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It’s time I wrap up “my grey period”. Spring has FINALLY arrived in Montreal so I promise, no more stricken/traumatized instagram posts of April snowfalls. Someone recently pointed out that they/I were getting increasingly unhinged. It’s been warm out ALL week, and I’ve been riding my bike around town with the wind in my hair and a big goofy grin on my face like everyone else in this beleaguered city.

Today let’s take a look at the last of my winter makes so I can focus on making a billion things out of all the crazy printed rayons I’ve picked up recently. Although to be honest, looking at these photos makes me quite sad since I lost one of the earrings I’m wearing, a white gold pair I’ve had for over ten years. Total ranty sidenote but: How do you all DEAL with earrings? It doesn’t seem to matter what type of closure I use;  earrings are like a bickering married couple and one is always taking off for greener pastures without warning. A few hours later I’ll notice it’s missing and yell at the other one for not cluing me in that there was marital discord when I could have done something about it.


Plaid Archer by Closet Case Files-2Plaid Archer by Closet Case Files-4Plaid Archer by Closet Case Files-7

If this fabric looks familiar, it’s leftover from one of my Carolyn pajama samples. I love this flannel; so cozy and soft and destined to be a plaid Archer for cottaging and sugar shacking (sugar shacking being the time of year when Canadians pile into log cabins on maple farms to induce stage 2 diabetes while pouring cups of syrup on heaping plates of deep-fried breakfast foods).

The construction of this baby is nothing to write home about. I cut the pockets and yoke on the bias and did my best to match the plaids – so satisfying. The only hiccup I ran into was trying to source pearl metal snaps. After a lot of digging around I found them locally but for the highway robbed price of 6 for $8. As a result, I didn’t end up putting one at the top collar or along the cuffs, hence the rolled sleeves. Since then I’ve discovered it’s much better to purchase them in bulk on Wawak; I just bought a 50 pack of Gingher pearl snaps for under $10. Now I just need to pull out the snap setter and install the ones I skipped the first time. Rachel just posted a great DIY on snap buttons if you’d like to do  the same.

Plaid Archer by Closet Case Files-12 Plaid Archer by Closet Case Files-10plaid archer button down shirt

The jeans are yet another pair of Gingers, with a denim I was testing that didn’t end up making the cut for our kits. I was really hoping to find a great waxed denim to sell by the yard and this one isn’t bad, but I wasn’t impressed with the recovery. I can get about two wears out of these before they start bagging out which isn’t good enough for you, my darlings. And then there is the gloss factor – I’m seeing a lot of back of leg lines that aren’t normally there in regular denim. Regardless, they feel pretty rock and roll. And also very winter. I doubt I will be pulling these out for another 6 months, at least. GIVE ME ALL THE SUMMER DRESSES.

DIY waxed jeans

Details: Archer shirt with white plaid flannel, Ginger jeans with waxed denim, Steve madden ankle boots (similar here), Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

  • Chloe

    The earring thing happened to me too! I had the remaining one made into a pendant so I can still wear it (and actually wear it more as a necklace than I ever did as earrings!)

    • This is very smart. I think this would look dumb though with my big hoop, hahaha. Maybe I could melt it down or something? I don’t know. Still mad about it 🙁

  • Claire

    I just went and changed to copy your outfit. But shirt is linen (spring, finally!) and my butt doesn’t look nearly as good as yours since I didn’t make my pants!

    • Hahahaha thanks Claire! And I could not be more excited about all the new opportunities for linen! LINEN! COME TO ME!!

  • Laney

    Love that last booty pic! Meee-ow! I also really like the gloss on that waxed denim – it’s really too bad the unsatisfactory recovery makes it un-kit-worthy, but at least you got yourself a rockin’ pair! I am so glad Spring finally found it’s way north to you in Montreal, it has only just arrived here in Boston too, there are still bits of sneaky snow and ice lingering in shadows… xo – Laney

    • Thanks babe! Hopefully we’ll see each other something this spring/summer. I really want to come to Boston, primarily to hang out with you guys at Greys, haha.

  • Nettie

    Dude, killer tush!! I love the waxed look!! I want to wax my own, but after all that work, I wouldn’t be able to do it!

    • Takes a tush to know a tush. I hear you on the wax; it’s kind of why I haven’t done it yet but like, i have a million pairs. I should just bit the bullet and do it already!

  • Helene Reinders

    Awesome outfit. And yep, not to be a perv but your butt looks so awesome in those! Boom! Going to make myself a pair like that now!

    • Hahaha thanks Helene! It’s all the cheese I’ve eaten this winter 😉

  • i habitually check my earrings every hour. maybe more so if it’s a pair that i know has a habit of slipping off. I get super attached and sad whenever I lose them.. but I seem to lose earrings and rings like it’s no big deal 🙁 … anyways that wax fabric is the bomb dot com

    • Thanks babe. It just SUCKS because most cheap earrings give me infections so I need at least 20K. Which BURNS when I lose them. I did however buy these gold plated hoop clasps on Amazon I’ve been using on my cheapie danglies, but I seem cursed with hoops and posts.

  • Carly

    I have so many single earrings, because I refuse to get rid of the ones I love, even if their mate is long gone. And every time I see them sitting there I get sad about it all over again.

    • ME TOO! I have a little cup of lonely single earrings. Like, I secretly think I’ll stumble on all the pairs one day, in the same place I find all my missing socks. KEEP DREAMING HEATHER.

  • Too bad the waxed denim wasn’t up to snuff! I would have grabbed that up in a heartbeat. I’ve been thinking about waxing my first pair of Gingers, but buying the fabric pre-waxed would be so much easier!

    • I still want to wax a pair; it might be your best bet if you can’t source any decent pre-waxed stuff….

  • Damn! This is a fantastic winter outfit (but it’s great that it’s warm enough to file the jeans away until the fall)!! And I’m so glad that you test the denim to make sure it’s high enough quality for us denim lovers out here! Saves a lot of heartache!

    Also – thanks so much for linking to Wawak – I just went on a miniature shopping spree and picked up those snaps and about 20 jeans zippers in all different colors!

    • Yay! I just dropped a bundle there this week and had everything shipped to my dad’s place. Wawak rules.

  • I love and covet this outfit. Luckily, there is an plaid Archer in my queue and I will be learning to make jeans with you in October! Have I mentioned how excited I am for that? So a similar outfit is in my future. 🙂 As for your earring dilemma, I lose earrings all the time as well and sadly my solution is cheapo Target earrings. Cheap earrings also irritate my ears, but my solution for that is to dip the post into Neosporin first. Strangely, since I have been buying cheap earrings, I lose them way less often. Murphy’s Law I guess!

    • WHEEE! Can’t wait. Let’s just wear plaids and jeans all weekend at camp! We can be the Ginger Girl Gang.

  • I’m sorry about your earrings, such a bummer! I hate losing them!
    This is a rockin’ outfit – love that comfy Archer and those waxed jeans are super cool.

  • RavenNemain

    Sometimes, cheap earrings have little rubber stoppers on the back when you buy them, to keep them attached to the cardboard/plastic they come on. I bought a few pairs on super-sale (like $1 each at Le Chateau, I think, but in pretty sure other cheap accessory boutiques do it too), tossed the ugly-as-sin earrings, but cycle the rubber stoppers through all of my nice ones. Haven’t lost an earring in ages. And congrats on the Spring! All my Montreal friends are also losing their minds.

    • Yes these work great. On teh dangly earrings. But what about posts? The darned backings always fall off. Sigh.

  • Claire

    Earrings! I have lost so many earrings that I gave up and now wear mismatched earrings- 4 mismatched earrings if at all possible (two in each ear, the danglier the better). I also try to wear rubber backs on them to avoid losing them (pieces of eraser work well for this in a pinch).

    • Hahaha this is a great idea. I always loved the idea of mismatched earrings but was never confidant enough to pull it off….

  • Mandy Varelis

    *wolf whistle* nice bum!
    *blush* I mean, nice jeans!
    And shirt. Reminds me of the cozy flannel shirts I used to steal from my dad in my youth.

    • I love stealing shirts from dads! And thanks *looks down shyly while shaking bottom*

  • mokosha

    nice combo! love the waxed fabric and that almost leathery look it has.. and nice bottocks, btw 🙂

    • Bottocks! Thank you. That’s a great word.

  • Love the Gingers!!! Where did you source the waxed denim from?

  • I love this whole outfit, the archer is particularly nice in that lovely fabric!

    • Thank you Amelia! It just gets cozier withe very wash.

  • So pleased you explained ‘sugar shacking’ cos I thought it was a euphemism for a drug habit!!

  • Samantha Lindgren

    VERY VERY relieved to hear that Spring has come to Montreal as well…. If it had not arrived this weekend here in Maine, …well…, I’m not sure what I would have done, but it would have been bad….. Yes, baby, you are rocking those jeans! and the Archer looks superb. Just this Winter I lost two earring from pairs that I wear ALL THE TIME, so I am heart broken. Recently came upon this idea to get a thick elastic band and cut little squares from it. I poke a hole in the square and then slip it on to the back of the earring to secure it….. Wish I had come up with this earlier, sigh. Guess it’s time to get working on my Ginger muslin…

    • That’s smart! I have some plastic cappy things I use sometimes but I still can’t seem to keep any in my frigging ears.

  • I really like this outfit! I would wear the hell out of both pieces!

    • While I’m wearing them? That would get crowded.

  • sallieforrer

    I just want to copy you and make this my new cold weather uniform. It’s perfection. That waxed denim has all sorts of edginess going for it, and the comfy cozy plaid shirt just softens it nicely.

    Also, I am THE WORST with jewelry! I’m always breaking it or losing something… The one that really breaks my heart was this antique gold heart charm from my Great Aunt that I inherited on her passing. I wore it on a gold chain necklace and never took it off. Then one day while I was running an errand for work it got caught on a shopping cart and the chain broke. Like a dummy I left the whole thing, chain and charm, sitting on a bookshelf of my apartment for way too long and haven’t seen it since! I’ve since concluded that it must have been stolen by some AC repair guys, because I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for that thing…

    Okay… that’s my sad lost jewelry story… now I’m all depressed about all the shiny things in my life that have escaped into the ether… THANKS HEATHER! Just kidding…

    • That is traumatizing and heartbreaking. I am cursing your AC guys. But who knows… maybe you guys will move a piece of furniture one day, and there it will be!

  • Your plaid matching is a thing of envy! I love how light and crisp the shirt looks which is neat because it’s a flannel. I also love the texture of the Gingers! Very Rock n Roll indeed. Also, can I just say that I TOTALLY empathize with you on the endless winter!!! Seasonal depression hit me hard this year and I was sewing all sorts of questionable things because of it bahaha! Amen to this: GIVE ME ALL THE SUMMER DRESSES.

    • I love plaid matching. It takes foerver sometimes butit feels so good when it happens…. Girl, I BANISH your SADS. SUNSHINE FOR EVERYONE!

  • Looks great! I love my Gingers and I’m looking forward to making another pair in stretch sateen. 🙂

    • Oooh! Those sound awesome! What colour?!

      • They are going to be a dark green colour. 🙂

  • Mary Rachel Moore

    My blue flannel for my new Archer just arrived, and I was looking for pearl snaps. Thanks so much.

  • Hooray for bike ridey days! Great matching of the plaids and great explanation of the denim… it does look very ‘wet look’ rock n roll… espech with the boots!