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I‘d like to introduce you to my new best friend: meet Ginger. She’s been a constant presence in my life for the last 4 months, something I’ve obsessed over, dreamed of, fell asleep thinking about. Like many great romances, this affair was all the more intense due to many fruitless years searching for “the one”.

The one perfect pair of jeans.

I think a lot of us are searching for the one. The one that hits at just the right place on the hip. The one that clings just right. The one that looks as good with a t-shirt and Chuck Taylors as it does with a blazer and a pair of heels. The one that we reach for every day, knowing it will always make us love our butts.

Like Nettie and the Bombshell, Ginger was born when I couldn’t find a great 5 pocket skinny jeans pattern. The patterns I did find required major redrafting, or were so lacking in practical instructions that it required reading 20 blog posts to figure out the basics of jeans construction. I started tinkering with a jeans draft, and came up with something that I think is super flattering and flexible, along with writing really clear, detailed instructions that will allow any level of sewist to make a pair of perfect custom fit jeans.

View A is a low-rise stovepipe jean. It sits a few inches below the belly button, but has a higher rise in the back so you don’t have to worry about peekabooty when you bend down. It features a narrow back yoke, and slightly curved back pockets to highlight the bum’s natural curve. The legs are narrow but not super tight; this option is divine in a medium to heavy weight stretch denim.

Ginger skinny jeans pattern by Closet Case Files Ginger-Skinny-Jeans-Pattern-Closet-Case-Files-29 Ginger skinny jeans pattern by Closet Case Files

View B of Ginger is a treat; a sexy, 70’s inspired high-rise jean with a modern cut. It features a skinny, “jegging” style leg, along with slightly elongated back pockets to avoid the dreaded mom butt. These sit around your belly button. While I was developing this pattern, I found that jeans that ended too high on the waist were not designed for sitting (or eating, haha) so View B has a medium high rise that still let you feel comfortable, although these can be very easily modified to sit higher if you desire. They are super flattering and easy to wear; all my testers who chose to make this version looked like total knockouts (bombshells, even!)

Ginger-Skinny-Jeans-Pattern-Closet-Case-Files-16 Ginger skinny jeans pattern by Closet Case Files Ginger skinny jeans pattern by Closet Case Files ginger-skinny-jeans-pattern-highwaisted

The Ginger Jeans pattern is designed to be made with stretch denim. I recommend anything with at least 2% lycra. I’ve successfully made pairs with 1% lycra, although the fit is a little more snug. Similarly, anything with more stretch will work great as well, but may require going down a size. These fit with zero ease at the waist, and minus 1″ ease at the hip. I could have made them even snugger, but since there is so much variation with denim I felt it best to play it somewhat safe with sizing. I highly recommend you baste together your pieces before finishing your seams to get the exact fit you want. If you have shapely calves, you’ll want to definitely test that View B gives you enough room in the leg.

I also want to make a special note about fitting… I know pants fitting gets a bad rep, but fitting stretch denim is MUCH easier than traditional non-stretch fabric. Most of my testers got a good fit off the bat without much fiddling. Rest assured, we will cover everything you’ll need to know to get a great fit in the sewalong.


Ginger Jeans Pattern denim Kit by Closet Case files

Now here is something I’m REALLY excited to offer you. I am collaborating with Jennifer over at Workroom Social to produce exclusive denim kits for your Ginger Jeans. These include everything you need to make TWO pairs of jeans! I went deep down the denim rabbit hole when I was in the research stage of this pattern. As most of you have probably discovered, jeans live and die by the quality of the denim. If you’ve ever bought a pair of cheap jeans only to find them 2 sizes too big at the end of the day, you know exactly what I mean. I looked into what my favourite cult denim brands were using for fabric, and discovered one of the greatest denim manufacturers in the world.

Cone Mills is an American company that has been making denim for over 120 years. They recently patented a denim process that weaves cotton and polyester together to make incredibly strong, resilient stretch denim with amazing recovery. It’s called S-Gene, and it is not available in fabric stores since Cone Mills only supplies to the commercial industry (you can read more about S-gene denim here). I tracked down a source and have made over 8 pairs of jeans using this stuff. It’s fabulous. As I type, I am wearing the low-waisted jeans you saw above. I’ve had them on for three days straight and they still look and fit great! This is the same type of denim used by companies like Imogene + Willie, whose jeans retail for over $200 US.

I wanted to be able to offer this denim to you as well. Unfortunately yardage is limited, so if you’d like to purchase a kit, you’ll have to do it quickly to guarantee you can get your hands on one. We are offering these as a pre-sale. This means when the sale is over on October 31 we will then gather what we need to fulfill your orders; you can expect to receive your Ginger kit in December.

The kit includes the following:

  • A pdf copy of the Ginger Jeans Pattern
  • 2 1/2 yards of  11.5 oz dark indigo S-gene denim (the same fabric I used in View A above). I’m calling this denim “winter weight”. It’s on the heavier side, but still has a good amount of stretch (92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% lycra)
  • 2 1/2 yards of 9.5 oz indigo S-gene denim. This is a medium weight denim with slightly more stretch than the above and a little more white running through the grain (89% cotton, 8% polyester, 3% lycra)
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in copper
  • 8 x high quality metal rivets in bronze
  • 1 x jean button in copper
  • 1 x jean button in antique bronze
  • 3 x Schmetz denim needles
  • 1 x spool of Gutterman denim topstitching thread in your choice of gold or copper (328 yards)
  • 1 x 7″ navy YKK denim zipper
  • 1 x 9″ navy YKK denim zipper

Ginger Jeans Pattern denim Kit by Closet Case files Ginger Jeans Pattern denim Kit by Closet Case files

We are giving you hardware in two finishes, but you’ll have to decide between bronze and gold topstitching thread when you place your order. Your pdf pattern will arrive immediately in your inbox, and we will message you in December when your kit is on its way! You have until next Friday to place an order, unless we sell out before then. We are shipping from New York, so shipping rates within the US should be affordable (we are also happy to ship internationally). Since you are buying everything in one shot, you will be be able to save money by not shipping from several suppliers.


I know many of us fear making jeans. It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but I PROMISE you, it is 100% something you can do. And you’ll have fun! Making jeans is so incredibly satisfying and you’ll get to learn some new skills. One of my testers successfully made a pair of Gingers and it was only her 8th make! If Sena can do it, so can you! Plus, the street cred you’ll get from family and friends for making your own jeans is pretty priceless.

While the included instructions for this pattern are very comprehensive, there are a lot of things I wanted to expand upon. The sewalong will not only include step by step instructions on making jeans, but also lots of information on things like sourcing materials, fitting, pattern hacking, distressing denim, back pocket placement for maximum booty goodness, etc. I will be starting the sewalong the second week of November if you’d like help making your very own jeans. We’ll have a blast, pinky swear.


Finally, I am continuing the Nettie tradition by naming this pattern after one of the many sewists who inspire me. You likely all know Sonja from Ginger Makes. She’s a wise-cracking, whipsmart ball of positive energy, and over the last few years she’s become a great friend. When Ginger started taking shape, Sonja was on my mind. She wears skinny jeans all the time, but has said on more than one occasion that she was intimidated by jeans making. I knew she could do it, and figured the best way to get her to tackle jeans was to name some after her (hee hee). The universe must have approved, because her first pair fit her pretty much perfectly right outta the gate…. Big love to Ginger/Sonja for encouraging me through this process. She was the perfect muse!

So that about winds it up for this post. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty passionate about this pattern. I got to see some gorgeous Gingers from my testers over the past few weeks and I think you guys will really dig making them. You can purchase Ginger here and the kit here. Just a heads-up that my new webstore now takes Paypal so you no longer have to use Etsy if you want to pay with that method. Let me know if you run into any problems on the site since I only switched platforms a few days ago.

I’m so excited to hear what you think!  Any questions? I’ll answer in the comments below.

  • WOOHOO! Quick question for you: you say above there’s no ease at the waist, but in the measurements tables it says size 18 is a 37″ waist, with finished garment at 40″ – is that just because these are sitting below the natural waist (even for the higher ones)? MWAH!

    • Exactly! I almost didn’t want to give finished waist measurements because it seems confusing…..

  • Louise

    These jeans are fabulous! I especially love the curve of the back pockets – genius! Thanks for creating another great pattern Heather.

  • Yeah yeah yeah! I’m gonna buy them RIGHT NOW. So tempted by the fabric kits but must budget. Great work!

    • Thanks Gillian! Shipping to Canada is pretty high too – I couldn’t get around it!

  • I love these! I’ve been looking for the perfect jeans pattern for ages, and I’m convinced that this is it. Love the kits, too – it’s so hard to find good quality denim!

  • Eva

    Purchased! So pumped! And thanks for sourcing some beautiful denim. Can’t wait to make these up. Literally just ripped through my last pair of jeans, so this project is getting bumped to the top of the list as soon as my kit arrives. 🙂

    • Awesome! I’d muslin something with a cheapo denim if you can first…. either that or cut 1″ seam allowances at the crotch and inseam, just in case.

  • Lauren Taylor

    UM, WHAT UP SUPER BABE. Those look amazingggg – so worth the wait! I also totally just creeped on your crotch (in a sewing way 😉 obviously) and YEA NO CROTCH ISSUES. Cannot wait to see these start spinning out across the blogs!

    Pssss if there’s any way to latch on that fabric order and *just* get a couple yards? I don’t need a whole kit (you were with me when I bought all my rivets and buttons, ha), and I don’t need quite that much yardage anyway. But I totally need some I+W knockoffs, is the thing 🙂

    • commenting on this to hear answer.

      • I think it might be too complicated for Jen to organize, unfortunately.

  • Margo Bergman

    Wow! These look so great!!!! I’m in.

  • Cari Homemaker

    I cannot wait to sew these up and then divest my closet of all the sad, horrible RTW jeans it now contains because I’ve been holding out on replacing them, waiting for the perfect pattern.

  • Brooke

    My goodness these are amazing!!! Love, love, love! I am just going to hope against hope that the kits don’t sell out before I get paid on the 29th, and spend all my time between now and then trying to decide between the bronze and gold topstitching. Thanks Heather for another amazing pattern, you rock!

    • Thanks Brooke! If they do sell out I may try and get more yardage for a second round…

  • Nickey Robo


    • YAY! ME TOO!

      • And a real comment: if I buy the kit, do I get the pattern PDF right away? Mama wants to get to WERK.

        • Ya girl. Right away. And I would suggest muslinning first anyway just so you don’t have to cry if you need adjustments with the good stuff….

  • Jess

    my heart skipped a beat when you said Cone denim!! Definitely want to buy the kit, but quick question — will the kit with the included 2.5 yards per pair have enough yardage to extend the inseam a few inches? I often end up buying a 34″ inseam in RTW because tall sizes are hard enough to find, but a custom-fit 35″ inseam would be amazing!

    • That’s an excellent question! I just did a little layout study and it should be fine! You will definitely have to cut on a single layer of denim, just to be sure.

  • Sownbrooklyn

    Congratulations duder!!! I’m off to buy my pattern. It’s my birthday present to me!

  • Christina

    That’s it! I’m gonna make jeans! Just bought the kit – so amazing!!!!!

  • Absolutely bangin. I can’t even decide which view I like best, but I think the attention to detail in the mid-rises would make them amazingly flattering. Congrats on all the hard work – I hope you get a lot of sewists tackling jeans, they are so rewarding to make and not at all hard really.

    • Thanks Katie! I hope so too – jeans are so fun.

  • Not even gonna lie to say that ive been stalking your blog to see when this post would come out. It was only when I got your email that it dawned on me that you would email us to let us know it was live. I’m so excited for this, and exceptionally glad/honored to be a tester. It is presumptuous to say that I look forward to your next bestest awesome pattern

    • Thanks babe! Your beautiful butt in Ginger helped convinced me I was on the right track….

  • darlene

    I can hardly contain my excitement enough to type…(whew!)
    on the new pattern! I can’t wait to make my own Ginger’s when the kit
    arrives. In the mean time, I’ll be studying the directions like crazy.

    • I would suggest muslinning with some cheap stuff first… that way you don’t have to cut into the good stuff without knowing if you have to make some tweaks.

      • darlene

        hahaha! You read my mind. I’ve already printed a shop copy and I plan to start a muslin asap.

  • MarrieB

    Ok, this is enough to make me want to try pants again. Great work, the pattern looks amazing!

  • ute

    Just bought the pattern! I really do hope that I will be able to produce the first pants that will actually fit me. Even as a child I had to have EVERY pair of pants altered. Yay to sewing my own clothes!!! Thank you.

    • We can do it! I have an epic fitting post planned…..

  • sallieforrer

    You beautiful jeans sewing ninja, you!!!!! I *might* have just kissed my screen when I saw your sweet tush pop up!!! You look AHmazing in these babies, and I’m just so freaking PSYCHED about this pattern! I almost feel like a ‘proud mama’ seeing them take their first steps into the big bad world, I can’t even imagine the range of emotions you must be feeling right now! I’m so SO proud of you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and sleepless nights. The pattern is gorgeous!

  • Mary

    WHOOP! I bought it! The denim!!! Love Cone denim!! Cannot wait!

  • My face is blown off. It’s rare that I MUST buy a pattern, let alone an indie pattern the moment I see it on the internets. Off to get my copy. I’m not going to the dept store this weekend for some new winter jeans. I got this thang now.

    • Kathy, please keep your face. We need it!

  • I was just telling my husband that I wanted to try to make jeans (I’ve never even made pants!), and your amazing pattern popped up on Instagram! AND A KIT TOO?!?! Time for muslining on cheap-o Joann’s denim until it arrives! So excited for the sewalong!

  • Lucy Ann Loeber Lowry

    Hoping there is enough fabric for my daughters 36″ inseam? Will be out of the country for the start of the sewalongs, hoping I can play catchup?

    • What size is she Lucy? If she’s a 2-12, a longer inseam shouldn’t be a problem (and whoa long legs!) And you can totally play catchup, especially if you’re buying the kit since you won’t receive it until after the sewalong is underway.

      • Lucy Ann Loeber Lowry

        She’s 6’2″…. And a size 18….. I have not looked at the pattern yet to know the size measurements….already bought the kit….is it possible it add yardage for extra cost? This is why I make her pants cause she’s soooo tall!

    • Lucy Ann Loeber Lowry

      Would it be possible to purchase extra 1/2 yard fabric in both of the kits I purchased? I’d really appreciate it!

  • Eeeeeeeee!! I am so incredibly thrilled Heather!! Not only am I super excited about the pattern, but the kits and denim sound amazing too! Thanks so much for working that out too. Good denim is sooooo hard to find. I love Ginger too, so I can’t wait to make her namesake pattern!

  • Angela

    Hi, I just bought the pattern and put it together but found there wasn’t a hip line. Could you let me know as my hips are a size 18 but my waist is a size 10 I need to know where it hits so I can re draw the curve from the waist to the hips??
    I am so excited to sew these jeans up they will be the first pair of pants I have made.

    • Wow!! That was fast Angela! The hip line falls at approximately the top of the crotch curve. Depending on your denim you ay be able to go down to a 16 at the hip.

  • I have never EVER had the slightest desire to sew jeans….’til now! Congrats – this pattern’s a beauty.

  • These are so killer!!! Totally lacking in self-control, I have already purchased a kit. Shiny new things! Can’t wait to push my sewing limits with the Ginger jeans…

    • Wheee! You’re going to feel like a million dollars when you put them on for the first time.

  • Kelly

    I just ordered the kit because THAT DENIM. I need it. I am considering it an early birthday present to me (I turn 40 next month, I deserve it, haha) I have quite a bit of denim in my stash and it is pretty good quality but still bags out after wearing all day. Oh well- it just means I have lots to make muslins and get the fit right before the super amazing stuff shows up 🙂 This pattern looks amazing and I can’t wait to see all of the tester versions! Congrats!!

    • Thanks Kelly! All denim stretches with wear – the good stuff just stretches less. The holy grail for me is being able to wear a pair 3 or 4 times before having to wash it again and the Cone definitely stands up!

  • meredith

    I NEVER buy kits, but these look just so perfect that I’ve taken the plunge! Done and done! (Also, I have a few pairs of pants under my belt, but I’ve never been satisfied with my homemade jeans so I’m looking forward to the sewalong.)

  • Well this is basically the best thing ever, that’s all I have to say.

  • AuntyMaimu

    Wohooo! HAPPY LAUNCH DAY! These jeans are fab!

    Now if only I lived a little closer to not break the bank with ordering the kit… ouh well! Cant have it all!

    • You scored some pretty sweet stuff for your sample though!

      • AuntyMaimu

        I got lucky. I traveled to another city IN HOPES to find some decent quality denim. We have this store that sells most of their fabrics by the weight. And there in the denim bin it was! Should have boughr more LOL. I do have some lighter weight indigo… and some black… but just the mention of Cone mil denim… that’s sone great stuff

  • Oh. My. God. You create amazing things.

    I do not have the money for the kit, so, you know, I ordered it anyways because I MUST have it. Jeans?! I can’t believe I’m going to make jeans. I also couldn’t believe I was going to make a swimsuit, but since you work miracles…. Oh my god I can’t wait!

    • Yay!! You can totally make jeans dude.

      • On at LEAST ten occasions today my mind began wandering and I remembered the lovely denim I purchased and MAKING JEANS. And I got so excited. All day long. December!!!

  • francine

    Totally inspired to make some jeans! I can’t find anything on the website about shipping. How much is shipping to Canada for the kit? How is it being shipped (i.e. USPS?)?

    • Hi Francine. It’s shipped via USPS. I researched for a few hours to find the best rates and it’s definitely priority international. If you go through the checkout you can see the rate before finalizing your order. I think it’s somewhere around $40-45 for the cheapest option. That price comes directly from USPS based on the size of the box. I didn’t use Fedex or UPS because they kill you with brokerage fees. I know it’s expensive and I totally sympathize (ask me how much I’ve paid tp have sample denim shipped this year!) but I can’t do much about it, unfortunately.

  • Laura Tremblay-Boyer

    Usual lurker, had to chime in because I am so excited about this. I have just finished my first pair of jeans, and it was great, and I want to make more! I have been looking for good denim + not cheesy hardware — not easy in Canada. Kit ordered, excitement. Also very much looking forward to your instructions as you do such a good job of explaining. Congrats, this must have been a TON of work!!
    ps. Canadian shipping = yikes.

    • I know, I’m so sorry! Those rates come directly from USPS. I tried my best to get cheaper rates but that’s the best price across shipping platforms….

      • Laura Tremblay-Boyer

        Baaah, no worries, c’est la vie! I was getting ready to order hardware anyways from Taylor Tailor and the rates are similar. By the way I have just perused the instructions and the diagrams are amazing! By coincidence tonight I was finishing up a previous pair of jeans and I am stealing the belt loop instructions from yours. Mouhaha. Glad I checked the blog feed before moving on to sewing!

        • Yay! One of my testers laughed at my glue suggestion, but it totally works!

          • AuntyMaimu

            Was it only me??? Chees when did I become such a stiff. ..

  • carrieinstitches

    Very exciting!!! Congratulations! Thank you for letting me test this brilliant pattern. It was a pleasure and I think it is so awesome that you created a jeans pattern , so brave and bad ass (-:
    The final versions look amazing on you and I cannot wait to make a high waisted pair! I wore mine tonight to watch the project runway finale, whoot! My family was indeed shocked and amazed at my ninja sewing skillz. Thank you sensei Heather.

    • No, thank you Carrie! You were amazing.

      And I totally forgot PR was wrapping up…. i’m gonna relax today and get caught up!

  • Amy

    Congrats on the new pattern! I’ve had success making jeans in the past and I don’t need any more fabric, but there’s something about kits that just make me crazy. It’s weird – I sew so that I can make unique things that fit me well, but the thought of having similar jeans to so many other seamstresses (but no one else!) makes me quite giddy! I hope the kits do well, and you make more in the future.

    • SISTERS IN DENIM!! Thanks Amy!

      • Amy

        I can’t stop thinking about these jeans. Seriously, you’re about to ruin my fabric stash. 🙂

        And, double seriously, the kit idea is just genius.

  • Susanne

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. Hi! Oh god I really want a kit! The idea of custom fitting jeans is AMAZING. But what if I’ve never successfully made pants? What if I’ve only muslinned a pair of shorts from a 60s pattern, twice actually, and they actually got *worse* with the second muslin? Am I crazy to try to do this? Will it end in tears? Helllllllp!

    • Hahaha no tears Susanne! You can TOTALLY do it! I had 18 testers and most of their fitting issues were relatively minor. I’m hoping to all the main issues in the sewalong. Pants fitting is trickier because you’re dealing with fabric drape – since stretch denim is more snug, it really does hide a lot of problems. It’s pants fitting cheating!

  • These jeans are just amazing, that’s what I’ve been looking for for months ! thank you Heather 🙂
    I have a question, maybe a stupid one, there’s no problem in mixing the two versions ? For example a low waist with narrow leg with a stretchy fabric ? I just have to take care of the correct ease, is this correct ? Pardon me but, English isn’t my mothertongue and sometimes, sewing vocabulary isn’t easy to understand for me ^^(but I’m working on it !)
    Ok, pattern bought ! Can’t wait for the sew along !

    • Hi sandra! You can totally switch up the legs for both versions!

  • Amy

    So excited to make these! They look fantastic.

  • amazing!! these are exactly the jeans i have been dreaming about! slightly worried though that these could fit me without going crazy with adjustments as i am a 10 in the waist and an 18 in the hips… but adjustments or not, these will be miiiiine! i was ready to click buy now for the kit, but the shipping to europe is making me hesitate (i’m sure that won’t last long, especially as i think the price of the kit makes it extemely good value, and i totally understand that you have no control over this). so hesitating right now between buying the kit or just the pattern… anyways, congrats for another awesome pattern!!!

    • Just go for the pattern… shipping is a killer. ANd we may offer it again if I can source more good stuff. It’s a pretty easy pattern to grade I think… you could get away with grading to 16 too, depending on the stretch in your denim.

  • Jeans were never on my to sew-list – until now. These jeans looks like “the one (s)”! This will be my first try on homemade jeans for sure! Congrats on a great job – you look so hot in the pictures – hope this will rub off on me when making the jeans;)

    • Haha, thanks Mette! Everyone I saw in them looked great… stretch denim is a marvelous fabric.

  • I’m sooo tempted to buy the Kit – but the customs/tax/import fees to ship it across to here in the UK will be horrendous *sigh* 🙁

    • Just thought… maybe you could offer kits of just hardware/zips/threads for overseas customers (with customers sourcing their own denim locally)? That way shipping costs = lower… + therefore more likely that the total costs will come under any customs/tax/import fees local to the customer’s country of residence?

      • You can buy everything you need hardware-wise from Taylor Tailor! The shipping will be better with a smaller package. I was going to list him as a great supplier when i started teh sewalong.

  • MrsGarlicHead

    I have been waiting for this kind of pattern! This is exactly how I like my jeans to look but could not find a pattern I liked until now. So excited to get to sewing them! So excited just in general!
    I just purchased the kit (and cried a little over the shipping costs to Europe, but then I think I would not be able to find any good quality denim here in Switzerland) and am looking forward to sewing jeans now. I think I’ll follow the sew-a-long using some cheaper denim I can find here locally and then be more confident not to mess up the denim from the kit!

  • Those high waisted skinnies are the absolute bomb! Congratulations xx

  • Heather Lou congratulations on a fabulously fabulous looking design and a brilliantly clever idea – those kits sound great. I think I’ll be keeping my eye out for some stretch denim in grey…..

    • Good call! Let me know if you find any 😉

  • Vanessa

    Man you look fab in these jeans! What a beautiful pattern. So keen to sew some of these babies!!

  • Hi Heather, congratulations on the beaut pattern! Not sure if it says anywhere, but how wide is the denim in the kit? Cheers!

    • Hi Bella, the 11.5 oz is 54″ wide. The 9.5oz is 50″ wide!

  • Katy

    Ahhh, this is amazing. You look incredible and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to make some jeans for aaaaages. I love the idea of the kit, but it’s the end of the month 🙁 I’m praying there’s some left when I get paid next week!

    • If we sell out we may offer a second round… If i can source more yardage that is.

  • entish

    Wow the shipping to Canada is painful! (Though a bit less painful when I see the US shipping is half that rather than 0). This puts them into my RTW jeans price range, but I’m thinking and hoping it will be worthwhile. As long as I get some certain work done before these sell out, this is my reward.

    Also, have you seen the article at This and the various followups do a great job talking about jeans fit.

    • Yes! I read those when I was in research mode! I think some of it is good and true but not universal… I personally don’t like pockets that low on my bum, but they look amazing on some figures…. We’ll discuss it!

      • And yes. the shipping SUCKS but it’s the cheapest rate available. I looked for a while trying to get the best pricing…..

  • I am SO excited. I ordered a kit literally 5 seconds after reading this post. When you posted your sneak peak the other day, I was intrigued, but didn’t think I had the skills to make a pair yet. But now I feel so inspired and ready!

  • Katherine Jones

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there goes my November mad money!! This is too perfect! I have been wanting to make jeans, but was lost as to where to find really good stretch denim. I guess the universe wants me to make some awesome jeans (and not have money. . .). Fabulous pattern, btw, CAN’T WAIT to get sewing!

    • Who needs groceries when you can have JEANS?

  • Congratulations on the new pattern. Looking good. Jeans are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe. Everyone always talks the KK Jeans Class, but doesn’t that only works if you have a good pair? So I think the Ginger will be an awesome pattern. 🙂

    • Ive taken that class… it’s really only good if you have a pair to rub off.

  • Congratulations you clever girl you! You look absolutely fabulous in both your new versions! and I’m proud of you – can I not-creepily say that?? All your hard work has really paid off, jeans is an ambitious third pattern and it’s an absolute beaut! I’m so happy with my Ginger jeans 🙂

  • Barbara Showell

    Pattern looks great and the idea of that denim tempts me greatly- but just last night I invested in some good non-stretch denim and I’ve been working on a muslin for a pair already. I don’t know that 2 1/2 yards would be enough if I did want the kit though, as I’m 5’11” with a 32″ inseam and then have the nerve to not be skinny- I’m pretty sure I’d need 3 1/4 or maybe more if the fabric is less than 60″. But I think these kits are going to be a huge success and I hope it causes the manufacturer to open their sleeping eye and decide to retail the fabric- home sewing jeans is taking off! This design looks like many more women are going to be walking around in jeans that truly flatter.

    • Thanks Barbara! I did some layout studies with fabric and you’d actually be fine with 2.5 yards – it just has to be cut on a single layer of denim. Good luck with the muslin!

  • Congratulations on the new pattern! And a huge thank you for taking the time to research denim. That stuff really should come with some kind of quality guarantee – no matter if you buy RTW or sew your own jeans, you never know what kind of denim you get!

    • You’re generally in good hands if you buy Italian, Japanese or Cone Mills Denim.

  • Heather Petersen

    These are beautiful and will be my first foray into adult pant making. I think I’m going to do a first pair in stretch corduroy. We’ll see how they turn out!

    • Let me know! I’m curious to see how the pattern looks in materials besides denim.

  • Hanna

    Hi Heather, the pattern and kit are so amazing! I had a question since this is my first time sewing pants and denim… how stretchy is the denim in this kit ? I always feel so constricted in jeans that I like them being stretchy. Is there a way to compare the stretch to a knit (like 3 inches stretches to 4.5 inches, etc) so I can see whether the denim will be stretchy enough for me? Thanks for your time! 🙂

    • It’s hard for me to give you a stretch percentage because I don’t have enough yardage of the heavier weight on hand…. I would say the lightweight has a good amount of stretch. Not constricting at all. I’ve made a pair with it and you almost have to go down a size with it due to the stretch factor (3%). The heavier weight is definitely less stretchy but still has give, with more body than the 9.5 oz. If you like super stretchy denim you made find it too stiff (though I personally think it’s perfect for a straight leg jean).

      • Hanna

        Thanks Heather! They sound perfect. Yah I don’t need super stretchy… just with enough give. 🙂

  • Amy

    Congrats girl! Ahem, this is going to be a very successful pattern. So glad you made a high rise!! I’m loving that deep yoke.

  • entish

    Ahhh, looks like I just missed being able to get a kit. Any chance of more becoming available? If not, any chance of a notions-only kit?

    • You can get everything you need notions-wise from Taylor Tailor! We may do another kit in the future if I can track down more yardage in the right weights.

  • These are awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out how to alter another pattern to make skinny jeans but now I don’t need to bother! 😀 SO sad I’ve missed the boat on the kits though – they’re a brilliant idea.

  • Lise

    Thank you so much for making a jeans pattern with a high waist! I have a super high waist and always feel ‘exposed’ in low rise jeans. I can’t wait to make these!!!!!

  • Velda

    I purchased the pattern and have a question on the sizing….. Based on body measurements I’m a 6, but I did a rough measurement on a RTW pair I love and matches the finished measurements of the 12?

    • Hi Velda. The pattern runs true to size. I would highly suggest making a muslin in the 6 if that’s what your measurements say!

      • Velda

        Thanks Heather!

  • Willow Dainty

    Hi. I immediately bought this pattern. Love the high wasted version. I’ve seen some denim I love but it’s 13oz with 2% stretch. Do you think that’s a bit too heavy or do you reckon I might be alright? Thanks.

    • 13oz may be pushing it. I made a pair with 12oz denim that were quite heavy… It’s hard to say without getting a sense of the denims drape, but know they will probably be quite stiff

    U4HL XU1!!!!!!!!!!!!! D,JKHSHW;E ugh, well, i was going to talk about how excited i am about MOTHER EFFING SKINNY JEANS but it seems that i have just died, so….

  • Yesssssss! As soon as my tendinitis goes away and I can get back to sewing more in dept things, you better believe I’ll be making some Ginger Jeans!!! Looks awesome, Heather!

  • bibliotecaria

    OK, question then. Can these jeans be easily modified to have a wider, more straight leg? Skinny jeans never work for me due to the fact that my calves are, well, big. (Genetic inheritance, and I’m mostly happy with them, but they make skinny pants an impossibility.) But I really, really want to make my own jeans, as RTW rarely, if ever, fits me. (I’m too curvy for most jeans to fit right in the waist AND the hips. ) I am extremely pleased that you are offering a high-waisted version — the low-waisted style looks terrible on me, and unfortunately it is in fashion these days. I might be one of those that would bring them up even higher, as my natural waist is above the belly button by a good 2″ or so.

    Also, will you eventually be offering a pattern that does allow for regular denim? Although I like stretch denim, I like regular denim as well, and I do want to make some with that material.

    • This is a good starting point to make jeans in whatever type of leg you’d like. View A has a pretty generous cut – I think your calves would be fine if you just used the leg as a template on the higher waisted version. If you’re nervous, I would just measure an existing pair you like the leg width of and use that to widen the legs of Ginger (keeping in mind the back leg piece should always be wider than the front).

      As for non-stretch jeans…. maybe? I have the block now so perhaps some day down the line….

  • elena

    Hi! I just read the bit about kits! Will you do those again? Please?! Two other requests; a hippy flares hack tutorial and a class in Quebec City pretty please ?

    • We’re doing another denim sale in the fall. You can join my newsletter to be kept informed!

      • elena

        oh! exciting! i’ve signed up =)

  • horseradish

    she’s too fat to wear these jeans