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Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a few quick updates on some changes to our pattern shop and the way we are delivering your digital downloads.

Long story short, the app we were using to host your PDF files is going out of business which has been EXTREMELY convenient (can you pick up the heavy sarcasm here?) Rather than losing all of your files, we have spent the last few days migrating the download data to a new app called Send Owl. If you have purchased a PDF from us in the last year or so, chances are you will be getting an email from Send Owl with a new download link. If you’ve purchased more than one pattern, you’ll receive an email with a link for each particular file.

Everyone who places a new order should now be able to access their files when they are logged into their account in our shop, along with the download links you can typically access after checkout and via email.

Your old download links should still be working; you have until March 31st to download your files from the Downtown App server, but after that you’ll have to use your Send Owl links. Hopefully that’s clear! With thousands of orders it’s been a little challenging to get the migration right so hopefully you don’t run into any problems. Of course, best case practice with digital files is to download them immediately and save them to a safe space. With our new app, you can even save directly to Dropbox which means your files stay safe pretty much forever.


One last thing….. our jean making resources are stacking up and I wanted to be able to offer discounts when you purchase more than one at a time. We are now offering jeans-making bundles; if you purchase the Ginger Jeans PDF and/or Ginger Flares PDF in conjunction with our Sewing Your own Jeans ebook, you will receive 20% off. You just have to purchase the actual bundle – the discount won’t work if you put each individual item in your cart. We currently have three jean bundles in the shop; hopefully this makes your jean-making adventures a little more affordable.

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Oh, so very Potter-esque, to send owls. I hope the charm factor makes up for the PITA part.

  • L keown

    Hi Heather, do you think you will offer the Ginger Sewing Kit again? Waiting with baited breath. I live in rural BC and the supplies are difficult to affordably source out here.

    • Yes! We’re hoping to do one in the spring!

  • Jo

    Gah what fun for you, migrating all that! Hope it all works ok. Anyway, main point of this comment: I am sitting here wearing my new Carolyn pjs and I LOOOVE them! Who knew closer fitting bottoms were so much more comfy to sleep in, as well as stylish? Well, you did & I didn’t I guess 🙂 Nice work!

    • Thanks Jo! So happy to hear that. I 100% live in mine this time of year. So much flannel.