud. laughing in sympathy, as i’ve felt that pain, too. hurrah for the cooler temps this side of the prairies! i desperately want to look good in a romper, and think i’d have better luck with yours than a one-size-fits-most off the rack. hope to muster the courage!

    • You can totally pull it off Karen! Most RTW rompers are too short in the leg and in the crotch, in my experience. One more checkmark for sewing your own….

  • Beth

    Love the striped/polka dot speed bumps! Love the romper idea too!

    • Thanks Beth! My fella has an eye for photo backdrops 😉

  • sallieforrer

    EEeeee!!! I just love this!! That color is to die for, and a romper variation is so stinking cute. Look forward to the tutorials – especially since I’m always on the lookout for new ways to finish knits besides, you know, shelling over my life savings for a coverstitch machine! But I have to be honest, I’m having a hard time tearing my eyes away from your shoes… I have such a soft spot for espadrilles and ankle ties and wedges and basically everything that’s going on here… please don’t tell me these are another secret special vintage find…?

    • Urm…. I bought them at a yard sale in Mexico, haha. So yeah, kind of a find….

  • scuffsan

    I’m really loving this hack! I’ve been very undecided on jumpsuits and rompers for a long time, but lately quite a few really cute ones have popped up all over. Since I couldn’t find a rtw one that would fit my bum without being a total sack over my upper body I decided to make my own. Just finished sewing my very first romper the other day and I’m thinking I probably need another one (for when the Swedish summer actually begins that is…)

  • YES x a million million.

    I have a store bought romper I’ve been wearing in this Shanghai heat, and I just bought your Sallie pattern earlier this week because I reckon this is very close to my RTW. Absolutely perfect for hotter days! You look AH-mazing… this definitely makes it a versatile pattern now! The knit fabric of my RTW is so stylish but comfortable and absolutely perfect this summer, I hope I can find the same kinda fabric at the market!

  • Well, I need this in my life RIGHT NOW.

  • Monserratt Lopez

    You look so sexy wearing this romper!!!
    I love it!!

  • Ooh, that looks like perfect summer wear! The shade of blue is gorgeous and I love the back view!
    I know the thigh chafe issue, but since I bought bandelettes (lace thigh bands) last year, I’m the happiest girl alive on hot summer days. 😉

  • Amy Vonk

    I have a general question about attaching the lining to the bodice at the neckline – would it be okay to use a serger for that part, or do you recommend using a regular sewing machine? My knit is pretty lightweight so I’d love to use the serger, but I’m not sure if that would make the neckline look too bulky.

    • A serger should be fine but you do want to make sure you stabilize that seam as directed in the instructions.

      • Amy Vonk

        Thanks for the swift reply, Heather – I’ve done so. Best, Amy